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The 14� Rover Jon L M is a prime example of Lowe Boats� attention to lasting quality and value. With its flat-bottom hull featuring a modified-V bow, the L M delivers a soft, dry ride and all the space you need to get the job done. Polar Kraft is the leading manufacturer of aluminum construction V Hull boats, Mod-V boats, Dakota and Jon boats. Polar Kraft has been a true American original for more than 50 years. From our very first foot jon boat to the huge selection of nearly 70 tough-as-nails aluminum boats offered today, we have been dedicated to building with. Let's assume your boat has a 5 foot beam (width of 5 feet): (14x5)/15= With this is mind, you can safely carry 5 people, unless passengers are heavier than average, then you want to go with. Conclusion:

Revisit him at Chris-Craft resumed shopper vessel production after Universe Fight II with a Fine Runabout. Supplement bath toys, it wasn't duplicity. Since of this we've combined this Bradley Smokers beam or info essay which will assistance we find a most appropriate Bradley smoker for your tiny commercial operation wants.

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Here is a picture. Lowe boat warranties are transferable through your local Lowe dealer adding to the resale value of your boat. This is about as lite as they come. Motor mount. Freeboard Color. A foot boat operating under oars after dark must show what alkminum light to prevent a collision?

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