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We have years of experience in aluminium construction of recreational, commercial and private vessels and have worked with a range of various designs. Highly workable and versatile aluminium is increasingly becoming the material of choice for new boats.

Australian made yachts, pleasure boats, patrol boats and superyachts have rightfully earned Australia a reputation for fantastic innovation, diversity and sheer quality. We can rightfully claim to have some of the best designers, engineers and craftsmen in the aluminium boat builders western australia official we are among the leaders for supplying the world with first-class products and when it comes to building aluminium boats Australia is proving to be a world leader and Commercial Marine Australia CMA can rightfully claim a place among the international heavyweights, with a proud history of producing excellent quality boats.

These guys were wester in the construction of a high speed footer. They also played leadership roles during the build of six high speed patrol boats we delivered to the Singapore special forces.

I have always admired their work ethic aluminuum positive attitude to problem solving which is part of any build and I can testify to their boat building and engineering skills, which have been honed over the 16 years I have known them and I would not hesitate to engage them to build my next boat. The international boating fraternity are also increasingly aware of our superb reputation for repair, refit and maintenance services.

Aluminium boat builders western australia official are an aluminium boat builder Brisbane expects to be an increasingly active player in providing these services.

Being specialist aluminium boat builders and expert in successfully completing detailed and customer focussed project management for the design, construction, repowering, refitting and repairing of all types of aluminium boats. We have over fifty years combined experience of building custom commercial vessels, in-class survey and special purpose boats, fishing boats and both small and superyacht pleasure craft.

We take pride in being one of the leading aluminium boat builders in Queensland. We design, engineer, build, modify and project-manage the production of your vessel exactly to your specific requirements.

We have a tonne travel lift, secure lockup facility and a team of talented aluminium fabrication specialists and design engineers. Commercial Marine Australia have successfully completed projects as aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia and also internationally. Our engineering and design teams are happy to work with your chosen designer or will complete your aluminium boat project for you, on time and within budget.

Commercial Marine Australia fully understands the importance of finishing a project when time and deadlines are critical. Our Marine Engineering team work closely with our clients in the production, repair or maintenance of:. Starting in the business when they were just fifteen years old, the founders of CMA, Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, have over fifty years combined experience as aluminium boat builders.

Brisbane, the base of aluminium boat builders western australia official operations, is from where the two partners continue to pursue their passion for creating elegant, safe and practical boats to fully satisfy the discerning requirements of their customers. Their experience as aluminium boat builders ensures that we are constantly up-to-date with the latest advances in aluminium boat building technology and always compliant with new regulations and certifications.

It Aluminium Boat Builders Western Australia Facebook also ensures that we have an excellent idea of effective and innovative solutions to offer builderw customers. Ordering and watching the construction of a superyacht is an exciting time and choosing the right aluminium boat manufacturers to make your yacht a reality is critical.

Aluminium boat builders western australia official huge experience that Justin and Ainslie can offer will ensure an owner will receive a boat that not only meets, but exceeds their requirements. It is also easy wsstern repair and maintain. Aluminium hulls and superstructures have exceptional strength and resistance to wear and can take a good Aluminium Boat Builders Western Australia deal of pounding.

This makes noat an ideal choice for the rigors and severe stresses of blue-water cruising. Aluminium is easy to work using almuinium tools, as well as being easily shaped and buipders. It is also easy and quick to weld and form, which will save time and money during the build process. Aluminium construction offers a boat builder great flexibility in the construction process because the alloy is easy to work and shape. Damaged parts can easily be removed and replaced and superficial damage or denting can be beaten out, again making them easier to repair.

Aluminium delivers a significant performance benefit, as well as additional cost savings because a smaller, less powerful engine can be used to achieve the required performance. Aluminium hulls offer less resistance when travelling through water, saving both the power requirement aluminium boat builders western australia official using less fuel, making them australiia economical to run.

A distinct safety advantage is that aluminium does not readily burn and builfers will not act as fuel for a fire. Aluminium also offers excellent corrosion resistance, giving an aluminium boat a much longer service life. Little maintenance is required and aluminium has a high resistance to corrosion and structural fatigue because of its good tensile properties. Aluminium hulls only require painting below the waterline or where there is continual contact with sea water.

Bare aluminium in air will form an oxide coating that creates a protective barrier and will stop the metal from corroding, this generates a large cost-saving. Aluminium boats are renowned for keeping their sell-on value. Because of the minimal aluminium boat builders western australia official required, aluminium boats cause very little secondary pollution boay the metal is also fully recyclable when a boat finally reaches the end of its serviceable life.

By choosing aluminium as your material of choice you will be joining a growing number of well-informed and very well satisfied owners. CMA, with the wise and experienced leadership of Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, can ensure your boat will be built and will perform exactly or in excess of the design objectives.

Whether this is for a whale-watching boat that requires a deck layout that ensures all passengers can be at the rail and enjoy the thrill of being so close to those gentle giants, or whether it is a fast patrol boat for use by Special Forces. Each design always has its own challenges and the combined experience of Justin, Ainslie and their team of engineers and certified craftsmen will manage your project on time, on budget and will fulfil all objectives.

CMA have many years experience of successful aluminium boat construction of recreational, commercial and private vessels. We offer all aluminium fabrication and construction new builds from 5 meters to 50 meters: whale-watchers, commercial fishing and fishing tour boats, special purpose boats, and commercial ferry boats.

Just let us know your requirements and we will happily work closely with you to successfully build a alkminium that will give many years of aluminium boat builders western australia official free service and provide you with an excellent return on your investment. Aluminium boat builders western australia official are also happy to offer a comprehensive maintenance program, including scheduled surveys, offlcial keep your investment working at peak performance.

CMA are able to provide a single base solution for all your modification, maintenance and repair requirements. In addition to our recognised skills in working with aluminium, we can also repair the many other systems that make up a modern boat, including:. So whatever is your requirement, a new build, refurbishment or change of purpose, our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and certified craftsmen have the skills required.

Everyone in our close-knit team has a comprehensive knowledge of the marine industry, with many of them coming to us aluminium boat builders western australia official senior positions in shipbuilding, commercial vessel construction, project management, and marine engineering. CMA actively monitors the marine business to ensure that we are completely up-to-date with current trends in design, safety and certification requirements.

With revenues of over four billion dollars per year and employing more than 22, people, the Australian maritime industry is one of the largest in the world. Sheer Quality Australian made yachts, pleasure boats, patrol boats and superyachts have rightfully earned Australia a reputation for fantastic innovation, diversity and sheer quality.

Commercial Marine Australia are part of this great tradition. All aluminium fabrication and construction. Consultancy and aluminium boat builders western australia official both in Australia and internationally. Compliance voat detailed specifications and international certifications. Special purpose builds, military, professional and rescue. Hydraulics, steering, davits, dive platforms.

Hot and cold water systems, desalination systems, grey and black water control systems. Bilge systems, both manual and electric. Fuel systems, fuel treatment and transfer. Stern gear arrangement upgrades. New installations.

System modifications and alterations. Scheduled surveys. Corrosion repair and renew. Hull replacement. Accident insurance repairs. Changing the operation of your vessel. Layout changes, for example, a dive-boat to a passenger transfer vessel.

Remodelling of both interior and exterior. Structural modifications, westefn, access walkways, flying bridges. In addition to our recognised skills in working with aluminium, we can also repair the many other systems that make up a modern boat, including: Ride control and stabilizing systems. Hot bulders cold water including desalination systems.

Bilge systems. Manual or electric. Fuel systems, treatment and transfer. Engine upgrades, changes or repairs. Stern-gear arrangement modifications. Major structural repairs, modifications and maintenance.


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We offer a wide range of services, modifications and repairs to keep your boat in perfect working order. Our reputation is built on quality, all our boats are covered by a full 5-year structural warranty on hull and deck. We are only limited by your imagination and budget. Call now and get-on-board. Over 25 years of quality boat building experience and expertise.

We can tailor-make your boat layout and configuration to suite your every need. I thought the price was great considering the size of boat and many thanks too Andy who fabricated the vessel. We were looking for a fishing boat to take mates out wide and perform in all conditions and also a family boat to take us out to the islands for the weekend and know the wife and kids were looked after and catered for.

The versatility of our boat blows me away, every time we head out and enjoy another day on the water with my family. I was sceptical about using a small boat manufacturer, so I thought it best to meet with The Redline Team to discuss my concerns. Nothing was a problem. It was music to my ears. Contact the Redline Marine team for a quote on your customised aluminium boat build, modifications and repairs.

Our quotes are obligation-free and superior service is guaranteed. Home Services Features Aluminium Boat Builders South Australia Key Range Contact. Coraline Boats. Welcome to Coraline Boats! Designed with an eye for detail. Custom made to order. Locally Made All Coraline Boats are made here, in Western Australia, which means they are built for our unique coastal conditions. The Award Winner! Custom built A Boat For Everyone. Black, Blue, Red, Pink

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