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Custom Aluminum Boats in Louisiana. At Extreme Metal Fabrication in Pierre Part, LA we build our custom aluminum boats with pride. Unlike large retail stores, EMF is a locally owned Louisiana metal fabrication company and we are here with you from order to delivery of your boat. Mar 28, �� Lee Felterman & Associates has over 35 years experience in buying, selling, and brokering a wide variety of marine myboat153 boatplans serve a world-wide clientele bringing Buyers and Sellers together! Lee Felterman & Associates is known world-wide for honesty and trustworthiness!We make your buying and selling experience very easy!Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Our Custom Barges Help You With over 35 years experience in the Marine Construction industry, myboat153 boatplans has mastered a true work of art the perfect barges. Our expertise in dock building has allowed us to skillfully engineer and build out barges using the most efficient materials, best equipment and options allowing you to work more Missing: louisiana national.

Dimensions Berths Finance Insurance Boat Warranty. Dredging Crane Barge Sold. Blasted, Painted and all machin Deck Barge Xtreme Aluminum Boats For Sale China Sold. Look on Alibaba.

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