Aluminum Bass Boats For Sale In Texas

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It�s all about the QUALITY materials and SUPERIOR workmanship. We specialize in building aluminium boats and products that meet your individual needs and specifications. This means fabricating boats, accessories, docks, fishing equipment and more. Incorporating your custom modifications is easy when it�s all done in house. Aluminium is the most durable and long lasting material. Our growing arsenal of CNC routers has allowed us to keep up with our customer demands, hitting crucial deadlines while shipping aluminum boat kits coast to coast in immaculate condition. Our 8 x 30 CNC router gives boat builders the upper hand by having hull plates cut . Walker Boats is a progressive builder of high quality aluminum vessels. Custom building for both the commercial and pleasure craft industry, designed for the Pacific Northwest.

Vessels Built by Jenkins Marine Ltd. Vessels Built by Progressive Marine Ltd. Vessels Built by Palmer Boats Ltd. Every boat is a custom order, giving us the opportunity to build to your specific requirements. Vessels Built by Independent Shipwrights Ltd.

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