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All designs for aluminum construction are included here. For further study, we have books available in the Books, DVD's and Audio section of our store at your left. Read our free article on aluminum boat . R End Cap Casting (Right) for 8" Universal Boat Bunk L End Cap Casting (Left) for 8" Universal Boat Bunk (used as end caps for 4�, 8� and 10� Universal Bunk) Pre-fabbed Bunk Bunk supplied with vinyl pad () and end caps on both ends, attached with aluminum rivets. Making a boat trailer for a small boat is a simple and easy building project. Jon boats, and other similar small boats, are well known for their use in duck hunting and fishing. Stable and lightweight, they can be launched easily and can be re-trailered without a launch ramp.
The all-aluminum ATC Fiber Optic Trailer is built on a robust aluminum frame, and comes in three models with a set of features to accommodate the fiber optic splicing industry. Raven. Our all-aluminum Raven trailers are enclosed and built on an aluminum frame, in a bumperpull model. Ravens can�t be customized, but can be upgraded from a list of select options. They come in a wide variety of sizes, and are bought for cargo, toys and cars.� ATC Trailers started with a couple guys out of a garage, building a trailer a week. Boat Trailer plans for monohull boat 7m long, steel construction, complete parts list, assembly guide, detailed component & assembly drawings, kg max.� This tandem axle boat plan features curved/rolled chassis rails, adjustable winch post, guide rollers and skid rails to suit a mono-hull sea boat approximately ? (23?ft) in size. Cross members are curved allowing boat to be positioned lower and reducing centre of gravity height, resulting in improved handling during towing. Keel roller height from ground is mm. Drawn to our usual high standard these Boat Trailer Plans will provide you with detailed dimensions on 16 part and assembly drawings, 10 page assembly guide, as well as a number of additional DXF files, wiring diagrams and. Boat Trailer Plans. Raptor� Fastenings & Tools. RV Plans.� Aluminum Designs for CNC. 14' or 16' McDrift - McKenzie drift boat. 15'-9" Jimbo AL - garvey hull with center console. 15 1/2' Scrambler - outboard whitewater sled.


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