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Repair the most common problems with aluminum boats and canoes: leaking seams and rivets in aluminum boats with the Aluminum Boat Repair Kit. Illustrated, detailed instructions explain how to repair leaking seams and rivets in aluminum boats.

All components are contained in a sturdy, resealable package. Visit Epoxyworks. The first step is to find the leak. This is fairly easy´┐Żjust fill the inside with water up to the waterline. To reduce the possibility of destruction or distortion, I tilted the boat and only filled one end at a time since filling the boat up entirely might have done aluminum boats repair australia damage to the seams.

On each boat I repaired, I found many rivets that merely seeped water. However, I also found at least one that poured a constant stream. These bigger leaks were the main cause of water inside the craft during normal use. One boat actually carried a bilge pump to help keep up with the aluminum boats repair australia. I Lorem lpsum 347 boatplans/book/good-buddhist-books-mp3 just click for source any leaking rivet or seam with a black marker.

With the leaks identified and marked, here are the techniques used for the repair. Bboats the boat over for easier access to the bottom and prepare the surface for bonding. For the seams, clean out any debris that might still be stuck inside. On the aluminum boats repair australia, I used a wire brush in a circular motion to abrade the surface. A aluminum boats repair australia boahs attachment on a cordless drill made the job even easier.

Then fill the seams and rivets in this area while the aluminum is still warm. This lets you do the repair without flipping the boat. Complete heating and filling each rivet or seam section before moving on to the next to avoid too much heat loss. Once the epoxy is cured, you are ready alumnum an immediate water test. The boats I repaired in aluminum boats repair australia shop were taken right out to the water and thoroughly abused.

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Testing the results Once the epoxy is cured, you are ready for an immediate water test.

Our marine mechanics are trained to diagnose mechanical, electrical and electronic faults and to do the job properly. The story of the Sea Guardian began in , driven by market demand. Most Used Smoker Craft Aluminum Boats For Sale Australia leaks can be easily repaired with this kit and the following: Wire brush Propane torch or heat gun Determine the exact locations of leaks by putting the boat in the water or by filling the boat part way with water to see where it leaks. Most importantly aluminium affords the best security for safe cruising. Position the next biggest piece centred over the first. Custom Aluminum Boats Uncompromising attention to detail In the making of an Xtreme Boat, no corners are cut nor expense spared. We are specialists in all facets of aluminium fabrication.


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