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Jul 19, �� Re: Flat Bottom vs Tunnel Hull A tunnel will raise the pump and allow you run in shallower water, but I'm sure you knew that part. The tricky part is getting the tunnel design correct for a pump, the wrong design can be terrible, a good one is a dream come true. Flat Bottom Boats. Now, the most obvious advantage of a flat bottom boat vs deep V boats is the fact that they simply Bass Pro Flat Bottom Boats Reviews don't ground as easily. If you are maneuvering in shallow water a flat bottom boat won't hang up on the bottom, which can be a huge advantage when maneuvering tight spaces. Sep 12, �� If you will be spending most of your time just running around in it, then a V-hull makes a better choice. If you routinely get waves or chop greater than two feet in height, V-bottom is a better choice. Lotsa compromise boats out there also, such as 3*-6* deadrise - e.g. - Lowe Roughneck Flat bottom = stable at rest V-hull = stable under way.

Is mike nolan from bucks fizz gay? Padded V-hull - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia A padded v-hull is Aluminum Hull Boats Vs. Fiberglass Jack very similar in basic shape to the popular v-hull which simply forms a Aluminum Boats V Hull Vs. Flat Bottom Up vee when looking at the back of the watercraft. Advantages of a flat bottom hull Disadvantages of a flat bottom hull What is a flat bottom boat called? Had I called it a "combination" instead, obttom you have found that more palatable? Mr EfficiencyOct sluminum,


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