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Mini Pontoon Boats We only sell Pontoon Kits and Pontoon Tubes for customers wanting to Build A Boat. If you are looking for a turn-key Pontoon Boat or for any other application such as a Cruise Boat, Transport Boat, Commercial Boat or Industrial Boat, then take a look at our parent company, TechniKal, which specializes in custom aluminum boats. Welcome to Metal Boat Kits! We offer premium quality stock boat Aluminum Pontoon Boat Kits Technology kits in aluminum alloy and steel. In we were one of the first companies to offer CNC Kits publicly and in doing so we helped establish an industry. Today we are pleased to continue to bring you an ever growing catalog of precision stock CNC Kits. Starting at just $1,, Pond King offers three DIY Two-man Mini Pontoon Boat Kits. Two of these kits ship free anywhere in the continental U.S., and the third ships free via freight to any commercial address in the lower Great for myboat099 boatplans: Pond-King.

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Call us now to Order or to Request a Quote! You can also submit the Quote Request form at the end of this page or Email us directly at:.

Walls Thickness of 0. Sealed Chambers every 5 feet. Full Length One-Piece Risers. Rear Mounting Brackets. Front Water Deflectors. Front Eyes. Due to the almost unlimited variations in sizes for a Pontoon Kit or Pontoon Tube, shipping costs are evaluated on a case by case basis. We usually ship our Pontoon Kits and Pontoon Tubes by freight or by container.

To get a shipping quote or for more information, don't hesitate to contact us. The hours it takes for assembly varies depending on the size of the Pontoon Kit, but to give an example, a 19"x16' Pontoon Kit assembled by two persons will take an average of 4 hours to Build A Boat. The weight and passenger capacity of a Pontoon Kit varies greatly based on the size of the Pontoon Tubes. If you are looking for a boat that can handle a larger body of water where there may be waves or accommodate more than 2 people or is built completely of aluminum, check out our line of small pontoon boats.

It was a breeze to put together. I did it by myself even though an extra hand would be helpful. Directions were very clear and easy to follow. I'm getting lots of great comments from friends.

Can't wait to get it in the water. Thanks for a great product. Hey Mike - Glad it was easy to put together, even though you did it yourself. It is definitely easier with a second pair of hands. We'd love to see photos of the boat on the water! Your friends at Pond King. Very pleased with this boat. All parts were in the shipment and all fit as designed by the directions. I live on a 6-acre pond with 14 other neighbors. This is a perfect boat for a pond because you can't count how many times I dumped the water out of my other boats every time it rains.

Thanks for the fast shipping, and a very well-designed boat. Will probably be getting more business from this area. Thanks, Brett Anderson. Thank you, Brett. The boat looks awesome. So glad it's saving you time not having to bail it out every time it rains. That's exactly what we had in mind when we designed it. Sincerely, Your friends at Pond King. We love this boat. Perfect for our 3 acre pond. Your customer service and shipping was awesome. Very happy! Thanks , The Jones Family.

Thank you for the review. We'd love to see pictures! Merry Christmas! If you are a do-it-yourselfer at heart, these boat kits are for you because you can take pride in your craftsmanship, as well as that of Pond King. Plus, these DIY boat kits could be a great project to undertake with your kids or grandkids. Use our experience and assembly instructions, but you do all the actual building. This mini pontoon boat kit includes:. This package includes:.

Residential shipping may be available for an additional fee, but please call for a quote. The critical issue with residential delivery is the ability to offload the pallet from the truck. We stand behind our products, and we do all we can to pack everything securely. Unfortunately, once an item leaves our facility, we have no control over the shipping process.

If you accept a shipment that has sustained damage, neither you nor we can make a claim for the damage, so it is very important that you examine your shipment BEFORE accepting it. Here's how to properly receive your Pond King products:.

Pond King is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping by a third party. First, their capacity distinguishes the mini pontoon boats from the small. The Pond King mini pontoon boats are intended for smaller bodies of water, specifically ponds or limited access fishing on lakes, whereas the small pontoon boats can handle larger bodies of water.

If you wish to build further customizations on your boat, you can order a specialized kit as desired. The end result is a heavy-duty utility boat that can be used to carry workers or supplies or both.

German company Perebo offers a few customizations on a pontoon boat, but our favorite is the Mobile Houseboat Pontoon Kit. This particular pontoon boat kit has several main components that vary depending on the load capacity you want.

They can offer up to 5 pontoon hulls if needed. Perebo allows customers to order kit components individually or get everything as a package deal. Fortunately, Perebo can assist and provide you with any additional framework you might want to add to your pontoon. The space for the Houseboat Kit will allow you to customize as desired. This innovative kit will give you everything you need to build a basic pontoon boat without any extra customizations needed.

If you can start building it today, you might be able to take it out on the water tomorrow. You can choose from several different sizes of pontoon boats and there are a few customizations when it comes to color, decking, and some material options. Located in Cornville, Arizona, Aluminum Pontoon Boat Roof Panton the company has over 30 years in manufacturing experience. The upper deck kits come in 8 sizes, but the company will work with custom sizes as needed.

You can cover half your pontoon or cover the entire length of your boat if desired.

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