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4 Most-Common Problems With Legend Boats
�����. EG. Bass Boat Central. �������� �����.� Bass Boat Central. 47 ���������� 47 ����������. � 21 ���. �. 0. 0. ����������. ���������. Legend. Bass Boats. Motor Boat by Country. United States3. Motor Boat by Price. ?30,?50, Motor Boat by Condition. Used3. Motor Boat by Material Hull. Fiberglass2. Motor Boat by Length. 4 - m3. Expired ads.� Browse all the Legend Bass Boats for sale we have advertised below or use the filters on the left hand side to narrow your search. Create email alert. Sort by. Canada's source for Legend Boats buy & sell.� Showing: All New and Used Legend Bass Fishing Boats for Sale. Legend ALPHA LE. $37, USD. Fishing. 21'.� From Georgian Bay to Muskoka and Beyond - Central Ontar The North Channel - Lake Huron�s Island Paradise. Five Tips of Planning Your Trent Severn Boating Trip th.

Your boat will be added asap. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. Propshaft is 3. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. World of difference.

Boat handles like a dream! Propshaft is 2. Didn't push it and she has more. Also have 26 Tempest Plus to try. Propshaft is 1. Propshaft is 3" below pad. The new tournament day box is awesome!

Plan on spending a week fishing my way home. Billy Eaved did the prop work, Kelly Patrick helped with the motor. The speed is accurate, not a dream about speed. Dominator is a well built boat.

Boat runs mid 80's with 2 people and fishing gear. I fish a lot of river systems and like the way the Alpha turns it doesn't slide or bounce when cornering quickly.

It also has more Bass Boat Central Zip Code storage than my past boats. I no longer have to go through my gear wondering what to bring and what to leave, if I want it I throw it in the boat. The livewells are huge and great water flow. Can anyone help me out? Should I drop the plate or go to a 3 blade prop? Legend has a great product.

I'll be a customer for life! Thanks Legend! Boat is extra heavily loaded, gas, 4 batteries and two big guys. Not getting enough rpms, should I drop to a 24 pitch? What do I need to do to get more speed out Bass Boat Central Motors For Sale 71 of Bass Boat For Sale Central Florida Flight it? Very pleased with the boat and setup. I travel with an extreme load of rods and gear. Boat is very well made and service is second to none.

Propshaft is 4" below the 09 Merc ProXS pad. Motorguide Tour Boat drives like a dream. I have owned Tritons, Stratos, Javelins and rode in BassCat and Rangers and it's true when they say "Unless you own one, you wouldn't understand".

Unbelievable ride, quality and most of all customer support!! Kudos to Legend!! Motor is 4" above the transom. Posted speed was with stock 27" Trophy. Love my Legend. It has a great Red fade paint job! Fully loaded lbs of fuel,gear and fisherman at Powell ft runs 64 rpm. Still breaking in the motor and playing with props. Will update with more time on the motor.

Motorguide 82 Tour. Anybody running one yet? The interior lighting is a great help during those early mornings. Go-To tackle systems?? Where were they I when had my first boat? All rights reserved. Legend Forum Legend Owners Gallery. Legend Forum. Legend Owners Gallery. E-Mail Links. SHarvey - TN. Bhamilton - AL. Horowitz - MI. R Belk - TX. Bassm1n Bass Boat Central Classifieds Java - IN. Buckmstr - VA.

Patrick - TX. Lee - LA. Jerry S - GA. Alpha Legend - OK. Corky51 - IL. Max M - LA. Onebadblade - TN. Shawnlakeguy - TX. Kickurbass - ON. Cape - CA. Brian M - TX. Js - MO. Rusty - AL. Swayze - TN. Black Bart - IL. LegendoftheRedBanshee - MN. Skeetersteve - NC. Humminbird electronics, MinnKota Terrova Flame57 - LA. Jhharm - TX. Legend - FL. Ryanbassmaster - FL.

Potan - LA. Joel - GA. Kevin L - LA. Basshole77 - MD. Legend 1 - TN. Prolinews - GA. Swamp Donkey. Pattece - OK. Cypress Legend - TX. Thuey - ID. Alphadawg - MN. Basstrd - FL. Alpha MinnKota Fortrex Bruce - TX. Boat is extra heavily loaded, gas, 4 batteries and two.


Very helpful. Gasoline engines should be leak-free as well as have the bilge ventilator which operates rightly. This could suggest we around the four-foot center of your vessel .

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