Aluminum Bass Boats For Sale In Texas

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The 3 3/4" boat latch works with trailers that have a bow roller that measures between 3 3/4" - 4". The 3" boat latch version works with trailers that have a bow roller that measures 3". The Drotto product was originally designed with the extremely popular Shorelandr trailer in mind. Drotto works with, but not limited to the boats listed below. How to Pick Out a Ball Mount to Tow a Boat Trailer Level; Ball Mount Recommendation for 2 inch Hitch with /4 inches of Rise and /8 inch Ball; Right Ball Mount Rise For A Ford F; Proper Size Drop Ballmount for Towing a Boat and Trailer behind a Ford F Super Duty 4x4; 2 Inch Ball Mount with Zero Rise or Drop for Level Towing. Hitches are rated by class, and depending on how heavy your boat and trailer are, you may need a Class I, II, III, IV or V hitch. Hitches that are Class I (commonly called "bumper hitches") aren't really appropriate for much more than a small sailing skiff, dinghy, or jon boat that weighs under 2, pounds.

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