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Shop Great Lakes Skipper's huge inventory of discount boat parts for great deals on boat trailer rollers, trailer roller end caps, boat trailer bow stops, boat trailer roller shafts, boat trailer wobble roller brackets, galvanized trailer roller brackets, boat trailer keel rollers, and more boat trailer rollers and roller brackets and parts. We specialize in making trailers for every boat, every budget, and every body of water. Buy EZ Loader roller or bunk style trailers. Choose from galvanized, powder-coated, aluminum, wet-painted systems and "Tuff Coated" Polyurea coatings. And trust trailers . Keel rollers for boat trailers such as #CEG don't have a weight capacity or size rating because they aren't really supporting all that much weight. The bracket is designed to fit around a 2 inch trailer .

They can support weight, guide your boat, and also hold the weight of your boat secure to the trailer. We carry both the Stoltz Premium line of boat trailer rollers and Yates Black 14 foot aluminum boat weight capacity work rollers. Apart from these, you also have to think about the frequency of launching and retrieving your watercraft, the bass Bass Boat Trailer Tire Pressure Jump boat trailer roller design and shape of the hull, and of course how remote you would be hauling your vessel. On the whole, owning the best boat trailer rollers would help make you frequently desire to go partake in water adventures. Boat Trailer Roller Galvanized Panel Bracket This trailer roller panel bracket is constructed of one piece of 11 gauge steel with a hot dipped galvanized finish. Replacing the old rollers is not troublesome with it.

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