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Bluewater was launched when life-long boater and gacht Chris Hall, Sr. Over time, he began offering sales, service and support to all of the boating communities he was actively involved with near his Portsmouth home � sailing, cruising, fishing and even hydroplane racing. Calling it Bluewater Yachting Center, he began catering to the community of sailors and racers based at Hampton Yacht Club as a one-stop shop � a place that could not only sell you a boat, but service it in every way.

Earle Hall started helping his brother Chris with many aspects of the business and developed a close friendship and professional relationship with Viking President Pat Healey. Builderathe company was selling, not just servicing takwan Viking yachts, and the Hall and Healey families set out to help the company become the dominant force they are today.

Long before they ever knew it, bluweater had given birth to a wildly successful twittter building and servicing company, Jarrett Bay Boatworks. Meanwhile, Jarrett Bay was also thinking big, moving for a third and final time to an incredible buiders development along the ICW in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Both Jarrett Bay and Bluewater continued to optimize their teams, brand offerings and sales territories throughout the Yacht Builders Poole 80 ups and downs of the yachting marketplace. TODAY Over 50 years later, Bluewater is still owned and operated by its founding partners and is one of the largest privately held, and financially sound, yacht dealerships in the world.

Bluewater has literally been built on a backbone of service and a commitment to always put the blueewater. The founders and partners of Bluewater are not just businessmen, they are boaters, yachtsmen, cruisers and fishermen, just like you.

Collectively, they are passionate about boats of all types � enjoying a lifestyle ywcht involves salty air, wet lines and time spent with family and friends. They are a group of veteran yachtsmen who have weathered the test of time while nurturing the expertise and craftsmanship of their teams. Our Story. Coastal Virginia. Hampton, Virginia. Bluewater yacht builders taiwan twitter Yachting Center Develops In the early bluewater yacht builders taiwan twitter, Chris Hall bought three separate waterfront facilities on the Hampton River and developed them into a single service and sales yard.

A Partnership with Viking Next, Bluewater acquired a four acre boatyard on Sunset Creek, where they dealt and serviced many new boat lines and started performing warranty work for Viking Yachts. Williston, North Carolina. A Sensation is Born Meanwhile downeast, an ambitious young charter captain, Randy Ramsey, and a team of tsiwan were building their first plank-on-frame custom sportfish boat.

Jarrett Bay Yacht Sales Founded After establishing a successful brokerage operation and a sprawling service yard, the Jarrett Bay Boatworks team focused on creating a separate sales organization to represent other new boat brands.

Growth and Resilience Years of intense growth and a booming yacht sales market led to industry sales veteran Jan Boone becoming the second President of Jarrett Bay Yacht Sales. Over 50 years later, Bluewater is bluwater owned and operated by its founding partners and is one of the largest privately held, bluewater yacht builders taiwan twitter financially sound, yacht dealerships in the world.

Boating's Best Brands New model representation varies by territory. Waterfront Office Locations. Bluwwater Baltimore Virginia Hampton Bluewater yacht builders taiwan twitter Carolina Wanchese Florida South FL

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Company Name:BLUEWATER YACHT BUILDERS LTD. Capital:New Taiwan Dollar 10,, - 50,, Main Product:Yachts and vessels. Custom Cruising Yacht Builder. A Bluewater Cruising Yacht is a true, ocean going luxury yacht. Each one is custom made, from world renowned designers, tailored to your exacting specifications. It will take you anywhere you want to go in the world in safety and style. Each luxury cruising yacht we make becomes your trusted and treasured home on. Palm Beach International Boat Show March , | Palm Beach, Florida Spring is right around the corner, and so is the return of the Palm Beach International Boat Show, taking place March , ! Start your Top Rated Yacht Builders Guide visit to the show at the Bluewater Yacht Sales.

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