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Sep 16, �� These Boat and Stream Question papers are collected from SSC, Railway Boat And Stream Questions In Malayalam Zone and other competitive exam�s previous year questions. These Boats and Streams Difficult Problems will help you for your exam preparation. Model Questions and Answers on Boats and Streams Problems. 1. A boat takes 90 minutes less to travel 36 miles downstream than to travel. Sep 26, �� Boats and Streams Questions Definition of Boats and Streams The subject matter of Boats and Streams is quite essential as these questions are there in nearly all competitive exams from the topic. The idea is not that hard to fathom rather it is somewhat connected to the area of Speed, Distance and Time. When a [ ]. Difficult Questions. Boats and Streams Tutorial. Aptitude. Number System. Then the speed of stream and the speed of boat in still water is? 10 km/h and 3 km/h; 15 km/h and 9 Boat And Stream Hard Questions Test km/h Interviewmania is the world's largest collection of interview and aptitude questions and provides a comprehensive guide to students appearing for placements.

A boat running downstream covers a distance of 16 km in 2 hours, while for covering the same distance wooden boat store books 50ml, it takes 4 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water? A boatman strezm 2 km against the stream in 1 hour and goes 1 km along the current in 10 minutes. Boat and stream hard questions 90 A boat running upstream takes 8 hours 48 minutes to cover a certain distance, while it takes 4 hours to cover the same distance running downstream. The Boat And Stream Basic Questions 03 ratio of the speed of the boat in still water and the stream is A. Problems on Trains. Rahul Boat And Stream Questions Hindi 40 can travel 12 miles downstream in a certain river in 6 hours less than it takes him to travel the same distance upstream.

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