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Boat And Stream Questions For Afcat 90,Steamboat Springs Co To Yellowstone National Park,Northbridge Junior Sailing Boat Jazz - PDF Review

Boat Upstream & Downstream - Tips, Tricks, Formula & Sample Questions

Please wait Aspirants appearing for the exam would be wondering what type of questions are asked in the examination, difficulty level, and many. Directions Q : Read the following passage voat and answer the questions given adn it In spring, polar bear mothers emerge from dens with three months old cubs. The mother bear has fasted for as long as eight questiobs but that does not stop the young from demanding full access to her remaining reserves.

If there are triplets, the most persistent stands to gain an extra meal at the expense of. The smallest of the cubs forfeits many meals to sfcat siblings. Females are protective of their cubs but tend boat and stream questions for afcat 90 ignore family rivalry over food.

In 21 years of photographing polar stram, I have only once seen the smallest of triplets survive till autumn. Register Here For Free. Polar bears fast as long as eight months due to non-availability of prey. Polar bears always give birth to triplets. If the whole journey took 5 hrs 48 minutes, the distance between A and B is.

Q5 A-Train traveling at a uniform speed clears a platform m long in 10 seconds and passes a telegraph post in 5 seconds. The speed of boat and stream questions for afcat 90 train is. By what percentage should a family reduce the consumption queshions sugar so that there is no change in the expenditure? Q8 The average weight of 5 men is increased by 2 Kg when one of the quesions whose weight is 60 Kg is replaced by a baot man.

The weight of strea, new man is. Directions Q : In each of the following questions find out boat and stream questions for afcat 90 alternative which will replace the question mark.

Q9 Loath : Coercion ::? Q10 Trilogy : Novel ::? Q11 Wife : Marriage ::? Directions Q : Which word or words explains the meaning of the following idioms Q Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it Patience is better than wisdom: An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains. All men praise patience, but few can practice it.

It is a medicine that is good for all diseases, but it is not every garden that grows the herbs to make it. Many people are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed. Many would be well off than boat and stream questions for afcat 90 they think of. It means. Q Select the most appropriate word from the options against each number Q6 a delay b hindrance c application d execution. Q7 a desirable b deciphered c inevitable d srteam.

Q9 a specifications b limitations c qualifications d identification. Q15 A steamer moves with a boat and stream questions for afcat 90 of 4. In how many days can both do it together?

Q19 A train covers a distance of 12 km in 10 min. If it takes 6 sec to pass qjestions telegraph post, the length of the train is a 90 m b m c m d m. What percent increase must be done at a new price to get the original price? Q22 Anmol sold two items for Rs. How much did he gain or lose in the whole transaction? Q23 If the selling price is doubled, the profit triples.

If the interest for 8 years is Rs questilns than the principal, the principal is a Rs b Rs c Rs d Rs Q25 A sum was invested for 3 years at simple interest at a certain rate. The sum is a Rs b Rs c Rs d Rs Q26 The average weight of 50 boys in a class is 45 Kg. When one boy leaves the class, the average reduces by g. Find the weight of the boy who left the class. We here have Oliveboard have come up with a special AFCAT online batch so that the aspirants can study at their own comfort.

Overall, the course helps you meet your exam preparation requirements affcat will fulfill your dream of working in the Indian Air Force.

For more details regarding the course. Oliveboard Bolt series E-books:. Stay tuned for all the latest Government and Bank exam steram, free study materials and ebooks, and much more.

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