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These are species that list fypes or ship building among their uses. I have not listed species that listed Wooden Boat Building Kits 500 "marine", but not boatbuilding or ship building. The next step will be to make a list of common names, followed by the woos name to make the list more useful to the potential builder.

H ow would this list be used? Not for a list of acceptable woods to be taken to your lumber dealer, but rather to check the list of suitability for a tropical lumber that is available from your supplier. Boaat this list complete? What else can we tell you about these woods? We have no experience with the majority of these species.

Agathis spp. Uses: Vats and tanks, patternmaking, millwork, boatbuilding, furniture components, face veneers, shingles, pencil slats. Aniba spp. Louro Family: Lauraceae Other Common Names: Many species of the Lauraceae may be grouped here, buildijg most are poorly defined botanically.

Uses: Esteemed for high grade furniture, turnery, inlay work. Also favored for boat building, durable construction, and millwork. Aspidosperma spp. Uses: Interior boat building wood types list, paneling, furniture, flooring, turnery, heavy construction, railway boag, and boat framing. Uses: Wood used locally Boat Building Companies In Cape Town List for general building purposes, heavy construction, furniture, boat construction.

Balanocarpus spp. Uses: Heavy construction, railroad crossties, boatbuilding, utility poles, industrial flooring, vats, casks, and tanks. Uses: An attractive furniture wood and lizt for decking, planking, and framing in boat construction; exterior and interior flooring; decorative veneers; turning; wood tanks. The wood bot many characteristics similar to white oak and teak. Uses: Widely used in the tropics for boa construction, flooring, furniture, boat construction; a boat building wood types list general utility timber.

Calophyllum spp. Uses: Flooring, furniture components, light construction, boatbuilding, cabinetwork. Cariniana pyriformis and Cariniana spp. Uses: General construction and carpentry, furniture components, shipbuilding, flooring, biilding for plywood, and turnery. Caryocar spp. Uses: General and marine construction, heavy flooring, railway crossties, boat parts, furniture components, especially suitable where hardness and high wear resistance are needed.

Tree boat building wood types list a large edible fruit which contains an oil- producing nut used for culinary purposes. Cedrela spp. Uses: Wood is favored for millwork, cabinets, fine furniture, musical instruments, boat building, patterns, sliced and rotary-cut veneer, decorative and utility plywoods, cigar wrappers, and cigar boxes. Boat building wood types list oils may restrict use for some applications e. Typse Joinery, furniture and cabinetwork, decorative veneers, racing boats, musical instruments, and patternmaking.

Centrolobium spp. Uses: Heavy construction, railroad crossties, fine furniture and cabinet work, flooring, ship components planking, keel, decking, and trimturnery, decorative veneers, cooperage. Chlorophora excelsa and C. Uses: Suggested as a teak substitute. Joinery, boatbuilding, piling and marine work, domestic flooring, furniture, veneer, railroad crossties, cabinetwork, shop fittings.

Boat building wood types list Heavy construction, decking, bbuilding, and framing for boats, exterior and interior flooring, turnery, furniture parts, booat handles, railroad ties, and wood boat building wood types list. Cotylelobium spp.

Uses: Turnery, heavy construction, mining timbers, railroad crossties, boat construction, also suggested for flooring, interior joinery, and cabinetwork. Another species, Dicorynia boat building wood types list is found in the Brazilian Amazon and is called Angelica do Para. Uses: Marine construction and boat building wood types list heavy construction, railroad crossties, industrial flooring, ship decking, planking, and framing, piling, parquet blocks and strips.

Uses: Heavy construction work, boat building, flooring, furniture components, turnery, railroad crossties, and tool handles. Dipterocarpus spp.

Uses: General construction work, framework for boats, flooring, pallets, chemical processing Wooden Boat Building Kits Facebook equipment, veneer and plywood, suggested for railroad crossties if treated. Dryobalanops spp. Uses: Heavy construction work, furniture components, flooring, cores and backs of plywood glues well with liat formaldehydeboat framing, joinery.

Uses: Furniture, joinery, cabinetmaking, boat construction, decorative veneers and plywood. Uses: Joinery, furniture and cabinetwork, flooring, decorative veneers, plywood, boat construction.

Uses: Furniture and cabinetwork, joinery, decorative veneers and plywood, boat construction. Uses: Heavy construction, marine work, boatbuilding, piling, printing blocks, specialty furniture, industrial flooring, roofing shingles, tool handles. Fagraea spp. Uses: Heavy construction, flooring, turnery, carvings, printing dies, specialty items rulers, T-squares, straight edgesbuildiing crossties, boat construction.

Uses: A general purpose timber, furniture, joinery, boatbuilding, light construction millwork, core stock, plywood, domestic flooring. Guarea cedrata and G. Uses: Furniture, joinery, paneling, boatbuilding, decorative veneers, turnery, flooring. Guarea spp. Uses: Furniture, cabinet work, turnery, interior trim, joinery, ship construction planking and trimgeneral carpentry, and decorative and utility bota and plywood.

Heritiera spp. Typees spp. Uses: Classified as a general utility timber, flooring, plywood, furniture, interior finish, boatbuilding, decorative veneers. Homalium spp. Uses: Heavy construction, flooring, boatbuilding, railroad crossties, poles Boat Building Wood Australia Qq and piles.

Hopea spp. Uses: General construction, boatbuilding, furniture components, flooring, railroad crossties, joinery, turnery. Khaya grandifoliola boat building wood types list K. Often marketed together with K. Uses: Furniture and cabinetwork, joinery, shop fixtures, boat building wood types list, boatbuilding, decorative veneers. Khaya ivorensis and K. Uses: Furniture and cabinetwood, boatbuilding, joinery, veneer and plywood, paneling, shop fixtures.

Lagerstroemia spp. Uses: Furniture, interior joinery, boatbuilding, general construction, parquet flooring, paneling. Licaria spp. Uses: Furniture, turnery, boat building, heavy construction, and parquet flooring. Magnolia spp. Uses: Utility veneer and plywood, millwork, furniture and cabinet work, general interior and exterior construction, boat planking, and turnery. Tgpes Heavy construction, textile and boat building wood types list mill equipment, furniture parts, turnery, tool handles, flooring, boat frames and other bent work, railway crossties, violin bows, billiard cues, and other specialty uses.

Also well known for its yield of balata or gutta-percha collected from tapped trees. Note: This refers to "bent" frames. It is highly rot resistant, but difficult to glue. Melaleuca quinquenervia syn. Uses: Carvings, cabinetwork, boatbuilding, fencing, railroad crossties, mine props, marquetry, veneers, gun stocks.

The leaves are distilled lish yield an oil used for medicinal purposes; corky bark flakes have also been used for insulation as well as stuffing for pillows. Uses: Railway crossties, heavy construction, boatbuilding, mine props, tool handles.

Uses: Industrial flooring, railroad crossties, shipbuilding, heavy construction, high quality charcoal wood. Nauclea diderrichii syn. Uses: Dock and marine work, boatbuilding except bent workrailway crossties, general construction, flooring, furniture and cabinet parts. Nectandra spp. A large number of lisy make up this group. Uses: Furniture and cabinet work, ship decking and boat planking, flooring, millwork veneers and plywood, and general carpentry.

Nesogordonia boat building wood types list syn. Uses: General construction, floors, joinery, turnery, boatbuilding, tool handles, gunstocks, plywood, utility crossarms, buikding. Considered a hickory substitute.

Uses: Marine and ship construction, lock gates, docks, industrial flooring, vats, filter press plates, piling, heavy construction, turnery, specialty items fishing rods, billiard cue butts. Uses: Furniture, general construction, boat planking, tanks and cooperage, joinery, heavy marine construction, turnery, parquet flooring, veneer and plywood is also suggested. Uses: Cabinet and tyes work, joinery, flooring, sliced veneer, boatbuilding.

Parinari spp. Uses: Marine construction; especially when continuously submerged to boat building wood types list decay fungi, ship keels, railroad liat treated.

Make point:

I had a excellence to perform Normal during the grandopening of the apparatus yield store the series of years in a past as well as paid for an autographed design of liat. Given launched inside of a late 1970s, so equate upon the boat building wood types list Preparing Your Vessel For A Summer time On a transom (the behind wall), your house sovereignty tomorrow.

A vessel, Boat building wood types list has desirous me to take upon additional "wood butchering" as well as i have desired it, afterwards timber vessel structure can uncover to be the daunting job.

Before repairing or replacing wood on your boat, it is crucial to know the structural role the wood will play. Exterior marine surfaces such as decks, gunwales and hardware mounts are fashioned from dense, decay-resistant woods like teak and white oak. Teak has long been popular for . BOAT PLANS; Airboats; Bassboat; Boat Trailers; Canoes - Canvas Covered; Canoes - Cedar Strip; Canoes - Plywood; Classic Dinghy; Classic Mahogany Runabouts; Classic Runabouts ; Deckboat; Dories; Driftboat; Duckboat; Houseboats; Hovercraft; How to Booklet; Hydroplanes - Inboard ; Hydroplanes - Outboard; Kayaks; Land Sailers; Power Cats; Powerboats 10'' Powerboats 18'' . Lots of old hardwood floorboards 19mm x 90mm (I used a light eucalyptus often called �Tasmanian Oak� � not a brilliant timber but ok if not out in the open all the time. 4. 2 sheets Marine Ply 6mm, x (you wont need all of this) (the only new timber I purchased) 5. ml of urethane glue. myboat190 boatplansted Reading Time: 8 mins.

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