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I along with my friends and colleagues, Stephen and Sue, from Vancouver, got all members of our group on their buses and on their way home. It sounds like everyone had a nice West Coast Getaway! Added: Summer is definitely coming�. On Saturday I flew down to Los Angeles and spent the night. Sunday morning, I was at the airport, along with some of my Los Angeles tour guides, greeting the members of our Travel With Alan group sailing up the West Coast aboard the Ruby Princess.

Along with my colleagues, we will get everyone on their buses and on their way to their destinations in the Seattle area. Greetings again from sunny Lynnwood, Washington. Added: In the next few days, both of our Panama Canal cruises will be coming to an end. Our ships passed in the night, so one group will be ending in Fort Lauderdale and the other in Seattle!

On Saturday, I will be flying down to Los Angeles. While in Singapore, I met the group that was flying in to do a nearly month-long cruise from Singapore to Athens. I then met the group that had already sailed for nearly a month on the beautiful Seabourn Encore from Sydney to Singapore, and spent two days with them. Hello again from cool and gray Lynnwood. Added: I just returned to Seattle yesterday. On Thursday, I flew to Fort Lauderdale and got things ready for the group that would be arriving on Friday.

On Friday, they began arriving and kept coming until after midnight. On Saturday morning, we had a private banquet room at the hotel where everyone gathered, at their leisure, for a breakfast buffet.

This group is now on a day Panama Canal cruise to Seattle! I flew home on Sunday night and stayed at our hotel by the airport. Then, on Monday morning, beginning at AM, I loaded up five buses, with the help of my cousins, Norene and Richard. In a little over a week, over Travel With Alan travelers will cross paths! On Thursday, I will fly to Singapore, and arrive on Friday night. Before they board, we will spend two nights in Singapore at the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel.

We have tours scheduled, to show the best of Singapore, including a visit to the Night Safari! On Monday, I will be at the pier, in the morning, to meet our other group that has been doing a cruise from Sydney to Singapore aboard the Seabourn Encore. I will get them on their buses for their Singapore city tour. I will then go back to the hotel and meet the group who will be transferring mid-day to the pier to board the ship for their cruise. I will then return to the hotel to meet the new group and assist with their hotel check-in.

We will then have the same two-night package in Singapore. I will fly home with the last of that group on Wednesday. Hello Again from Lynnwood, Washington. Our first two river cruise groups returned in the last few days and we have two more groups in Holland now, enjoying their river cruises.

Then I will fly home to meet our group that will be boarding buses in Seattle on the 15th to cruise the other way through the Canal. The two groups will cross each other about half-way through their cruises! Spring has sprung and the days are becoming nice! Another group has been gone for nearly a month already on their Windstar cruise from Hong Kong to Osaka. Our last group returned just a few days ago from their India tour and river cruise on the Ganges River. With the exception of some flight cancellations on some of the return flights from Calcutta, it sounds like everyone had a remarkable experience.

Our group that will be sailing aboard the Seabourn Encore is boarding the ship today, after a 4-night pre-cruise package in Sydney. We currently have groups covering five continents! Hello from sunny Lynnwood, Washington: Added: It appears that spring will come after-all! Currently we have two groups traveling around the world. Our last India tour and Ganges river cruise group is about half-way through their voyage. The reviews from this itinerary have been outstanding!

They are now on their month-long cruise from Hong Kong to Osaka. They will have a 4-night pre-cruise stay in Sydney before boarding the Seabourn Encore for their nearly month-long cruise from Sydney to Singapore. Greetings from Lynnwood! Looking out the window it appears that spring may actually come! Our group survived Carnival in Rio and are now making their way to the Amazon River.

Our last two groups in the series of India tours are now in India. One group will be returning tomorrow and the other is just arriving today. This past Friday evening, I flew down to San Diego and, on Saturday morning, met the big group returning from their day Hawaii cruise aboard the ms Eurodam. It sounds like that group had a great time!

I flew back to Seattle on Saturday. Added: Even though the nights still get very cold, the days are starting to get brighter and warmer. The sun is already up when I get out of bed in the morning and there seems to be hope that spring will come to the Seattle area! Today another group is returning from our India tour and Ganges river cruise�.

Two days ago, our big group returned from their Asia cruise aboard the ms Westerdam. They had two nights in Shanghai and a night cruise. On Sunday they attended the Samba Parade!

Finally, on Friday, I will be flying down to San Diego to meet the group that is returning on Saturday morning from their day cruise to the Hawaiian Islands aboard the ms Eurodam. I will be there to get them on their buses to the airport for their flights home. Hello from sunny, but cold, Lynnwood, Washington! Added: We survived the sudden snowstorm here in the Seattle area. I was in New Orleans. When I flew home, I spent the night at a hotel by the airport and finally made it home the next day!

On Tuesday night, I flew down to San Diego. They are now on their way to the Hawaiian Islands! Added: We still have lots of snow on the ground, but we are getting used to it and finding ways to get to and from the office��.

Greetings from cold and gray Lynnwood, Washington�. Added: I flew home from San Diego on Tuesday night and I was back in the office yesterday morning. I met our group that had been sailing for the last week aboard the ms Eurodam on their Mexican Riviera cruise. After getting that group loaded on their buses, I went to the airport to meet some members of the new group that was flying in to do the same cruise.

They are in sunny Mexico right now. They will be returning from their cruise on Sunday and have a one-night post-cruise stay in San Diego. The first group will be flying into New Orleans for a one-night pre-cruise stay, before embarking on their Caribbean cruise aboard the Norwegian Breakaway.

After the cruise, they will have a two-night post-cruise stay in New Orleans. Then, the next morning, I will again meet the group that I took to the pier 10 days ago for their Caribbean cruise. They will be returning from their cruise and staying on in New Orleans for a two-night post-cruise package. Meanwhile, another of our groups flew into Auckland, New Zealand for their pre-cruise stay before boarding the Azamara Quest for their day cruise all around New Zealand.

They will end in Sydney, where they have a post-cruise package, before returning home. Greetings from sunny San Diego, California! Early the next morning, we were at the pier meeting our big group that was returning from their cruise. We got them on their busses to the airport and then rushed back to the hotel to meet the new group that was getting on the ship.

The next day, I flew to San Diego. On Sunday morning, I was at the pier early to meet our big group that was returning from their Mexican Riviera cruise aboard the ms Eurodam. I got the first group on their busses, directly to the airport. I then got our busses loaded for those that were staying on in San Diego, either just for the day or for our two-night San Diego post-cruise package.

They did a great tour of San Diego and La Jolla, with our local guides. Meanwhile I went back to the airport to meet our group members that were arriving for their cruise to Mexico aboard the Eurodam. I then went to our hotel and got everything set up for the group that was staying on for two nights in San Diego. We had a very nice stay here in this beautiful city, including a farewell dinner cruise last night on the San Diego Harbor. This morning I am getting everyone on their busses to the airport for their flights home�and I will return on the last bus for my flight home.

I will have nearly three days at home before I fly to New Orleans to meet our next groups coming and going from there. Hello from a cold and foggy Lynnwood, Washington. Added: Right now, I am getting ready to fly to New Orleans tomorrow morning. I will be meeting Travel With Alan travelers who will be arriving in New Orleans on Wednesday to board the Norwegian Breakaway for a night cruise to the Caribbean.

I will then be meeting the travelers who just had an night cruise on the same ship, on Thursday morning, and take them to the airport. I will then fly from New Orleans to San Diego.

Some of them will go to the airport for their flights home and others are staying on for either a city tour or a two-night San Diego extension. I will then return to the airport to meet the guests that are arriving for the same Mexican Riviera cruise aboard the Eurodam.

I just hope I remember to meet the right group at the right time in the right city! Hello from cold and rainy Lynnwood, Washington! Added: This last week, I have been flying all over the country�and boy are my arms tired!

A little over a week ago, I flew down to Tampa, Florida. The ship was finally able to dock, about 12 hours late. Kathryn, Allan, and I scrambled all day, hiring buses and mini-buses and trying to keep everyone busy and happy until we were finally able to board the ship.

They returned on Sunday to the Port of Tampa Bay and had two nights in Tampa with city tours, cocktail receptions, a trip to Busch Gardens, and a farewell dinner. On Sunday we went to the port where the group boarded the Norwegian Breakaway. They are now on their night Caribbean cruise aboard the Breakaway.

I will meet them when they return to New Orleans next week. They had been on a night cruise round-trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Everyone was in good spirits�it sounds like they had a nice holiday adventure. This year we had holiday travelers all over the globe. Another one of our Egypt tour and Nile River cruise groups is flying home today.

In a couple of days, we will have another one of our Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Mekong groups returning. Yes, we have people traveling all over the world! Hello from Gray and Rainy Lynnwood, Washington. Added: I just flew home from Singapore. Our group was half the ship and they had an incredible journey! They loved the small ship experience and being able to go on the bridge anytime they wanted to and look at the charts and chat with the officer of the watch.

Meanwhile, our group returned from their cruise through Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong�. Just yesterday another group returned from their Splendors of Egypt and the Nile cruise and tour and another group is doing the same tour now.

Tomorrow our group will leave for their Holiday Circle Hawaii cruise. Finally, a few days ago our huge group left the Norwegian Breakaway in New Orleans. Greetings from cloudy and gray Lynnwood, Washington. In the last couple of days, we booked over people on our April Panama Canal cruise.

Our group returned, just a few days ago, from our Caribbean and Panama Canal cruise on the Zuiderdam. IN the past week we had one group return from, and another group departed for our Egypt and Nile River tour and river cruise. Another group left for Hanoi for our Vietnam and Cambodia tour and river cruise. Their cruise will return to New Orleans at the end of this week and we have a nice post-cruise tour for them in New Orleans.

We have a two-day post-cruise package planned for them in Singapore. Greetings from a chilly and gray Lynnwood, Washington! Our group flew home a few days ago from their Grand Asia tour. They had three nights in Sydney, Australia at the end of their cruise and they are now back in North America. Our groups are finishing up their last European river cruises of the year. Our first Nile River cruise group just returned from Egypt and another group leaves in just a few days. After a one-night hotel stay, they will board the Norwegian Breakaway for a day Caribbean cruise.

Greetings from cool and cloudy Lynnwood, Washington. Added: We have all been racing around the globe, meeting our groups traveling all over the world. Last week Norene and Richard returned from New York, after meeting and sending off two very large groups. The other group left a few days later from New York and visited the Southern Caribbean before returning to Fort Lauderdale. NanSea was there to meet the group in Fort Lauderdale and take them on a two-day tour of Fort Lauderdale, before returning to the airport.

Two of our other veteran Travel With Alan tour directors were in Los Angeles last week to meet our two very large groups that were returning from their one-month and two-month tours through Hawaii and the South Pacific. Not really, but it seemed like it! We had a New Orleans city tour, a Cajun dinner with a band, a Dixieland Jazz dinner cruise and a lot of fun. I then left New Orleans and flew to San Francisco for the night. The next morning I flew to Tokyo and then on to Bangkok, where I met the travelers that were flying in to begin their day cruise from Bangkok to Singapore.

I was with the group for their 3-night package in Singapore. We stayed at the 5-star Royal Orchid Sheraton, right on the river.

On the last morning of our pre-cruise package, our group sailing on a day cruise from Beijing to Bangkok arrived at the pier. As they were getting off the ship, and beginning their city tour, our other group was enjoying a free morning at the hotel before boarding their buses for the transfer to the pier to board the ship. Then, I was with the group that was doing the two-night post-cruise package in Bangkok, doing pretty much the same tours, meals, and attractions as the other group did.

Hello from cold but sunny Seattle. Added: We have been busy, busy, busy. Our cruises to Japan and to New Zealand sold out very quickly. We are all involved in finishing up the air tickets and the paperwork! They have either two or three days in New Orleans, before flying home. Greetings from Lynnwood, Washington! The drought in Europe is making some of the rivers there unnavigable. Still, the cruise lines are being innovative in re-working the itineraries to visit different ports of call and our group members are coming home happy.

Last Wednesday, of our travelers flew into Newark. They had a nice one-night stay at the Doubletree Hotel, with a big breakfast buffet in the morning.

That group will have a 2-night package in Fort Lauderdale on the same days that my other group is having their 2-night post cruise package in New Orleans��.. There are just shy of people between the two groups. Also, in the past week, we had two different groups flying over to Amsterdam for their Crystal river cruises�..

Maybe not the itinerary they first signed up for but still a 6-star experience. Currently, we have four groups on different European river cruises. Our day Alaska and Asia cruise is now working their way home�. They cruise through Asia and they are now at sea, somewhere between Guam and Hawaii.

Our Grand Asia cruise is still almost a month away from Sydney. Today they are in Hong Kong for the second day in a row. They will set sail this evening, headed for Vietnam.

They are sailing towards the United Arab Emirates where they have two ports of call before landing in Dubai. Our Princess Hawaii, Tahiti, and Samoa cruise group is crossing the International Dateline today or tomorrow, or yesterday!

Today they are at sea, somewhere between Taipei and Hong Kong. I will be meeting them in less than two weeks, when they Boat Slips For Sale Table Rock Lake Mo Enterprise land in Bangkok. All in all, there are currently thirteen Travel With Alan groups traveling around the world, on three different continents! Hello again from sunny Seattle. Added: Summer is trying to make one last appearance�.. This last week, both our 3-night and 4-night Pacific Northwest cruises, aboard the Explorer of the Seas, came and went. Everyone seemed to have a really great time.

Two days ago, our group left for their over two-month long cruise and tour from Seattle to Sydney, Australia. Added: The sun is out and it seems that summer is trying to come back��but then we are quickly reminded that the summer has faded away and cooler times are ahead. We plan on offering the same programs next summer with the great pricing and all of the perks that we have been offering the last few years, like the shore excursions on the ship and the extra meals and tours on the land portion.

We received glowing reports from this cruise. Everyone enjoyed the food, service, and the activities and entertainment. A popular favorite was the ice skating show, with its international all-star cast. This group returned on Monday, back in Seattle. This group will be returning today. The group flew in and spent one night at the Embassy Suites Hotel. It was nice to see most of our group members at the dinner, all excited about the big journey that was ahead of them.

I will see them again in two months, when they return from their big journey. I keep getting these deals that are too good to pass up! Once they got to Seward, the groups split. Kathryn and Allan stayed on with the group doing the 7-day land tour to Seward, Anchorage, Denali and Fairbanks.

I flew up to Anchorage and met the group that was doing the 4-day land tour to Denali, and Anchorage. Both groups had great weather and saw LOTS of wildlife in Denali��bears, caribou, moose, and even porcupines! They had a fantastic cruise from Copenhagen to Greenwich. Most of the group flew home just three days ago. Meanwhile, on September 2nd, our last group of the season left on the ms Westerdam for our last Alaska cruise tour of the season.

Today they will be traveling from Denali to Fairbanks. They are reporting great weather. Their tour leader, Nansea, reported that they could actually see Mt. Denali the whole way on the train ride from Anchorage to Denali! This group is hoping to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights��the conditions seem to be right!

We expect to be announcing our departures to Alaska sometime in December or January. Watch out for these and call right away, if you want to go��these sell out quickly. Hello again from a gray and cool Lynnwood, Washington. Meanwhile, the rest of the group, that is sailing this week on the ms Noordam will be off on their 7-day land tour to Seward, Anchorage, Denali National Park, and Fairbanks.

Today, both groups are together, on the ship, in Glacier Bay National Park. Our other day cruise tour group, led by Paula and Dan, returned home yesterday. The group had a great time and saw a lot of wildlife in Alaska. It sounds like they all had a great time! Today, our group is boarding the Azamara Journey for their two week cruise from Copenhagen to London.

Hello again from warm but smoky Lynnwood, Washington. Added: The smoke from all of the forest fires in Washington State and British Columbia is blowing right at us. Fortunately, the wind patterns are due to change in a few days, so the skies and the air should clear.

As usual, we have two tour groups in Alaska this week. Then, they turned around yesterday and started all over again. Our other group completed the cruise portion of their tour on Sunday and they are now on their 7-day land tour, across the Alaskan Interior. Today they are making their way from Seward to Anchorage.

Tomorrow they will be boarding the McKinley Explorer rail cars for their trek from Anchorage to Denali. This year our groups are reporting seeing a lot of wildlife right from the train. Hello again from warm but hazy Lynnwood, Washington. Added: During this past week, one of our groups returned from their Avalon river cruise, and another group returns today from their river cruise.

We currently have two groups in Alaska�. Finally our groups are still cruising around Northern Europe. Our Seabourn group is in its last five days of their Norway and British Isles cruise, our Azamara group is in its last five days of their Romantic Baltic Voyage, and our Voyage of the Vikings group will soon be returning to Boston, by way of Greenland and Iceland�.. Added: As I am writing to you today, we have tour groups all over the world.

We have two big groups in Alaska. One group is just at the beginning of their week-long trek from Seward to Anchorage, to Denali, and Fairbanks. The other group just boarded the Noordam on Sunday I was down at our Renton hotel to help load the buses and are cruising up the Inside Passage towards Seward.

Our Voyage of the Vikings cruise is still sailing in the North Atlantic. Five days ago we had a big group fly into Budapest for their Avalon river cruise to Amsterdam�.. Added: As usual, we have two big groups in Alaska this week. One group is sailing up the Inside Passage and is in Ketchikan today.

Our other group completed the cruise portion of their tour on Sunday and are in Denali today. I received a report this morning that they are having fantastic views of the mountain. Once again, we sold-out in record time. We now have four departures for this cruise and tour, with over Travel With Alan travelers onboard, between the four departures.

Hello from gray and cloudy Lynnwood, Washington. Yes, we are busy! Added: Our Alaska season continues in full swing. The weather for both of these groups was picture perfect�.. Everyone has been reporting beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife! Here at Travel With Alan, it is definitely Alaska season. Our Fairbanks bound tour left a week ago and cruised for seven days from Vancouver to Seward. Yesterday they left the ms Noordam and began their 7-day trek across the Alaskan interior.

Last night they had our famous chicken dinner in Seward and today they are en-route to Anchorage. Yesterday, I was at our hotel in Renton, helping to board our new group on their buses to Vancouver. I will be returning there next Sunday, to do it all over again! Added: I hope you all had a happy 4th of July holiday and a happy Canada Day for our Canadian friends.

On Sunday, I was at our hotel in Renton, helping to board our new group on their buses to Vancouver. Hello again from beautiful Lynnwood, Washington Added: We have groups coming and going from Alaska. Meanwhile, our other group left the Westerdam on Sunday in Vancouver and is on their 3-night Denali and Anchorage adventure.

They also reported perfect weather and lots of activity at the glaciers. Yesterday morning, I was in Renton, near Sea-Tac airport, loading our buses for yet another Alaska cruise tour. Today they are cruising the Inside Passage, at the very beginning of their day adventure. Meanwhile, our Azamara Baltics and Russia voyage group just returned a few days ago. I met the group that had been sailing aboard the brand new Seabourn Ovation.

Some had been sailing for 28 days, since Lisbon, Portugal, and the rest had been sailing for 14 days from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Everyone reported having an outstanding time. A couple of people told me that on a scale of 1 to 10, this was an 11!

After the group left the ship, we had a 2-night post-cruise package in Copenhagen. From the pier, we left on a city tour including a canal cruise. We then checked into our hotel, right in the heart of the city. On Monday, our group flew out of Copenhagen; some early in the morning and some later in the day. I flew home on Tuesday and arrived back in Seattle in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

What an amazing ship! This ship carries just guests, in all suite accommodations, and travels all over the world. We had a fantastic afternoon aboard the ship, getting a chance to tour the ship and some of the staterooms and all of the public areas.

We left the ship, by tender boat, in Lake Union and then returned to the office. It was an amazing day. Hello from super-sunny Lynnwood, Washington. Added: Summer is finally here�YAY! Wow, what a week��. That group is now on the ship with NanSea. Today they were in Ketchikan and tonight, after sailing away, they will have their Travel With Alan cocktail party. Within the last week, we also had our group leave for Copenhagen for their Stonehenge and Baltic cruise.

We had another group leave for London for an Azamara Baltic and Russia cruise. On Thursday, I will be flying to Copenhagen to meet our group finishing up their Seabourn cruise from Lisbon and Amsterdam. This is the group that I met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida three weeks ago. Everyone is reporting a great time and a very interesting trip.

Our Azamara Journey group is in the middle of their three-week cruise from Rome to Lisbon. Meanwhile, a new group will be flying over to do the cruise from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. I will be flying over to Copenhagen in a few weeks to meet the group and coordinate their tours in Copenhagen.

Good Morning from cool but sunny Lynnwood, Washington. Added: It's been another busy week here at Travel With Alan. Aside from having good weather, they saw all of the scenes of the Alaskan coastal towns and glaciers, but they also spent a night in Seward, a night in Anchorage, two nights in Denali National Park and two nights in Fairbanks. They had some great tours, rode in the McKinley Explorer rail cars on the Alaskan Railroad and much more.

They had a very early wake-up call in Denali for their Tundra Wilderness Tour, but they were rewarded with lots of wildlife sightings. Also, in the past week, our last Russian Waterways cruise group returned from their river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Another our groups returned from their three-week Azamara cruise from Rome to Lisbon. Tomorrow, we have a group that will fly to Copenhagen for their 4-week cruise around the British Isles, including the summer solstice at Stonehenge and then continuing on to the Baltic.

Lastly, our group that flew to Lisbon, nearly three weeks ago, for their back-to-back cruise aboard the brand-new Seabourn Ovation completed the first half of their cruise two days ago in Amsterdam. Part of the group spent one night in Amsterdam and flew home. Then, another group flew in to Amsterdam for the second half of the cruise. Twelve days from now, both groups will finish their cruise in Copenhagen.

I will be flying to Copenhagen to meet this group for our two-night post-cruise package in Copenhagen. We will have a city tour, a palaces tour, an evening in Tivoli Gardens, and a farewell dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving! Added: Greetings from cold and rainy Seattle! Then, on Friday morning, our new group started to arrive for their one-night pre-cruise overnight before their Caribbean cruise aboard the Seabourn Odyssey. The group arrived throughout the day and into the evening. The next morning, while my group was having breakfast at the hotel, I left to go to Port Everglades to meet the group just returning from their night Caribbean cruise aboard the Seabourn Odyssey.

I met the groups and got everyone on their buses to the airport. I then return to the hotel to begin the transfers from the hotel to the pier. I then returned to the hotel for an afternoon meeting before transferring back to the airport for my flight home.

It was a very quick turn-around but I got to meet a lot of very happy Travel With Alan travelers! Everywhere we go, we are told that summer never came this year?.. They keep forecasting rain but it never comes.

I left Seattle last Tuesday and flew to Copenhagen via Toronto. After clearing Customs, it was a short walk to our hotel, the Copenhagen Airport Hilton. I had a day to rest up before beginning to greet our arriving group members early the next morning. Throughout the day, about Travel With Alan group members arrived and checked into the hotel. My partner in crime, NanSea, arrived with the group and we spent the remainder of the day at our?

Travel With Alan? The next day, after a leisurely morning at the hotel and enjoying the hotel? Meanwhile, about more members of our group began arriving and transferring directly to the ship.

That afternoon we all got settled in, getting ready to begin our Northern Europe adventure! The next morning, we were already in our first port of call, Kiel, Germany. That day we had a tour to the historic town of Lubeck.

We then returned to the ship for an evening aboard the Eurodam, followed by a full day at sea. After the sea day, would have six days in port, so we took advantage of the sea day to rest up for the coming days! The next day we were in Tallinn, Estonia. I love taking groups to Tallinn, because nobody in the group really knows what to expect. Tallinn is a beautiful city with a dramatic old walled city. The people of Estonia are all very nice and they are proud to, once again, have their own country back with their independence from the Soviet Union.

Our tour began at the upper walled city. We then walked through the cobblestone streets and into the lower town. There we had an incredible lunch in an old Hanseatic warehouse, having only the natural light and candle light. When he moved to California and joined the Lodi Fire Department after the war, he stayed on for 32 years.

When he met and then married the love of his life, Helen, they were together for 69 years, until she died in When anyone in the neighborhood needed their television or stereo repaired, Wall, the self-taught electronics expert, was there to help. In , they moved to Elk Grove, outside Sacramento, to be closer to their growing extended family. Wall enjoyed many activities, including bridge, chess, dancing, music and computers. At a Christmas party in , when he was 96, Wall insisted on dancing with Frieders.

Wall died on Jan. Frieders said that the family was told that he and four other residents of their board-and-care facility probably contracted the disease from a staff member. Two of the other residents also died. For a family that was so close, the virus made the final goodbyes quite painful. Frieders said she was allowed to visit her father in person for 15 minutes during his final hours, to hold his hand.

And I hope he knows I was there. In addition to Frieders, Wall is survived by his other daughter, Chandra Wall Blake, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his Boat Excursions Lake Tahoe Review wife, Helen. As part of the work, Kam identified local Catholic families willing to house new immigrants until more permanent housing could be found. The work also included helping families with other necessities, such as registering children for school.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Kam joined the Sisters of Social Service in � an order of nuns who feel called to serve in the center of urban life, rather than pursue a life of contemplation at a cloister. Kam served in the Stanford Home for dependent high school girls in Sacramento, and in the Stanford Settlement for children, as well as in the Catholic Youth Organization. In she and four other nuns were sent to Taiwan to help establish their social service ministry there.

She returned to the U. Following graduation she went to work at Holy Family Services in Los Angeles, working primarily with adoptive parents. Kam was skilled at quilting, sewing, woodwork and Chinese brush painting, and her friends said she was adored by everyone who knew her.

Toward the end of her life Kam suffered from dementia and was living in a facility in Encino for people with memory issues. She died Nov. She was stubborn, yet nurturing. Born in Washington, D. She moved to Los Angeles in her 20s and later gave birth to a daughter, Tatiana Molinar.

While raising her daughter, she worked as a data entry clerk at a bank. She was a fan of red nail polish. Even as she grew older, Connelly tried to remain self-sufficient. She enrolled at Long Beach City College at 63 to pursue a degree in art, though the goal escaped her while she lived in an assisted living home for seniors.

She suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition that attacks the lungs, and had been hospitalized repeatedly over the years, her daughter said. It started with a fever and a cough, and then progressively worsened.

Connelly sought treatment at a hospital and eventually was placed on a ventilator. For 30 days, healthcare workers tried to help her breathe on her own, but without success. By Emmanuel Morgan. Twenty-two years ago, Emilia Ibarra immigrated to the United States from Mexico, putting down stakes in Fresno and giving birth to a son, Joshua.

Eager to familiarize herself with her new country, she took English language courses as she raised her son as a single mom. Three years later, she and Joshua moved to Coachella, working first as a massage therapist at a resort in La Quinta and later doing volunteer work to assist undocumented workers in the region. Well known in the community because of all the events and causes she supported, Ibarra helped local migrants by providing them with food and second-handed clothes and took part in charity events at her church.

Cheerful and vibrant, she performed dances from her homeland at the annual date festivals. Joshua remembered his mother opened her door to a family going through hard times and sheltered them for a month for free. For those unable to go to the church, she would bring bread and wine for communion at local nursing homes.

In her down time, Ibarra loved watching Korean soap operas with Spanish subtitles on television. Joshua said his mother always made time to support him. She cheered him on when he ran cross country, took him to Mass when he graduated from high school and swelled with pride when he was accepted to Cal State San Bernardino. She also had difficulty breathing because of constant bronchitis and carried an inhaler. In late April she contracted COVID, likely from her son who worked as a caregiver for people with disabilities in a nursing home.

Ibarra began coughing up blood, had trouble sleeping and had difficulty catching her breath in early May and was admitted to Eisenhower Medical Center. She died May 28 at age She is survived by her son. During council meetings, city events and other engagements the mayor was involved in, there she was to support her son.

Garcia proudly remembers his mother as a hardworking woman who inspired him to give back to his community and his country even in hard times. I signed up for a job regardless of hard moments in my personal life. He was a 5-year-old boy when he left Peru with his mother, father and grandmother in search of the American dream, fleeing domestic terrorism and economic uncertainty. Together, Garcia and his mother learned English and made a new home in California.

His mother worked at thrift stores and as a housekeeper, eventually landing a job at her most recent workplace, a clinic where she was a medical assistant for more than 25 years. A couple of years after arriving in the U. They married, and he remained loyal to her and his family ever since. Greg was a quiet but also gregarious man who loved simple things in life, Garcia said.

He worked hard to start and maintain his contracting business for about 30 years. He liked to host barbecues and spend time with his family. By Alejandra Reyes-Velarde. Bernuy asked if the sisters would consider having the family live with them at the convent until they could find a home of their own. The family eventually found a home in Echo Park, but their connection to Bernuy and the other sisters persisted. Born Jan. In her early years as a nun, Bernuy served in several parishes on the West Coast and took on leadership roles within Sisters of Social Service.

As an activist, Bernuy and four other nuns were handcuffed and arrested in after blocking the driveway to the Federal Building in downtown L. A in protest of the deportation of Salvadoran refugees. In the last years of her active service, Bernuy switched her focus again, this time working as a doula working with infant children in Seattle, which gave her great delight. Bernuy was living in Encino at a home the Sisters of Social Service operate for their aging members when she contracted the virus.

A trucking company is not the typical environment for romance to bloom. In college, the Sacramento native had trained to become a dental hygienist, but soon after graduating she changed direction and took a job driving trucks for the Snyder Company in Northern California. She met fellow trucker LaMar Mitchell; their wheels crossed in the early s -- the two quickly became a couple. After several years, they both grew weary of life on the road.

In recent years Mitchell had been working as an administrator for the Sacramento School district. Devoted parents, the Mitchells were generous and welcoming. Both Andrew and his mother developed green thumbs and would discuss their backyard pursuits, experimenting with various vegetables and flowers throughout the year. When Mitchell needed a change of scenery and wanted to see more than backyard foliage, she would drive up the coast and visit some of the largest trees in the world, the redwoods.

Unsurprisingly, given her previous career as a truck driver, Mitchell felt comfortable on the road and the family would set off on regular adventures. The family would take trips up the coast to see the ancient redwood trees and take in majestic sea views.

Another favorite beverage that kept Mitchell fueled during long road trips was coffee. Mitchell particularly loved an iced mocha and the mother daughter pair would grab caffeinated treats at Philz Coffee, a chain with a location in Sacramento.

After graduating from high school, Tesa moved to Utah where she still lives. Mitchell would send her daughter a photo anytime she visited Philz.

Despite their physical distance, Tesa and her mother remained close and would chat on a daily basis. Mitchell would ring Tesa on her drives too -- to check in and say hello. All three showed symptoms and Mitchell developed a high fever. By mid July she had begun to get better but on July 22 Mitchell was having trouble breathing.

Pedro Zuniga and his wife Norma always threw a party for their oldest son when he visited home in Turlock. His family was his No. He worked at the Safeway distribution center in Tracy, where at least 51 workers have tested positive for the virus. Valencia said he was 2 when Zuniga met his mother, Norma. Zuniga was the only father he ever knew, he said. Valencia described his father as a stern parent but a lenient grandfather.

He gave them gifts and treated them to dinners, as well as trips to go skiing, to Disneyland and to national parks. Zuniga and his wife also took in foster kids, until it became too difficult to separate from them. Sanchez said he remembered little moments from that time, like going out with Zuniga to get Mexican bread as a snack every night.

He was the person I would turn to for advice. Zuniga loved to cook � friends and family always wanted him to make tacos for them � and was a huge soccer fan who rooted for the Chivas of Guadalajara. Ghazarian, who had a history of asthma as a child and beat testicular cancer in , tested positive for the coronavirus on March He was admitted to a Pasadena hospital the next day and spent about a week on a ventilator, according to news reports.

On social media, an LAFC fan page took a moment to memorialize their devoted member. Members of the boisterous fan group LAFC who knew Ghazarian said he had been looking forward to seeing more games.

He had season tickets and played an amateur game at Banc of California Stadium in He was also a Dodgers fan. The world is a little sadder with him gone. George Whitmore was a member of the first team of climbers to scale El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and a conservationist who devoted his life to protecting the Sierra Nevada.

Whitmore died in a Fresno rehabilitation facility from damage to his lungs about a week after being released from a hospital, his wife said.

Friends, family, colleagues and fellow climbers mourned the passing of a legend in the world of rock climbing and the last surviving member of the trio that was the first to reach the top of El Capitan on Nov.

Ascending the 3,foot sheer granite rock wall that now attracts climbers from around the world was, at the time, a feat considered out of human reach. In , Whitmore gathered with climbers from around the world at Yosemite to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ascent with Warren Harding and Wayne Merry.

Harding died in and Merry in El Capitan now has dozens of routes, scaled by some in fewer than three hours. In interviews over the years, Whitmore spoke of his ascent with humility. Mountain climbing was a lifelong passion, but he often said he considered his work in conservation to be his greatest accomplishment. A pharmacist by trade, Whitmore retired in the s to focus on conservation, his wife said.

He was involved with the Sierra Club in local, state and national capacities, including serving as a chairman of the Tehipite Chapter based in Fresno. It was during a Sierra Club outing in the s that he met his wife, who was impressed with his knowledge and intellect. Whitmore helped establish the Kaiser Wilderness in and the California Wilderness Act of , which added 1.

He helped protect lakes and block dam projects and proposed highways and also helped prevent the Walt Disney Co. It was stopped after sustained opposition by the Sierra Club and other preservationists and the valley subsequently became part of Sequoia National Park. June Pantages was always a natural caregiver, even before the duty was thrust upon her later in life. She was only 18 when her son Dick was born without an ear.

The young mom changed out his bandages and in subsequent years, when he returned from one of his surgeries, had his favorite meal ready. When she and her late husband, Harry, took their three kids camping off Lake Chelan in Washington, it was Pantages who made sure the trips went off without a hitch, cooking and cleaning while everyone else enjoyed the outdoors. She died July 31, a little over a month after her 96th birthday, at the Carlton, an assisted living home in Pleasant Hill.

An only child of alcoholic parents, Pantages left home shortly after graduating high school and married Harry. They were married 49 years, the last five of which she spent caring for him as his condition deteriorated. Although Harry was the more outgoing of the two, her quiet warmth and compassion were her calling card, her family said. When a family friend began suffering from dementia, she took time every week to visit. She also spent decades volunteering with Kaiser Hospice, out of gratitude for their help with her husband.

He was the executive director of Being Alive, a nonprofit that provides health and mental health services for HIV-positive people in West Hollywood. Bowie and Wacha were members of gay motorcycle clubs and met at an AIDS charity ride in the spring of Later that year, they were paired as a motorcycle team to shut down intersections to allow safe passage for Avon breast cancer walkers. They became inseparable. The family lived in Texas and Hawaii before settling in Orange County.

He had three siblings, all of whom preceded him in death, as did his father. He was their special Uncle Garry. Bowie started having flu-like symptoms on March He was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator eight days later. He died on April 7. Patricia Jewel Lopes treasured her family and its rituals, including walking her only son -- her miracle baby -- to elementary school in the mids in the East Bay city of San Leandro. His resistance crushed Patricia Lopes, so her husband crafted a compromise: Patricia would accompany young John three-quarters of the way, until they reached a coffee shop near the school.

Young John soon warmed to their routine because they often would stop at the shop, where Patricia would treat him to hot chocolate before school. Born Aug. Eight survived to adulthood. They were farmers, and it was a hard life. She had scarlet fever as a small child. At age 11, she lost her beloved mother. She had to drop out of eighth grade to care for her ailing grandfather on the farm. In the mid-to-late s, she moved with an older brother and his wife to Alaska and became a nanny for their children.

She eventually accompanied them to Northern California, where she met her future husband, John Lopes Jr. They married in She adored her husband and yearned for a family. After five years, she finally got pregnant. The couple feared they had lost the child due to the collision.

Days went by. Then, finally, the baby moved. They took trips to the beach. She shagged fly balls for him during practice. For a few years, she frequented a neighborhood nursing home just to chat with the patients.

In , the Lopes relocated to Tracy, Calif. When John entered the Army, she lovingly sent care packages to him in Germany. Her husband died in , and seven years later, she found a new love, James Aaron.

They were together until he died in Patricia loved chicken nuggets. She also adored her grandson, John Lopes IV. She adjusted well, bonding with her year-old roommate -- until the pandemic struck.

Families were not allowed to visit, and the isolation took its toll and her health declined. She died Sept. Survivors include her son, John R. Ashbridge and Mary Ellen Wheelwright. When Raul Alaniz learned that his teenage daughter, Rebecca, wanted a tattoo, he hated the idea.

As a single father he had always been one for strict curfews, limited socializing and an emphasis on schoolwork. She got a rose, he got skulls. Anything for his daughter. Always studious, he excelled in math and maintained a 4. When he graduated in , he was the class salutatorian.

Rebecca was born just a year later. Through the years, Alaniz put his math skills to work as an accountant and bookkeeper. He was particularly good with charts and graphs, and he prided himself on his system for managing personal finances.

He met his partner, Ana Barraza, online, and was with her for the last 15 years. He had a big heart, he was a little grouchy, but he was a kind person. He adored them all.

And though he was married and divorced several times in his life, Alaniz remained loyal to his families, past and present. He doted on his five step-kids and 11 grandchildren, and loved nothing more than to spend an afternoon with them at Disneyland or the San Diego County Fair. Raul Alaniz is survived by his mother, Francisca Alaniz; daughter Rebecca; his partner Ana; sister Rosa; 11 grandchildren and five step-children.

In the early s, Karen Hemm went to the fair with some friends. Such are stories about Hemm, who was a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, a foster parent to several children with disabilities and a beloved mother. Born in Delaware, she spent most of her teen years in Dayton, Ohio, where she became a volunteer at the Stillwater Center, a home for physically and mentally challenged adults and children.

It was there that she developed her passion for helping people with disabilities. After leaving Dayton, Hemm moved around the country for several years. At a youth center in Florida, she met Linn Canning, who became her dearest friend. Hemm eventually landed in California, where she worked with students with disabilities at UC Berkeley and later settled in Eureka. She was a fixture in the disability rights movement, serving as an aide to movement leaders Hale Zukas and Judy Heumann.

She fought for legislation and policies that remain in place today, including wheelchair ramps and accessible bathrooms. A single mother, Hemm adopted her son, Patrick Kuhn, and raised him herself. She later married Harlow Hemm, who died in Hemm also struggled with health issues of her own, including spinal stenosis and pulmonary fibrosis, for which she relied on a wheelchair later in life.

But she took the challenges in stride, and was a light-hearted and cheerful presence at Seaview Rehabilitation in Eureka and at Ramona Rehabilitation in Hemet, where she lived and served on resident councils. She loved crafts, painting, coloring and bingo�and she never stopped encouraging others to join in.

Scroggs, who became her agent in , practically adopted Bennett as a member of his family, often inviting her to his house in Burbank for dinner.

To entertain the family last Thanksgiving, she suddenly broke into her Southern-belle voice for Cindy Bear, Scroggs said. Bennett had her first brushes with the world of show business when she was a little girl. One day while her father, a real estate agent, was doing business with powerful clients in Beverly Hills with Bennett at his side, they met Judy Garland, who kept Bennett distracted with a board game. In the s, Bennett branched out into managing other entertainers, using the name Marianne Daniels for that side of her career, Scroggs said.

But her first love was always performing. Scroggs says he watched the movie with Bennett in February. It was one of the last times he was able to enjoy her company before she fell ill in late March. Scroggs says he was grateful to have welcomed her into his family, and for the chance in recent months to listen to her relive some of her adventures from the bygone days of Hollywood.

Her father accompanied her to the tattoo parlor, and it was only there that she learned it was not a Stark original. It was certainly how he lived until Sept. Born in San Francisco, Stark attended Cal State Northridge and spent many years as a real estate agent in the Silver Strand Beach area of Ventura before giving up a successful career to pursue his passion for interior design.

He was a big man, 6-foot-5, with a personality to match. He had a boisterous, memorable laugh, a love of food, travel and his dogs, and an uncanny ability to lighten the spirit of anyone who came near him. When they were young, the girls split their time between their father and their mother, Julie Ziegler, but in high school they spent the week with their mother, the weekends with their dad.

A Type 2 diabetic with pulmonary issues, Stark was hospitalized for seven weeks. There, he also tested positive for an inherited condition that increases the risk of liver and lung disease. Although his daughters later learned that the doctors had given him a dire prognosis, Stark remained positive and upbeat, communicating on Facetime about how he was going to beat this thing.

He was released on Aug. When he went back into the hospital on Sept. Callie, who had planned to be married this year, has rescheduled her wedding until , the same year Riley will graduate from college. Callie said she has not quite come to terms with the fact that their father will not be there for either big day.

Still, the sisters find comfort in the fact that Stark lived his life to the fullest every day that he could. He left it all on the table. Breier never worked in the entertainment industry, but he was eligible to live at the home because Mona, now retired and living in Sherman Oaks, is a former actress, studio crew member and casting director. The family moved from Canada to the U. For much of his career he worked as a salesman at R.

Reynolds Tobacco Co. He and Mona got married in after meeting on a dating website, she said. It was the second marriage for both and each already had two children.

Breier agreed to meet and the two had their first date at a Starbucks. They celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary March Mona said she admired the way her husband adjusted to the loss of mobility and tremors caused by M.

Mona worked at Universal Studios and often invited her husband to movie screenings. After he moved into the home, Mona would bring movies during her visits so the two could watch them together and she often treated him to Chinese takeout, their favorite meal.

He and Mona would call each other to talk about who did well in each episode. Distance could not stop Roger Santicruz from taking care of his family. When his niece in Las Vegas texted the family group chat that she had car trouble, he was ready to book a flight from San Jose to help her.

As a former ground crew worker for American Airlines, Santicruz flew for free, and used that to his advantage in his retirement. He and his wife of 51 years, Tessie, traveled together frequently and had seen the pope at Vatican City, and been to Australia and Singapore. The couple had just returned to their home in San Jose from the Philippines, with a layover in Japan, in late February.

A day later, he tested positive for the coronavirus infection. He died in the hospital March 25, two weeks after being admitted. Born in Manila in , Santicruz, along with Tessie and their three children, immigrated to the United States in , settling first in Santa Maria, where he found a job at the Columbia Records pressing plant. Santicruz had a green thumb, and would spend his free time working on backyard projects and gardening.

One of his best friends, Ed Fadrilan, met Santicruz while coaching a local basketball league that his grandkids were in. Whenever Santicruz saw him at an event, he would leave whomever he was with to welcome Fadrilan. After Santicruz died, Fadrilan and his wife planted a succulent in his name.

Santicruz is survived by his wife, children Lester, Eileen and Oliver, five grandchildren, and friends and family all over the world. Carolina Tovar and Letty Ramirez were an inseparable mother-and-daughter duo � the twin matriarchs of their family. They were often standing side by side in the kitchen, sharing traditional recipes that they would serve their children. In the evenings, they watched classic Mexican films, the ones starring Vicente Fernandez.

They got their nails done together and talked about everything. But in March, breathing difficulties brought both women to the emergency room. This time, they would not leave together, hand in hand, as they had done so many times before. The week before the women were hospitalized, they spent their evenings together as they had always done. Ramirez, 54, had a dry cough, but otherwise felt well enough to go to work as a mortgage broker. But on March 19, her oxygen levels fell, and her daughter rushed her to St.

Jude Medical Center in Fullerton. Tovar, 86, who had seemed in good health, fell ill shortly afterward and was admitted to the same hospital. Ramirez was soon put on a ventilator and transferred to Providence St. She had lived a beautiful life, marrying her husband, who recently died from cancer, when she was 13 in Zacatecas, Mexico, and later immigrating to California. She had six daughters, two sons and many grandchildren who would take her on trips to Las Vegas and the beaches of Rosarito, Mexico, and host parties year-round.

Any more time on the ventilator would not help her, he said. Alexis made the decision to remove her from the machines, and she died within minutes. Shana and Alexandria Dees compare being their father's daughters to walking with a giant. Born in Oakland in , Nicholas Andre Dees worked as a groundskeeper for a golf course on a naval base, but after work, Dees followed the beat of his heart and played drums, cymbals and xylophone with the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps with his brothers.

After aging out of the B Corps, Dees failed an audition to place in the higher rank of the organization. Instead, he continued to use his talents by volunteering to train students at Hogan High School so that they were prepared to join the Corps. He got his steadfast spirit from his father, who was in the military, and his kindhearted nature from his gentle mother, Ozella. Although Dees struggled in his schoolwork growing up because of his dyslexia, he excelled in his extracurricular activities, including sports, Boy Scouts and music.

His time training youth for the Blue Devils was interrupted by a struggle with substance abuse, according to Shana.

However, he persisted after each relapse, and through his faith was able to recuperate. After recovering from his addiction, Dees paid his sobriety forward by helping others recover from substance abuse. It doesn't matter because my dad always overcomes these things.

Dees spent his last few days increasingly more disoriented and confused about his condition. He died May 20 at age 56 after going into cardiorespiratory arrest. By Astrid Kayembe. He was quietly proud of his apartment, the janitorial job he held for more than two decades, and the life skills he had learned from Clausen House, an independent living program in Oakland for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

He cherished time with family and friends. Everyone knew how important it was to Scotty, so it became that much more important to them.

The third of four children, he was born prematurely with serious complications, severely impaired vision, and developmental disabilities. With the support of his family, he graduated high school and went through the independent living program at Clausen House. He was a very caring person, very loving, very interested in other people. Woodard also loved going to restaurants and exchanging family gossip over a meal.

He called relatives often and persistently to ask how they were doing, said Jessica Woodard, his niece. Her death was the latest in a series of losses, including the deaths of his eldest brother, Charles, and his best friend and roommate of over 30 years, Bob Gaede.

During their last in-person conversation, she said he seemed frustrated and wanted to go home. She tried to cheer him up by reminiscing about his favorite meals and restaurants, and encouraged him to focus on getting better.

Tom, who had visited almost daily while Woodard was in the hospital, tried to get the staff to arrange daily phone calls instead.

In early April, news broke of a cluster of coronavirus cases at the Orinda Care Center, infecting 11 staff members and more than half the residents. On April 15, they heard that Woodard had developed a fever. Kermit Holderman dedicated four decades of his life to teaching.

But his generosity didn't end there. During his many years teaching high school English in Colorado and the Bay Area, Holderman was known for the care he took with his students. He would check in on them, even taking them out for a meal if they were feeling down. After retiring eight years ago, Holderman and his wife, Susan, moved in with Zack and his family in San Diego, staying in a casita in their backyard.

Holderman enjoyed playing catch with his grandson Nash, watching San Francisco 49ers games in the living room and being the go-to driver for family airport pickups. In early March, Holderman picked up his daughter-in-law Kelley Holderman from the airport after a girls' trip to Vail. Her mother-in-law, Susan, later tested positive and also only had mild symptoms, but Holderman became severely ill and was sent to Thornton Hospital at UC San Diego with pneumonia.

Zack spoke of Holderman's relationship with his daughter-in-law. Nevertheless, his illness was severe, requiring that he be intubated and placed in a medically induced coma.

He never woke up. Since Susan and Kelley had coronavirus antibodies, the doctors allowed them into the hospital room with masks and other protective gear. Zack was also able to see his father one last time. Kelley and several of her friends from the trip have been donating plasma and participating in statistical and medical studies since recovering from the virus. They were married for 72 years, an unbreakable courtship that began for Walter White in Palm Springs in when he first noticed Mary Anne Jorgenson.

That souvenir remained for the balance of his life, which ended Feb. Born in Hayward, White was severely burned by boiling water in a kitchen accident early in life. His father, Robert, died in , the same year the Great Depression began. To survive, White and other members of his family did odd jobs, including caring for seniors and working as fruit pickers throughout Northern California. They hunted and fished for their food.

During the war, White was evacuated twice because of his injuries but both times returned to the front lines in the South Pacific. He was recognized for actions above the call of duty on Guam when he carried wounded Marines to safety. He worked in sales for years, mostly in office supplies before finishing in the insurance business.

Years after they were married, White and his wife brought a second home in Powers Lake, N. White also raised horses � Arabians and quarter horses � at a ranch he started with a friend in Indio. That business began with a stallion named El Greco. White also was active in the Coachella Valley community as part of various charitable and service organizations.

They would dance regardless of whether anyone else was dancing. The allure, challenge and wonders of mathematics were so central to the life of Harold Widom that the retired professor had a classroom-style chalkboard installed in the study of his Santa Cruz home. There, even in the last months of his life, he would untangle numbingly complex equations, and keep various to-do lists and reminders. It said, 'Rotate again at , miles. He joined the faculty of Cornell University in , following in the footsteps of his older brother, Ben, a chemist.

Thirteen years later, Harold Widom accepted an offer on the West Coast at the newly established UC Santa Cruz, where he helped found the mathematics department. He told friends that one of the biggest draws of California was he could play tennis year-round.

Eventually, he became even more enamored of hiking and exploring the outdoors. He frequently trekked the trails of the Henry Cowell, Big Basin and Nisene Marks parks, and said he often came up with his best mathematical ideas while on the trail.

He enjoyed those hikes with his. Late in life, he started an environmental fund through the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, in support of open spaces and parks. Widom and his second wife, Linda Larkin, traveled the world and had a special fondness for New Zealand and Switzerland.

Other fun places to visit in the U. Boasting magnificent views, intimate privacy and award-winning service, this elegant four-Diamond hotel is a must for a romantic and opulent birthday getaway. Private patios and balconies embrace breath-taking ocean views, while modern amenities and plush extras such as bathrobes and deluxe toiletries add a touch of glamour.

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Pamper body and mind at the exclusive Kentucky Spa, which offers a variety of rejuvenating experiences. Take a tour of the horse country on the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail and explore the nearby attractions. Shotover Jet, the only company permitted to operate in the these canyons, uses custom built boats to provide the ultimate thrill. The company is situated at Arthurs Point, six kilometers from Queenstown. Expert boat drivers maneuver the boat through the canyons.

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Uruguay - Fasano Punta del Este Fasano Punta del Este is a luxury design hotel with its own private beach on the Maldonado River that offers beautiful views of the sunset. It is also known as the meeting point of international high society in South America, alive with nightlife and fine dining. The property sits amidst the 1, acres of Estancia Las Piedras located on the highest point of La Barra with views of calm countryside, all located within minutes of the most beautiful beaches of Uruguay.

There are 22 bungalows and 10 deluxe bungalow suites with 5-star amenities and spacious private terraces overlooking the Uruguayan countryside. Restaurant Fasano offers cuisines inspired by the flavors of the various regions of Italy. At the more informal and trattoria-style Las Piedras Restaurant, rustic Italian food is served for lunch and dinner. The Poolside Bar and Restaurant is open daily, serving lunch, dinner, sandwiches, snacks and sunset cocktails.

Locally produced olive oil, wine and honey are used during Shiatsu massages and other body treatments at the spa. There is a beautiful rooftop Vichy hydrotherapy area, heated indoor pools, saunas, steam room, yoga classes, Pilates sessions and a fully-equipped state-of-the-art fitness center. The property has an exclusive 9-hole golf course designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer. The course is set in a farm field where golf lessons are also offered for 40 minutes a day.

Guests enjoy endless choices of activities, from cooking classes to guided trips at antique shops, wine tours and museums. Lovers of the outdoors can go boating, biking and horseback riding at the equestrian center. On the 3rd floor of the hotel is the Cowshed Spa which has treatment rooms, a steam room, a gym and a relaxation area.

Open to members and hotel guests, the Cowshed spa offers treatments with names like: pampered cow, stressed cow, and pummelled cow. This is a place where hotel guests can go to have the stress taken out of their tired bodies. You won't find any of the usual treatment names.

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There are 24 oversized bedrooms ranging in size from to square feet. The larger rooms have free standing bath tubs for two, and all bathrooms have walk-in showers. The restaurant has views over downtown Manhattan and the Hudson River, perfect for a romantic celebration. The hotel is at the intersection of 9th Avenue and West 13th Street in downtown Manhattan. Top sights, 4 day road trip map, weather, 24 hour restaurants, 48 hours in, cheapest good restaurants for families with dogs, beaches near me, directions, events, spa resorts, elevation, summer, nice pools, healthy, romantic restaurants, forest, buffet, city, tree, dinner, rentals, tent, flight, upscale, under water, pools: Best Beach vacations , North Conway , MD waterfalls , East Coast Resorts , Mountain Time , Norfolk , Niagara Falls , PA Drive-in , Laughlin , Milford, CT Beaches , Lake Vacations , Shreveport The hotel has a heated rooftop swimming pool pool, dedicated hour butler service and a health spa.

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