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Sunset Boat Trips in Lanzarote. Cruises on Katfish Lanzarote. Katfish is the number one boat trip, excursion boat and private charter boat in Lanzarote. Offering boat trips in Lanzarote for all the family. We are delighted to be the ONLY full day, all inclusive boat trip that goes to Lobos Island! This is a 2 in 1 deal with a fantastic trip. On the Lanzarote full-day boat trips and Lanzarote catamaran cruises and family day, food and drink is part and parcel of the day. The only time it isn't is on the Lanzarote ferry services. How to book your place on these Lanzarote boat trips Whatever you choose from the Lanzarote boat trips options you can be assured of a great day out. Boat tours in Lanzarote and near islands It�s practically obligatory to do a boat excursion in Lanzarote. You can�t forget that you have visited or are going to visit an /5().

Papagayo Lanzarote boat trips If you're going on luxury Lanzarote boat excursions lanzarote full cruises, then you're most likely going to the famous Papagayo beaches. The Island of La Graciosa and its magnificent sand-beaches. Alex Sailing, enjoyed every minute and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a boat cruise in playa Blanca. Furthermore, we offer different excursion for enjoying the attractions along the coasts of Lanzarote aboard a boat. To book official Aqualava tickets just boat excursions lanzarote full out the Aqualava Lanzarote waterpark page and skip the line and lamzarote time and money with us.


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