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Index Newest Popular Best. Sign Up: Free! Log Boat questions quiz map. Every year, millions of people engage in recreational boating on U. This quiz covers auestions of the basics that every boat owner should be aware of. Difficulty: Average. Played times. As of Mar 31 Mp of the items listed below is usually NOT required?

Whistle, bell or horn. Distress signals flags. Compass and map. Fire extinguisher. Unlike cars, boats and planes move around a vertical axis that controls the entire vessel. This movement or axis is referred to as:. Boat questions quiz map boaters usually bat a signal flag to let other quesfions know if they are in distress. This flag is approximately 3 boat questions quiz map by 3 ft and has the following attributes:.

Red flag with a diagonal white stripe. Solid red or Boating Map Distance Calculator orange flag. Orange flag with a black square and a black circle on it. White flag with a red triangle on it. If someone was to say that they are going 'aft', where are they going?. Amp to the qeustions side of the boat. Going toward the front of the boat.

Going to the left side of the boat. Going toward the rear of the boat. Where is the 'bilge' on a boat? The seat to the left of the helm. The lowest compartment at the boat's. The back of the boat where the outboard is attached. The very front storage compatment. When traveling in the main body of a reasonably small lake, which direction should you be going? Counter clockwise. If someone were to say they are on the 'starboard' side of the boat, where are they?

On the left side when boat questions quiz map forward. At the front of the boat. On the right side when facing forward. At the rear of the boat. When running a boat through the water, it will create waves on the surface. The faster you go, the bigger waves you will create.

What is this water disturbance known as? For the past decade, the US questikns averaged between and recreational boating deaths a year, the vast majority from drowning. Many people prepare a checklist before they go boating as there are many important items boxt should be thought. Which simple item that should be on that boat questions quiz map is often overlooked, directly contributing to the sinking of many small recreational boats?

Make sure the bilge drain plug is in. Make sure you have enough fuel. Check the weather for wind and rain. Check the battery.

A vessel under tow in fog should give one long sound blast followed by three short blasts. This movement or axis is referred to as:. These easy improvements include adding extra rod holders or cupholders, installing USB charging ports, and more! Maybe it's time to just surrender to your bad judgment Spain: Provinces. As soon as your boat has been lifted out and pressure washed, you need to check all the surfaces of the hull below the waterline, remove any remaining barnacles and check for blisters. China: Provinces.


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