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Cape Coral Bridge, FL maps and free NOAA nautical charts of the area with water depths and other information for fishing and boating. Cape Coral boating runs to the Gulf of Mexico vary from to 16 miles, depending on the starting location within the canal system. The following map will help to illustrate those distances. Though it may appear to be a rather simple image, this is one of the most valuable maps of Cape Coral you will Boating Maps Qld Journal ever come across- and you can�t find it. Jun 15, �� Automatic calculation of the boating time from within the Cape Coral canal system. This tool solely Boating Maps Nsw Antibody serves as an approximate calculation of the boating time through the canal system of Cape Coral from an address with gulf access to a chosen destination. A possible waiting time at the Chiquita boat lock is not part of the calculation.

Either by ferry or � your own boat. March August Inthe midchannel controlling depth was 8 feet. Read. Deep Lagoon, across the river from Cape Coral, provides good anchorage and moorings for drafts up to 7 feet.

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