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Basa culminating in the satisfaction of landing a trophy lunker. Here are the key points to consider when selecting the best boat for your requirements and how Lowe Boats dominates the aluminum bass boat category: Length. While larger bass boats 18 to 19 feet with larger outboards are terrific for big lakes, midsize and smaller bass boats typically 16 to 17 feet with smaller outboards can be ideal in other locations.

To address your specific requirements, your Lowe Boats dealer carries a wide-range of aluminum boat and engine sizes to fit bullst requirements � and budget.

Casting platform size and shape. If you and your bass fishing partner both operate off the front of the fishing boat, or you simply want ample personal space, a large, open front casting deck delivers the necessary working room. Look for an aluminum boat that has buildd wider, more rectangular gunnel to gunnel bow deck. Some older style bass boats are overly pointy up front and lack the desirable elbowroom and resulting fishability. This is where Build a bullet bass boat key Boats Stingers truly shine, with some of the biggest decks in all of aluminum bpat boats.

By design, lightweight aluminum bass boats offer the advantage of being speedy with smaller, more affordable outboards when compared to heavier glass boats. The latter arrangement can be desirable when bass fishing with kids and significant others � or crappie fishing.

If the boat you want only buid with basss seat base up front, you or your dealer can always add additional seat bases. Speaking of bullef, if you fish with two companions, your buddies will require a third seat between the bullrt and passenger seats.

And, to keep your passenger out of the wind when running, consider a boat with twin consoles and windshields. Serious tournament bass fishermen build a bullet bass boat key two livewells to keep the catch separate, which makes culling easier.

Builx also want livewells with timers to keep the water aerated and bass lively, without running the aerator continuously and unnecessarily draining the battery.

More casual, recreational bass anglers are likely to have their needs satisfied with a single livewell. Tackle storage. For added convenience, many boats offer built-in tackle trays for superb tackle organization.

Another deck space saving extra that makes life aboard easier is a built-in cooler. Rod storage. Trolling motors. Today, most aluminum bass boats come pre-rigged with a volt trolling motor build a bullet bass boat key a single deep-cycle battery to maneuver all day with little effort. Wireless foot pedals and handheld remote controllers add significant operating convenience and comfort.

Along with a trolling motor, the typical aluminum bass boat bulet come pre-rigged with a fish-finding sonar unit. If you travel to various lakes you may also want to consider a GPS based chartplotter with boaf map software that will let you conveniently explore unfamiliar lakes and easily find everything from weedbeds to the best restaurants in the area.

No need to carry a bunch of paper charts. You want your investment boxt last for years to come, which is why savvy anglers prefer low-maintenance aluminum bass boats that have no wood, which can eventually rot. Learn more about Lowe Boats superior construction.

It will get you to the spot comfortably and reliably, keep your gear organized build a bullet bass boat key secure, keep your catch lively, and last for years with little to no maintenance required.

Build a bullet bass boat key the right boat. The Lowe Boats comparison tool is designed specifically to assist you in finding the appropriate boat for your requirements.

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Total Fishing Performance. The more you know about the construction of a Bullet Boat, the greater insight you will have into the unique advantages that result from building a very strong although lighter weight boat.

A few of these are: awesome fuel economy on the water or towing, fantastic performance and handling and durability for many, many years. The method used in the construction of Bullet Boats is termed "hand lay-up," more specifically, hand lay-up utilizing "sandwich core" construction.

By applying material by hand, large continuous layers of glass fabrics can be utilized for a distinct advantage in construction. Precise calculations can then determine which glass material at what exact weight should be placed in specific areas of the boat. The same principle holds true for resin applications. Precise application of resins -- just enough to saturate the strands -- eliminates weakness and brittleness in composites due to excessive resin.

Too much resin adds unnecessary weight to the boat and at the same time reduces its strength. In addition to the preliminary glass laminates, a core material is added. Different thicknesses of material are used, according to what testing and engineering have indicated is necessary for that area's particular stress and load. The core is then covered with additional layers of glass fabrics.

This type of composite provides enormous structural strength and rigidity, yet keeps overall weight very reasonable. Yamaha Boats. Sun Tracker. Bullet Models. Fuel Type. Hull Type. Engine Type. For Sale By. Private Sellers. Viewing 1 - 6 of 6. Length: Longest first. Recently Updated: Oldest first. Distance: Nearest first. Distance: Farthest first. Length: Shortest first. Offered By: Private Seller.

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