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Which of these is a modern material? Which modern material is often used in vehicles? Metal foams. Byjus maths test quality smartphone screens that repel greasy fingerprints is achieved using which of the following? What is the definition of a smart material? A material that has been engineered to have additional gest. A material Byjus Class 12 Maths Ncert Solutions Test whose physical properties change in response byjus maths test quality external stimuli.

A material that is available in large sheets. What material is used qualityy make dental braces? Thermochromic pigment changes colour when exposed to what? GRP is a combination of which materials? Glass fibre and resin. Wood fibre and resin. Carbon fibre and resin. Which of these is a large sheet-based composite? Matjs is a material that has which of these properties?

Strong and resistant to impact. Soft and resistant to spills and stains. Conductive and resistant to fire. Which of these descriptions best describes conductive fabrics? Fabrics resistant to fire. Fabrics that allow electrical current to pass. Fabrics that are warmer and softer. Check byjus maths test quality .

Teaching for entrance exams made them realise that students were not learning their fundamentals at the school level, and this prompted them to expand into subject coaching for classes Chandramouli, CEO of Indian research company TRA Research, pointed out that Byju's is evolving from providing a platform for students to one for all people who want to learn. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Successfully reported this slideshow. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter.


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