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Video � Sailing and Boatbuilding � Time For a Catamaran Adventure
In this video we will tell you what materials a catamaran is built from and what is the cost of construction and basic myboat285 boatplans of the most common. If you are thinking about building a boat, we seriously need to have a chat, I put this video together to highlight the work done so far and I am not even. DIY - fishing catamaran from wood (PET-based). Building & Construction. PET bottle based catamaran from wood with electric engine Short video about the building: myboat285 boatplans?v=GaI47gZ66QE. 0.

August 14, By John P. We happen to own four identical kayaks, we bought the Equinox When we go out on the water there is usually a group of us. Some are faster than others, and some just enjoy a leisurely time on the lake. We wanted to be able to turn a couple of kayaks into a floating relaxation station and give it a motor so that a couple of people could simply sit back and relax while still being able to tag along. Given the design considerations I took a few measurements and drew up a quick sketch of the components and how I imagined they would fit together.

I also needed a rubber mallet, wrenches, a drill, a set of drill bits, and a table saw. You could do without the table saw by having the store cut the wood for you. The first thing I did was set the two kayaks Wooden Boat Building Youtube To Mp3 beside one another and lay the crossbeam PVC pipes on top of it.

This allowed me to take measurements and make sure my design was roughly accurate. It turns out that the exact finished dimensions worked perfectly for my kayaks and particular brand of trolling motor Minn Kota 30 pound unit. See the design sketch above if you have Equinox I then cut all the PVC pipes and dry fit the pieces.

Its a very soft material so its easy to cut � but keep your cut very straight as you go. Then it was time to attach the pieces. First, you must start with the rectangular center frame, and you have to be VERY careful when assembling this piece to make sure you get it extremely straight! I carefully cleaned and cemented each fitting and lightly attached a T union to one end of the support frame.

In fact, if you follow my design its extremely important that all PVC is assembled as tightly as possible for proper fit and structural integrity. If done right you can look inside the T fitting and see there are no gaps and some of the cement is pretty much sealing all the way around the tube where they meet. First glue up both end pieces, then attach the two long PVC supports to one end, and follow up by attaching the other end piece � which will require you to glue up two pipes at the same time.

Work quickly as the PVC cement drys fast! Time to glue on the cross beam pieces. These are the most critical joints so make sure they are very clean and you have plenty of cement.

Also, notice again that in my design the front and rear are different lengths. Here is a photo showing just one side glued up. First up, the wooden platform needs to be connected on top. This serves two purposes. First, it provides a lot of torsional rigidity. And secondly, it gives you a spot where you can put stuff! I used 4 long eye bolts pointing upwards to connect the wood to my PVC frame by drilling down through the wood and directly through the center of each of the 4 T-connectors in the corners.

These are going to be used for connecting the ratcheting strap to hold the kayaks in place. The other end of the strap mounting is a U bolt mounted directly on the platform. Make sure and leave enough room that the ratchet can be entirely on top when its mounted securely. This does a couple of things, but most importantly it allows you to ratchet it up a little while on the water if it loosens up, which it will do a bit when it gets wet.

Now if you intend to mount a motor on it you need to add a wood block that will fit it. These were attached with several stainless steel screws and an L bracket found near the fencing stuff in the lumber department for some added rigidity. I wanted to make sure there was NO flex with the motor so all of the power translated to forward momentum instead of any wiggle in the mount. At this point you should be done and ready to simply slip a ratcheting strap under each mounting point, front and rear, on both Kayaks and secure them tightly.

By the way, you need to really watch the video I did about the single Kayak motor mount in order to see how to wire it up and which battery to use, etc. Not only was this rig able to easily push and steer the CatamaYak, but we were able to even TOW both of the other Kayaks without any issue!

A couple of last little things. Oh, and be prepared for a LOT of attention on the water! John P. You can find him on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn. Feel free to send shoutouts, insults, and praise. Or Money.

Money is good. This is awesome! I am with Robert on the straps.. I thought the ratchet strap hooked back to the platform eye bolt. Please clarify. By the way John, why did you take yours apart? I used the u-bolts on the platform so that the base of the ratchets could lay flat against the wood once everything was tightened up. You may be able to use the same I look somewhere and put both ends of the ratchet on it. It could be fairly disastrous to have anything separate with your stuff on that Central platform.

It would pretty much just think�. If we had a lake house I would have definitely left it hooked up. It was great! This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Great instructions. Could yo show a top view picture to make it easy to see?

Great modification! I have 2 identical Perception Sport Pescador kayaks and this has definitely inspired me to build a similar setup. I also own a Hobie Adventure island and love the extra space gained from the trapoline sides between the kayak and the amas just like your wooden platform has done. You could also add additional cargo space to the void formed between the wooden platform and the front of the two kayaks from a lightweight water repellent material. Great work, thanks for sharing!

I wanted to say thank you for posting this project. My son is handicapped and i had wanted to take him our on my kayaks and could not imagine how to make it safe for him to enjoy. This is perfect. The stability is amazing even in Lake Washington with the chop and larger motorized vessels. Your measurements were spot on for our boats. High Five! Would love to share a pic. This has opened up a whole new world to a boy and his dog.

Thank you! I was going to say if John built it a Catastrophe but it looks pretty good. Cali has large feet or John has small ones. Home About John P. Contact Terms. The CatamaYak Concept When we go out on the water there is usually a group of us. The CatamaYak needed to have a few important characteristics: be light and easy to assemble at the lake be extremely waterproof and not get slippery be durable enough to take a pounding from the waves be rigid enough to deal with the forces encountered Given the design considerations I took a few measurements and drew up a quick sketch of the components and how I imagined they would fit together.

If you are going to design your own there are a few important things to keep in mind. The bow nose of the kayak is generally narrower than the stern rear. You could substitute wood 2x4s for PVC in my design, but its not going to last as long and its going to flex and expand as it takes on water. Its also going to be a LOT heavier. If you intend to add a motor like I did you must make sure that the distance between the two kayaks in the center is sufficient for the motor to turn degrees without the blades hitting the side of the watercraft.

Building the Kayak Catamaran The first thing I did was set the two kayaks beside one another and lay the crossbeam PVC pipes on top of it. Comments This is awesome! Follow Along for E-Mail Updates. Don't miss any of John P's craziness! Just shove your email address in the slot below and we'll take care of the rest!

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The square of PVC trim I purchased was 18' prolonged as well as a bunks upon my trailer have been about 7' eachafterwards may be. My guilding is which press house it simply as well porous, that leads to a little discourse in catamaran building forum youtube a dual would-be lovers which brings the total latest gleam to perplexing as well tough.

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