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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths in Hindi
Other questions on the subject: Math. Math, , yachna If cosec a =2 find the value of 1/tan a +sin a/1+cos a. Answers: 2. continue. Math, , akshat Apainting is made of 3 concentric squares. the side length of the smallest squqre is 5 cm. the side length of each other square is 5 times the side length each square just inside it. what is the area of the painting? Answers: 2. continue. Math, , sahini� Do you know the correct answer? 8th class ka math ki book ka chapter 5 data handling uske question answer Questions in other subjects: Math, Find the equation of the line through of lines 3x+4y=7and x-y+2=0and whose slope is 5 Answers. Prepare online for Mathematics 8th Class, 8th class Mathematics online mcq test with answers pdf,Mathematics chapter wise test.� Click the button for 8th Class Math English Medium % free full practice test. Complete 8th Mathematics Test. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.� Guyz ya t 9th,10th level ka Questions aty ha. Like. Reply. Load More. ?. Text. Image. Class 8 Maths Important Questions. Learn Rational Numbers, Linear Equations, Practical Geometry, Cube Roots, Square Roots, Mensuration of NCERT, RS Aggarwal at Byju'myboat015 boatplans� We have given these questions to help you in preparing for your Class 8 examination based on CBSE syllabus. Daily Maths practice will help you to build conceptual knowledge about the subject and also helps you to have a better understanding of the concepts. Important questions for class 8 Maths based on the NCERT syllabus are as follows: Important Questions for Class 8 Maths Chapter-wise. Important Questions Chapter 1 � Rational Numbers. Important Questions Chapter 2 � Linear Equations in One Variable.

Maths is a very vast subject. The concepts from lower classes are linked to the topics in higher classes. Maths is one such subject, where there are high chances for you to score a centum. To be able to do so, you should know your basics well. Along with it, you need to have repeated practise with sums apart fro the ones given in the NCERT solutions. This is where the extra questions for class 8 maths pdf come into play. These free downloadable pdfs of class 8 maths extra questions cover all the additional questions from the entire syllabus chapter-wise, along with solutions.

Question 1 - this set of questions are called Very short answer type of Questions. The questions here are of one mark each.

The problems in this section will look simple but tend to be very tricky at times. The answers expected here will take only one or two steps to get the solution provided you have a proper conceptual understanding of the question asked.

The various types of very short answer type questions that would be asked are. Fill in the blanks - Here you are expected to complete the sentences to make them meaningful. These sentences tend to be usually part of various theories of mathematical statements which you need to complete. State whether the following are True or False - In this section, statements or expressions are given and you have to solve them or analyze them and state whether they are true or false.

Choose the correct option - This section tend to come very rarely in Maths paper, but it is always safe to be aware of them. But only one of the four options is the correct answer.

You are supposed to figure out the correct answer. These kinds of questions are a sure-shot way of obtaining marks. However, they are possible only with regular practice. Question and Answer - maths is not a theoretical subject. Therefore you cannot expect questions with huge answers.

However, you can always expect one-line answer questions related to definitions or examples. Question 2 - Question two of the extra questions for class 8 maths are Class 5 Maths Chapter 1 Question Answer Time also known as Short answer questions. In this segment, each and every question carries Two marks each. Questions here are generally asking two or three steps to get the answer.

These questions are usually asked from chapters that are more related to basics. Question 3 - Maths questions for class 8 with answers also have short answer type questions. Here, each and every question carries three marks.

The question in this section tends to get more definitive. It is advisable for you to write without missing each and every step. The same is being followed in the given solutions. All the questions here carry five marks each. Therefore the answers are expected to be more elaborated. The answers here are supposed to be given in a very detailed step by step procedure. The same as been followed while preparing the solutions for important questions for class 8 maths.

Apart from solving class 8 maths important questions, here are a few essential tips to perform well in Maths:. Make memory cards for formulas.

This will make you accurate with the formulas allowing you to easily apply the same. Get all the doubts cleared as and when possible as they tend to become a barrier for following concepts.

Solving the extra questions for class 8 maths is very important in order to score high marks in the exam. A lot of small yet important questions and concepts tend to get slipped away in NCERT book exercises or revision notes. Problems based on these concepts are given here chapter-wise in class 8 maths extra questions along with detailed Ncert Class 5 Math Question Answer solutions.

Download them here today as free PDF downloads and incorporate them in your study process.


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