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57 Wooden boat plans ideas | boat plans, wooden boat plans, wooden boats Boat Plans Catalog � Boats You Can Build! �Building boats from Glen-L plans is simple and straight forward I honestly have never run into a problem, unless it was of my own making. Follow Glen-L�s plans and you can�t go wrong.�Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs. Aug 06, �� Classic Wooden Boat Plans. Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hunter25, Nov 5, Joined: Mar Posts: Why do Classic Wooden Sailboats have a low freeboard design? Alson An, Jul 16, , in forum: Boat Design. Replies: 41 Views: 5, MikeJohns Aug 6, Vintage Boat Review - The Boats of Continue reading. Discuss this plan! Flat Bottom Jon Boat Plans - Classic Fishing Boat! Continue reading. Discuss this plan! $12 Boat? Maybe in ! Simple Wooden Boat Plans. Continue reading. Discuss this plan! Wooden V Hull Boat Plans Outboard Motor. Continue reading. Discuss this plan! How to.

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All rights reserved. Mailing Address: East Park Ave. Aluminum Designs for CNC. Ken Hankinson Designs. Human Power. Power Cruisers. Special Purpose. Fiberglass Construction. Boat Trailers. Replies: 10 Views: Replies: 29 Views: 2, Angelwhitewings Mar 9, Searching for plans; low drafting, inboard power, "classic" looks Telenorth , Aug 17, , in forum: Boat Design.

Replies: 1 Views: 1, DCockey Aug 17, Recommend classic book on mooring design floating , Sep 7, , in forum: Boat Design. Replies: 4 Views: 1, Updating a classic cabin cruiser to a modern-ish day boat boattown , Aug 12, , in forum: Boat Classic Wooden Boat Plans Review 74 Design. Replies: 3 Views: 1, Replies: 22 Views: 5, Forum posts represent the experience, opinion, and view of individual users.

Boats suitable for rivers and sheltered estuaries probably won't be suitable for the open sea, and good deep water boats may not be suitable for exploring shallow creeks and backwaters. Find out about the sort of support a designer offers, if there are online forums where you can talk to builders of the design you are interested in, and ask others for their opinion about a design, and about the reputation of the designer.

With the above advice in mind, the sites listed below, in no particular order, will be a good starting point when looking for plans online:. Classic Wooden Boat Plans. Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans. Selway Fisher Design. Duck Flat Wooden Boats. David Payne Yacht Designs. Headland Boats. Common Sense Boats. Iain Oughtred Designs.

Glen-L marine designs. Svenson's free boat plans. Bateau check out their free plans as well.

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