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Epoxy Resin buy now | SVB Anti-fouling paint contains a modified epoxy resin that adds needed durability to boats that are regularly hauled or remain in the water for long periods of time. Because the durability of anti-fouling paint is stout, these paints are ideal for speedboats, powerboats and racing boats, as well as your everyday cruisers or . Klass Kote Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Clear Coats, and Epoxy Primer Paint and can all be brushed, rolled, sprayed, or dipped-applied. All Klass Kote Epoxy products work ideally with High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) and conventional air-atomizing spray equipment as well as small air-brushes, automotive touch-up spray guns, and large industrial spray equipment. Mar 02, �� Paint for aluminum boats are especially meant to provide the best possible care, maintenance, long �lasting protection and durability for various types of vessels. By simply applying marine-grade paint to your aluminum vessel, you can avoid spending lavishly on different boat repair or replacement costs in the future.

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I'm not a Sound Deadening Paint For Boats Youtube good painter but liked your products very much as they are very easy and simple to use and despite all my efforts, I could not get this epoxy paint to run anywhere on the plane which btw I have always managed in the past with other products. That is how inexperienced I'm with painting. I used your product in temperatures way below your recommendations with excellent results. I just wanted this project finished so I can move on over to the next one hence the rush.

Anyway, great product and service. Below is some pictures of my plane which is twin turbine powered. I'm just finishing some final detail and then looking forward to lots of flying. Best Regards, Adil N. New Jersey. I just finished using your epoxy paint on a Dornier Skyservant. I had tried model latex paint but encountered problems with latex adhering to the base primer.

I had used your clear coat product over automotive enamel before with excellent results so I decided to strip the latex and use your epoxy paint with a satin catalyst. It went on in without any problems in our Florida humidity and sanded very nicely. I had no problems with the base primer paint. It's there to stay, unlike the latex paint. Thanks for a great product,. I thought you would be interested, later I had painted with Super Poxy back in the day on my pattern ships and loved it.

Then it disappeared. Working in a hobby shop I get commissions of various models and have my choice of finishes. My choice of applying is a HVLP gravity feed spray gun. With a primed wet sanded surface all I need is 1 coat. Two coats if I color sand and glaze after not necessary.

The shine is like glass and lasts. Sign up for our Newsletter! Tell a Friend about Klass Kote via Email. Click to shop at the paint store now for your RC project paints! Please visit our Site Map to navigate our complete website.

Epoxy Reducers. Custom Color - Side A. Epoxy Military Colors Side A. Stock Color Epoxy Kits. Painting Accessories Shopping Links. Urethane Base Coats and Airbrush Paint. Pinstriping Urethane Paints. Urethane Air Brush Kits. Privacy Policy. Terms of Use. Return Policy. Personal Safety Information. What are Klass Kote Epoxy Paints? Klass Kote Epoxy Paints consist of side-A pigmented epoxy colors and side-B catalyst hardener components. When applied to properly prepared surfaces, Klass Kote Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Clear Coats, and Epoxy Primer Paint will retain their outstanding protective and decorative integrity for years.

All Klass Kote Epoxy products work ideally with High Volume Low Pressure HVLP and conventional air-atomizing spray equipment as well as small Pettit Bottom Paint For Boats 201 air-brushes, automotive touch-up spray guns, and large industrial spray equipment.

See our product data sheets for further details. Customer Testimonials The following testimonials about our Klass Kote Epoxy Paint System when used as model paints - give a very clear indication that epoxy paints are very Anti Foul Paint For Boats 03 well received within the demanding model crafting industry - for all of their model painting needs. Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know that I'm very impresssed with your epoxy paints.

Hi, Attached is a photo of a restored control line model originally built in , top-coated with your Klass Kote Epoxy clear coat. I restored this ancient Debolt SportWing as a project for my web site www. Although my restorations use authentic dope finishes, I always top-coated with HobbyPoxy to preserve the finish.

With the passing of that product I thought I would never find a suitable substitute, but your epoxy clear coats proved to be a perfect replacement.

For coating applications, this crystal clear formula flows out and self-levels to penetrate and seal the wood, which helps prevent rot and hairline cracks in the grain aka checking. It cures to a high-strength, moisture-resistant, exceptionally clear solid ready to finish with varnish or clear topcoats. A quality, UV-filtering varnish is good at protecting wood from sun damage, but by itself fails at keeping out moisture.

It also has trouble adhering to wood that expands and contracts Dulux Paint For Boats Online with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Eventually, the varnish will crack, look bad, and allow moisture and UV light to penetrate and do damage. Apply Crystal Clear Epoxy to brightwork before varnishing or clear coating.

For a shortcut that gives you the same look and UV protection, use Crystal Clear Epoxy instead of varnish for the buildup coats. You can get the buildup coats done in a single day, with 1 to 2 hours between coats.

Get the job done in less than a week. And because the epoxy enhances the protection of any UV-blocking varnish and provides a stable base for it, the finish will last longer before you have to do any maintenance on it. Less labor, less varnish, and less maintenance in the long run. More time to enjoy your beautiful boat. After measuring, just give the mix a good stir for about two minutes to combine thoroughly before adding fillers or applying. Always wear protective clothing and equipment to protect your eyes, skin, and lungs when working with TotalBoat Traditional Epoxy Resin and Hardeners.

Personal protective clothing should include appropriate gloves, safety glasses or goggles, a proper respirator, and a proper apron or similar protective clothing.

Crystal Clear was originally developed back when TotalBoat offered only a epoxy system. Our Crystal Clear Hardener is designed for use with our Traditional resin to provide a somewhat UV-resistant, non-blushing, clearer alternative to systems, especially for laminating and coating applications such as wooden boat and kayak builds. Use on bare wood to reduce the number of varnish coats required to achieve professional finishes.

The Crystal Clear Hardener is used in a that is, 3 parts resin to 1 part hardener ratio with our Traditional ratio. While Crystal Clear contains UV inhibiting additives, any project exposed to UV rays should be coated with varnish or polyurethane to prevent yellowing, checking, and chalking. This goes for both outdoor projects, and for interior use with indirect sunlight. While it cures more clearly than , for the clearest possible finish, we recommend TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy.

No, remove the varnish first. This epoxy should be applied under varnish to seal and stabilize bare wood and eliminate varnish finish checking or rot. When used on bare wood, it reduces the number of varnish coats required. We do not recommend thinning Crystal Clear Epoxy. For sealing wood, we recommend TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy. Crystal Clear or any other TotalBoat epoxy system may be applied over wood sealed with penetrating epoxy. Crystal Clear epoxy is compatible with alcohol inks, mica powder pigments, and opaque liquid pigments.

You can sand it smooth and wet sand it with fine paper and then buff.

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