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Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament | Ingenia Holidays One Mile Beach
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This year the tournament leapt into the twenty-first century and posted live reports with photos as fish were being weighed with many released and regular scoreboard updates onto the Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament site on Facebook.

This worked exceptionally well as people were able to see what was on the board Used Fishing Boats For Sale Fort Wayne Indiana Rock to help them decide whether to weigh a fish or release it straight away. The pointscore system Fishing Boats For Sale England 2019 means that only the top three fish in each category count for points so once a 0.

This system means we weigh in very few fish during the tournament given the high number of anglers competing. As always, we welcomed many family groups, and in quite a few instances we hosted three generations of a family.

Tony White on Pelican won this species category with a beautiful With the tournament irst run in , the rules have been deliberately kept very simple for all to understand. And although it is a very simple tournament to compete in and enjoy, it is extremely hard to win. Therefore, the species and overall winners are amongst the best of the best in any company.

The effort that the winners put in over the tournament should not be underestimated. For them, it is the prestigious title, not the prizes. For many however, the many lucky draws offer a chance to share in the sponsors largesse. All lucky draws. Whilst we may have awarded 90 species and champion prizes, there were probably more than this in lucky draws. In her last year as a Junior, Amy Falko leapt in at the last minute to place in several species prizes to win the Junior Champion Angler prize with a commanding 36 points ahead of tournament newcomer Lilly Hancock fishing on Tackleworld Port Stephens with 19 Points.

There were a lot of new Juniors this year so next year looks like being very competitive. It was nice to see all the large flathead being weighed and then released in a healthy state. However, was not to be Pauls year. Runner-up and past winner Ben Doolan scored with a first placed kingfish Accolades to Marine Rescue and to all the volunteers from Shoal Bay Fishing Club for their assistance over the weekend.

Without the assistance of these 2 groups, whose members selflessly give up their time, the tournament could not be run. We look forward to welcoming old and new friends alike bay to Port Stephens in on April 3, 4, 5.

Please click HERE for all the Pontoon Boat Fishing Mods Ltd results. Comments Comments.

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