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Feb 28, �� Small bluewater sailboat. When I say small bluewater sailboats, I mean boats under feet long. This is the definition given by Lin and Larry Pardey in their book �Self-Sufficient Sailor.�. The Pardeys are icons of small sailboat myboat013 boatplansted Reading Time: 7 mins. Mar 24, �� The J/95's retractable centerboard and dual rudders make it possible to sail in just 3 feet of water. During our dockside visit, designer Rod Johnstone told us that he wanted to build a comfortable coastal cruiser that could keep people sailing by providing "high performance in shallow water," and the J/95 did exactly what Rod said it would. Apr 04, �� Hull design and construction for coastal cruising may certainly favor higher performance models, and few companies knew the recipe better than C&C Yachts. In many ways, C&Cs exemplify the racer/cruiser genre. The few Landfall models, including the British Sailboat Manufacturers Vol 38 here, tipped the scales more toward cruising, while retaining excellent sailhandling and speed.
Coastal cruiser Cal sailboat being restored and refitted to become a blue water sailboat. We start to show you how you Hunter Sailboats For Sale Vancouver 10 can do this too. A short overview of the building of Southern Cross, a Matt Layden influenced shoal draft coastal cruising sailboat. I built this boat in my house over the. Type: cruiser. Hull: fiberglass monohull.� Sailboat Added Sep More Details. Coastal Recreation Balboa Length: ' Beam: 7' Draft: '. Year: Type: cruiser. Hull: fiberglass monohull.� Sailboat Added Feb More Details. coastal one design sail boat J Length: 24' Beam: ' Draft: 4'.


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