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Life Tyme Boats, Inc. has been a family-owned boat building business since All of our boats are custom made to client specifications or government contract. These are strong, heavy aluminum boats with durability and safety in mind. Even boat building is subject to new technology, so we keep a constant eye on upgrades and new methods. Our durable boats out preformed the many other types of boats deployed and became the favorites of the front-line coordinators and the work force. Every customer gets our expert advice and suggestions to aid you on the design of your custom aluminum boat as we go over every detail from the bow to the stern to ensure a satisfied delivery. Custom Aluminum Boats in Louisiana. At Extreme Metal Fabrication in Pierre Part, LA we build our custom aluminum boats with pride. Unlike large retail stores, EMF is a locally owned Louisiana metal fabrication company and we are here with you from order to delivery of your boat. With EMF, you deal one on one with the team that is building your.

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