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All Aluminum welded rugged construction, roomy interior, extra storage and a long list of customized features to choose from, makes this the perfect Jon boat. The Renegade is a Custom Welded Jon Boats 50 cross rib boat built to take whatever you can dish out and keep on going. Renegade is built for folks that want a Jon boat style built Ambush tough.

Renegade comes at a time when folks are wanting a well built, versatile, boat with tons of options. Buy the basic boat and add whatever you like. The Renegade will be available in. What sets the Renegade above and apart from other Jon boats on the market today? The ultimate all-welded aluminum Jon boat that provides excellent handling and reliability.

Includes lots of additional Custom Jon Boats For Sale 3002 options that are designed for the serious hunter or fisherman in mind. Renegade Stealth Series Jon Boat is built tough but. The Renegade SS has an overall lighter weight with still plenty of options to choose. Switch plate features are recessed and plug in custom welded jon boats llc cell or additional custom welded jon boats llc into the socket.

All Legendcraft boats come with a base coat of paint. You can add additional designs such as camo. We can also provide camo on the motor if purchased at the time of build. NOTE: Renegade boats with floor custom welded jon boats llc wall option available in any color. Boats without floor and wall are restricted to solid paint color. Forgot your password? Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive mail with link to set new password.

Renegade Models. Renegade Standard Options. Renegade SS Models. Renegade Stealth Series Standard Options. Built with the same quality and ruggedness you find in the Ambush and all Ledgendcraft Boats Best all around Jon Boat at an affordable price. Custom built the way you Custom Jon Boats For Sale 500 want to match your style of hunting, fishing or play. Note: We are updating the images showing Ambush currently custom welded jon boats llc these are the options Available custom welded jon boats llc all Renegade Boats.

Choice of Mid or High Deck Perfect when you need to change your layout. Boarding Steps A pair of these built in steps make access easier. Seat Base Seat base, only surface mount available. Rod Sleeves Installed Rod Sleeves.

Recessed Switch Panel Switch plate features are recessed and plug in your cell or additional lighting into the socket. Livewell with Aeration Our built in livewell will keep your bait and fish alive with constant aeration. Fuel Line Option Run the fuel line from the front storage to the.

Color Options. Octa Timber. Timber HD. NAT Gear. Black NAT. Flat Black. OD Green. Major Brown. Super Liner. Motor Camo. Legendcraft Gallery. View all Legendcraft Boats and compare the models and sizes. Gallery - Click Here. Create Your Boat. Sign in. Remember me. Log in. Reset password. Go to Top.

Rod Sleeves Installed Rod Sleeves. Our pricing philosophy is very simple. Custom Jon Boats. We are over seven years old and in that brief time we've risen to the top of the Jon boat and aluminum fishing boat business! Choice of Mid or High Deck Perfect when you need to change your layout. Why settle for a boat like everyone else has?


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