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The Portland Dinghy outboard mount 2.0 safety dinghy is a great rowboat and motorboat, a sailboat, and a dynamic lifeboat. You can customize your order as you choose, adding or substituting options from the list that follows. For suggestions as to which components may best suit your needs, please see Guide to Portland Pudgy Components. Click here for a printable price list with photos. Click here for a printable price list with NO photos.

USCG approved 4 persons. Available in warm white, sunset yellow, and black. Note that colors on website will vary from actual boat color, depending on your computer dinghy outboard mount 2.0. Click any photo to enlarge.

Makes the Pudgy a fun sailing dinghy or a lifeboat you can sail to safety. Both rigs can be adapted to leg-o-mutton configuration.

Both rigs can store inside boat through transom access hatch. See Sailing Dinghy. Protects mother boat from dinghy riding into stern while towing in following seas, and from bumping while moored. Looks good. Recommended if towing. Functions dinghy outboard mount 2.0 a boarding ladder, grab line, fender, and foot support to right boat.

Makes it even easier to board from the water. Recommended with lifeboat. See Lifeboat Components. Dinghy outboard mount 2.0 mother boat from dinghy when pulled up alongside, and protects dinghy while tied up at a dock.

Transforms boat into four-person, hard bottom, unsinkable, dynamic lifeboat when used with sailing rig or oars. Self-rights empty boat. Stores inside Pudgy or is pre-set on gunwales if used in preset position requires boat cover.

Dihghy If you plan to use the Pudgy as a potential lifeboat, in addition to the exposure canopy, you should also get a sea anchor and a boat cover. Stabilizes boat in severe weather. Essential part of lifeboat. It is much bigger and more rugged than a sea anchor supplied with a conventional four man life raft.

All standard boat covers are silver gray Odyssey6. See below for prices and details. Runs safety lights and other V plug-in equipment. All-around white navigational light is required by USCG mlunt traveling at night. All LED lights in the.

Corrosion resistant sealed electronics with stainless steel housing. Plugs dinghy outboard mount 2.0 electrical panel outlet or other outlets.

Allows charging battery while on the water, in about 6 hours. Also charges devices such as cell moynt. Stores in boat or on canopy. UV-resistant, weatherproof, lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Designed by Weaver Industriesspecifically for use with the Portland Pudgy. A removable, rugged stainless steel, davit system to secure dinghy to boats with swim platforms. Allows the Pudgy to hinge up out of the water. Stabilizes boat for boarding and disembarking. Receiver plates for easy removal of the davit heads from the swim platform.

Includes all dinghy outboard mount 2.0 hardware plus pin and lanyard. See Dinghy Towing and Carrying. Used with double arm type davit system to support weight of dinghy from the underside. Secures dinghy horizontally or vertically to avoid dinghy filling with water in a following sea.

All stainless steel hardware. Note that it is necessary to use this or other dinghy outboard mount 2.0 to support the weight of the Pudgy when on arm davits. Used to to lift the Pudgy e. Adjustable, for balancing Pudgy. Attaches to four lifting eyes installed in cockpit separate item. Note that this is only for lifting the Pudgy, it is not meant for carrying the full weight of the Pudgy on arm davits.

The weight of the Dinyhy must be supported by a davit harness slung underneath the boat when it is on arm davits. See Davit Harness. Clean, powerful electric outboard motor 2 models offered. Excellent for the Pudgy. Dinhgy, integrated battery. On-board computer with GPS-based calculation dinghy outboard mount 2.0 remaining range. Manual tilting device with grounding protection.

It is very stable for such dinghy outboard mount 2.0 small craft. We put the Torqeedo motor on it yesterday and tooled ringhy in a 5 knot current and 20knot winds. Considering the conditions, we were able to cruise at 5mph with two adults wide open, 4mph at half throttle. Amazingly, cruising through white caps, we remained dry.

Choose the video about Travel motors. Skip to content Portland Pudgy Prices. Click Here for Ordering Dinghy outboard mount 2.0. Portland Pudgy prices and details are listed. Drain with tethered plug, Outbozrd boat self-bailing with tethered drain plug boat weight plus 25 lbs. All accessory equipment, sailing rig, oars, exposure canopy, sea anchor. Sail Kit. Reefs down if sailing in strong winds. Standard store under rear seat, recommended for survival.

Storage bag for sail, mast, gaff, and boom Installation of sailing rig hardware when purchased with boat. Straps for adapting to leg-o-mutton configuration. Indicated dinghy outboard mount 2.0 red line in photo at right.

Really fun sail rig! Comes into the wind well even in light winds. Stores inside boat through transom access hatch. Includes: Foam flotation cylinder with Sunbrella cover, which serves as a fender Web boarding ladder, which is rolled around foam cylinder and when pulled serves as ladder Line through cylinder, which secures to boat and serves as a grab line. Canopy secured to boat with 12 stainless steel pad-eyes permanently mounted on boat gunwale Dinghy outboard mount 2.0 windows one forward, two on sides Four SOLAS-approved reflective strips Hole with cover flap for mast when sailing with canopy set Rain catcher and spout with shut off valve Adjustable bow and stern straps dinguy allow access to sea-anchor or tiller USN-approved bellows hand pump.

Pumps out storage chamber or cockpit. Recommended for lifeboat. Includes: Four stainless steel eyes, one near each corner of the cockpit, near floor. Backer plate for each lifting eye on interior side wall Three bolts for each lifting dunghy.

Protects boat from the elements. Four reinforced access slot outbord for access to tie-down through-holes in boat.

Reinforced corners. Same as basic boat cover. Includes: Electrical panel with gasket and fuse Accessory socket powers 12 V. Use a volt battery recharger or a volt solar panel see. Stores inside access hatch.

Navigation light base and gasket. Includes: Rollable solar charger, Power Film R Adapter Operating voltage Operating current Amps. Includes: Two removable heavy duty eye pins and backer plates for Pudgy Two snap davit heads for swim platform. Two stand off arms are not included; price dinghy outboard mount 2.0 with length.


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Often, the most desired features and abilities of one system are overshadowed by the drawbacks of cost and actual real- world results. These problems are only increased when working within smaller, more traditional designs when much of their beauty is their simplicity. The complications of small gasoline outboards kept us from recommending them for our customers, especially with the Stuart Knockabout.

The motor's size, weight, and bulk made installing these troublesome and dealing with a hot and greasy motor when ready to sail was a major roadblock. A number of years ago Torqeedo introduced the Travel Series of self-contained electric outboard motors. The advancements in lithium-ion batteries reached the point where their useful range and charging times made them a sensible option at a reasonable cost.

At just over thirty pounds, the entire motor and battery can be easily attached to our side mounted bracket for temporary power.

If a lighter package, nearly zero maintenance, and eliminating the risk of fuel or oil spills is not enough to convince you to chose electric, Torqeedo also engineered additional features into this series like a water-proof design, floating batteries, and integrated GPS technology. We highly recommend the Travel C, coupled with our side mount engine bracket, for intermittent use or emergency propulsion.

Sometimes you need a little extra help getting from the dock, off a mooring, or to the starting line. We have taken the already easy to use package of Torqeedo's Travel series motor and refined the system even further. We now offer a lighter, easier to deploy Travel C variant developed here at Ballentine's Boat Shop.

This kit reduces the unnecessary hardware in a standard Torqeedo motor and mounts the unit directly to our custom, side mount engine bracket. With a single locking screw, the motor can be set into place and made ready for use. Further reducing steps from storage to getting underway, we mount the battery inboard and utilize a remote throttle control, instead of the standard tiller. This allows cables and gear to be stowed out of the way and only the motor itself required to take on and off the deck plate when switching from power to sail or vice-versa.

The streamlined option makes auxiliary power in a Stuart Knockabout nearly effortless and increases the efficiency and usability for the operator. You will find all important information about the Cruise in our digital brochure.

Download the PDF quickly and easily or read it conveniently online while protecting the environment. For dinghies and sailboats up to 3 tons, we recommend the Cruise 2. The Cruise 4. If the Cruise is operated with lead batteries the charge status indicator and with it the remaining range indicator is based on estimates derived from battery information entered during initial motor setup. As a lithium battery, the Power provides far greater performance with lower weight than conventional lead batteries.

In other words, it does not weigh down your boat unnecessarily � and you benefit in terms of range and power. Additionally, the integrated battery electronics of the Power are designed to communicate with the on-board computer,. The on-board computer, which is integrated in the remote throttle with the Cruise R and in the tiller with the Cruise T, analyses information from the motor and combines it with GPS data.

When the Cruise is operated with the Power , the information on the battery and on range with remaining capacity is also exact because both products communicate with each other. That is very convenient. A Twin Cruise outboard system consists of two Cruise models 2. Cruise 2. Length of Shaft. Expected to be available from Apr 9, Add to cart Find dealer. Add to wishlist.

Product description Improved robustness and improved corrosion protection 2, W input power, in terms of propulsion is comparable with a 5-hp petrol outboard Maximum efficiency outboard Integrated on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation 25 mm 2 cable set 3m including fuse and main switch Emergency magnetic stop key Battery cable bridge for lead batteries Fuse and main switch.

Products for Cruise 2. Power Sacrificial anode Al for Cruise 2. Cable Set Extension Cruise. Anode Zn. Throttle extension cable 16 ft. Skeg Cruise from Magnetic kill switch. Throttle extension cable 5 ft. Twin Cruise control set. All Cruise models are suitable for inflatables and other small boats.

We recommend the Cruise 2. Remote steering connector option, comes with remote throttle. Rugged aluminium pylon with reinforced fin � extra robust even when running aground.

Shaft sealant rings mounted in protected area on the inside of the pylon. Highest-grade seawater-proof aluminium AlMgSi1 , hard-anodized for long service life, even in the harshest conditions.

Lubricant-free polymer plain bearings protect against damage from fishing lines or debris and provide improved mechanical support for propeller shaft � wear-resistant and maintenance-free.

Comprehensive galvanic corrosion protection through careful matching of all materials and meticulous isolation of materials with different electrochemical properties.

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