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Sep 18, �� i have a Javelin , which as you may know, has a small front deck, and some empty space between the console and the rod locker it also has a small cooler, big enough for about 18 cans or so, so its not enough for day long trips where i usually bring some food and water and, it has no glove box or any place where you can keep valuables such as cell phones, boat papers, etc. Mar 20, �� A layer of 6 oz. glass top and bottom adds # per square foot, maybe a bit more for your first few laminations. A 22"x" front deck is ~ square feet. A ply/epoxy deck would weigh ~#. I guess-stimate you could get a deck of these dimensions down to . Feb 16, �� I've got an old pro craft with the same set up and want to extend the front deck also. when you get started please post pics. I have a ideas for the deck but the I need help on the lids and keeping them flush. Please show some step by step, I'm alot better a breaking things than building them. Make points:

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Re: adding a casting rxtension to a fiberglass hull I want to thank everyone for their help. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If I had diy boat deck extension us wooden floor in the nose I would also have connected the frame to the floor as well, but my wood floor stops in the cockpit and the entire nose is fiberglass and carpet. Posted September 16, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Followers 2.

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