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Feb 02, �� Hi all, I'm wanting to convert the front bench seat on my 14ft jon boat to dry storage. Would appreciate some ideas on the best way to do this. Thanks! JBB. Installing new seats in the Jon Boat. This will make it a little better when just setting on the water. Like just being out there isn't enough! Jun 12, - Explore Joe's board "jon boat ideas diy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about jon boat, boat, john boats pins.
#9: Installing seats in a Jon boat on DIY mount platform. This is a great video with very clear audio and shows how you can build a platform and mount into your boat, whilst making sure it�s sturdy enough to not rip out and come displaced. Definitely worth a watch. The last word You will need tools, you will need time, and you will need to spend a little money. Plus, you want to make sure that your project doesn�t lead to any stability issues in your Jon boat. But, all the products I recommend on this page, and on my seat clamps guide are the very best, designed to work, and designed to last. All products from jon boat seat mount ideas category are shipped worldwide with no additional Diy Jon Boat Bench Seat 98 fees. Frequently Asked Question. ?? How to buy jon boat seat mount ideas? � Choose a product. � Tap a "Buy" option to place the product in the cart and proceed with your order. � Choose a quantity of jon boat seat mount ideas.� � Enter your full delivery address (including a ZIP code and an apartment number), personal details, phone number, and an email myboat128 boatplans the details provided and confirm them. � Pay for your order. ?? How much does the shipping cost for jon boat seat mount ideas? Delivering products from abroad is always free, however, your parcel may be subject to VAT, customs duties or other taxes, depending on laws of the country you live in. This Jon boat seat clamp with swivel mount can be adjusted from 8" to /2" so you can make it fit newer, larger bench seats or a smaller seat. It comes in black and can be easily transported everywhere you go. Keep yourself secure while on the water with this Springfield Jon Boat Seat Clamp. Springfield Jon Boat Seat Clamp: Fits your Jon Boat or canoe. Quick and easy to mount and remove.� Boat seat swivel clamp fits newer, larger bench seats. Included is a 7" x 7" non-locking seat swivel that rotates degrees with a four-hole pattern. Fits bench seats for a secure mount. Durable and will last for a long time. Ideal for larger bench seats or a smaller seat. Color: Black. Can be easily transported everywhere you go.� Springfield. Manufacturer Part Number. Manufacturer.

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