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May 16, �� Hi, I need your help and idea on a dolly system. The boat will be transport by a minivan to a boat ramp. It is too heavy with all the equipment in it. I was of some kind of dolly system to roll it down the ramp and into the water. Here are the two options I came up so far. 1. wheel system attache. Mar 10, Diy Jon Boat Blind Youtube �� Challenging your humble Jon boat to match a bass boat performance. Below are the top conversions you need to make to your Jon to turn it into a bass boat. You can�t just stick a bass boat motor on a Jon boat. If you are looking for a bit more oomph on the water, addressing your Jon boat�s outboard motor is a great place to start.

When doing any modification project, Diy Jon Boat Sun Shade Video you need to be aware of weight limits and stability. That way, you will be able to take your elite bass fishing machine on Diy Jon Boat Foam 6.0 a fishing trip with your friends. In this YouTube video the guy has put together a slide show of diy jon boat to bass boat location the mods he has made to his footer. Modern bass boats tend to feature at least one swivel chair. The possibilities and customization options are endless, but there are some important things to think about before you start.

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