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Browse our Underwater LED Boat Lights selection that offers quality and reasonably priced products from popular brands. We have everything for all of your boating needs and water-related activities. Oracle Lighting� 9W LED Drain Plug. 0 # 9W LED Drain Plug by Oracle Lighting�. What can be more fun and rewarding than boating on. Other Hardware Door Holders Drawer Slides Seal Keys Drain Plugs Grab Bars and Handles Mounts Vents As the OEM supplier of doors to over boat builders, we stock a very large assortment of hard to find marine hardware. Tidal Wake Underwater LED Boat Drain Plug Light Limited 3 Year Warranty. Tidal Wake 3-year Limited LED Warranty. Tidal Wake will repair or replace any Tidal Wake LED that is defective due to normal wear and tear. Tidal Wake covers normal, non-commercial use for 3 years from the purchase date. WARNING: Operating the LED out of water (dry), will.

To learn more about cookies, please see our Privacy policy. Add lumens with a Drain Plug light or add a new color! However, you can change the drain plug lights for boats 2004 and modes that you have with one toggle of a switch, which is pretty convenient. Blue lights are the ones that have the shortest wavelengths. Any suggestions short of removing the drive?

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