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All prices are in USD. Browse our database of sailboat models, or follow the links below to learn more about our build specifications.

Click here to learn more about our cloth variety. Wider seams are used and an extra row of stitching is added to off shore sails. Where a sail might normally have a 30mm wide seam with 2 rows of stitching we would now use a european sailboat manufacturers year seam with 3 rows of stitching.

Quality batten receptacles from Challenge and Bainbridge will always hold your battens firmly in place. Brass and stainless steel piston hanks ensure hank-on sails always easily raise and lower. The strong construction ensure they stand up in harsh ocean environments. It takes upwards of 50 tons of pressure to press large diameter rings. Your main sail will come with 10mm, 12mm 20mm, 25mm 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm or 60mm press rings.

In mast furling mainsail are usually on large boats and so a quality clew block is required. Clew blocks are webbed on and varients are available. We design corners patches that better distribute the load, whether it's with standard block patches or stronger reinforced radial patches.

Radial corner patches typically have near double the number of sail cloth layers at the corner. Our unique radial corner design is stronger and more durable than the competition. This is always a recommended upgrade. The corner patches extra cloth layers create a longer lasting sail and prevents premature material failure.

It's important that your new sail does not european sailboat manufacturers year precut corner patches. Our designers ensure custom corners and reinforcements on every sail. This spreads the loads at critical points ensuring maximum sail durability.

Highly visible draft strips come standard in many colors including blue, green, red, black, white and grey. We can do multi stripes or singles stripes. Draft strips are typically in two or three locations and help you to determine the curvature of the sail.

All of our sails come standard with an appropriately sized drawstring sail bag to help you transport european sailboat manufacturers year store your new sail. An insignia is the sail boat manufactures logo or a custom graphic usually placed towards the top of your mainsail. These are laser cut from insignia cloth which is a special heavy duty uv resistant sticker material that comes in blue, black, red, green and yellow.

Insignias can also be printed onto your sail to minimize weight. A heavy duty metal clew slug is attached to the clew corner if your rig does not have an out haul car. This slug holds your sail down to your boom in the vertical direction just like a clew car. The slug is webbed on with multiple layers european sailboat manufacturers year webbing strap and slides easily in the boom.

Aluminum head boards of different sizes and styles come from Challenge, Bainbridge and Antal. Webbing is added for extra reinforcement and stronger metal sliders are used to secure the sail at the head. Reinforcement patches, chafe protection and heavy duty press rings secure the mainsail slider attachment points. Sliders are hand stitched to european sailboat manufacturers year sail with several loops of webbing and special heavy duty waxed thread.

The european sailboat manufacturers year is positioned just above the clew on the leech of the main sail. This option is much like a cunningham in that it european sailboat manufacturers year you to control the shape of the sail. In this case it is mainly used to flatten the shape of your main sail. Standard leech lines with a cleat is included in all Mainsails.

Overhead leech lines are available for boats where it's difficult to reach the clew of the sail. If your clew is difficult to reach we can design a leech line that runs up the leech, around a block at the head and down the luff. A furling head sail will have a webbing loop at the tack and head.

This is best because the webbing loop allows the sail to easily roll around itself while having its corners remain fixed. Webbing comes in 25mm, 30mm and 38mm sizes. Velcro tab leech and foot line ends are used because they hold their european sailboat manufacturers year best when the sail is flogging.

A velcro pocket covers the lines and ensures everything is protected from the sun. Tell tale windows are a round window placed at the tell tales of a head sail so you can see the tell tales on the opposite side of the european sailboat manufacturers year easily. This is an additional option you can add to your sail.

Cloth warp and fill fibre orientation is taken into account for proper load assessment. Areas of high load and the effects of the bias elongation with a Cunningham, halyard and out haul tensions are also considered. Custom modeling for each clients sail, taking into considerations, mast bend, rake, boom position, head widths and custom leech roaches is a critical part of every design.

Because we design all european sailboat manufacturers year our sails in house, you always have an opportunity to speak with one of our sail designers about your sail. Just european sailboat manufacturers year and we'll even give you a personal design overview.

Professional service and professional advice european sailboat manufacturers year you get prompt, courteous and expert customer service. We understand that purchasing new sails can be confusing and we are here to make it pain free, informative and enjoyable.

Please wait View Cart. Gift Certificates. Request a Quote! Mon-Fri: am to pm PST info precisionsailloft. Toggle navigation Home. Upwind Sails. Downwind Sails. New Mainsails. New Headsails. New Spinnakers. Welcome to Precision Sail Loft! Whether you're after a basic cruising Dacron or a performance racing membrane, our sails are trusted by cruisers and racers alike from around the globe.

Starting with exceptional sail design, our process delivers sails with world class performance, shape-holding and durability.

In other words, when comparing apples to apples, our sails are guaranteed to match the quality of the most expensive sails from the best local lofts you can. That's because our sails are built using the same brand name cloths, thread, hardware, design software and expert craftsmanship. At the same time, due to popular demand we offer economical options for sailors on a tight budget.

Simply Click Here to find your sails in our database and choose a configuration that meets your requirements. We have a huge selection of custom sailboat sails for sale and a team of dedicated staff working to make you the best sails possible.

Also, be sure to Click Here to read about our sail construction specifications. We have detailed virtually every aspect of our cloth, hardware, craftsmanship and design. We design our sails professionally in-house at our loft and encourage you to work one-on-one with our sail designers to ensure we fulfill our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

So if you're looking to buy new sails with expert craftsmanship, design, sailcloth and hardware - you came to the right place! Click Here to find your boat model and select from our huge selection of sails for sale. If you have any other questions while browsing our site, call us at !

Why Choose Precision Sails? Click here to read about what makes Precision Sails great! The extra tape layer give the sail much more strength on the outer edges of the sail. Usually one tape is larger than the. For example on a larger sail we may use a mm tape and a 75mm tape together for the double tapes.

Reinforcements As pictured below, we add many types of reinforcement to an offshore sail. Precision Sails offshore spec sails are designed to withstand the strongest of winds. Many lofts won't compare in the level of detail and european sailboat manufacturers year added. Always be sure to ask what makes your offshore sail different than a regular sail.

We don't always add all of these specification below but the larger the sail, the more likely all european sailboat manufacturers year the below specifications will be added. The offshore package placed on your sail will be optimal for your boat size.

On large boat sails you are likely to see all of the specifications. Leech and Luff Reinforcement Belts strengthen the sail along the leech and luff where the sail experiences a lot of forces. Leech Seam Wedgies prevent the seams along the leech from splitting. Double Ply Layers on all Patches increase the number of layers of sail cloth on each of the patches. This adds a tremendous amount of extra strength.

This includes corner, reef and eyelet patches. Reef Reinforcement Belts further increase the strength of your reef points and foot of the sail when reefed. Hardware Upgrades With an off shore sail we often upgrade the hardware as. On a Mainsail this usually means larger battens and batten pockets, metal sliders, larger diameter press rings and more reinforcement webbing on european sailboat manufacturers year corner.

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