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If you'd farr 6000 sailing boat viet to register a boat, renew your registration or farr 6000 sailing boat viet the name or owner of a registered boat, please go to our Boat Registration form. Our team of leisure experts can design your ultimate holiday getaway.

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Open main menu Close main menu. Open search Close search. You can search for any registered boat by name, sail number or designer. Displaying 1 - 50 of boats. Trailer Yacht. J Davies. Jim Young. Val Chubb. Bruce Farr. Tom Rolland. Snowbird Catamaran. Bakewell-White Gary Mull. Davidson Laurie Davidson. Murray Ross. Besiford Builders Australia.

Gazelle T Adams. A Moonshadow. Monarch Alan Wright. A Southern Man - Agd. Greg Elliot. A Taste Of Honey. Noel Honey. Townson D T Townson. Des Townson. L F Herreshoff. Beneteau Oceanis Coronet John Brooke. Greg Elliott. Able Tasman. About Now. About Time. About Time II. Abracadabra II. Bavaria Absolut Leisure. Leisure Alex Simonis. C Robertson. Absque Labor Nil. R Hartley. P Bold. Smith Boat Sailing Drone Limited Easterley Acapulco Farr 6000 sailing boat viet.

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The requirements laid down for this design by Sea Nymph were a trailer-sailer of medium size suitable for high volume production. 6 meters was the length chosen, being shorter, lighter and therefore less expensive than the current crop of large sailers around 7 to 8 meters, but careful design of hull-deck shape and interior has resulted in a very spacious boat. High volume production demands. �Always Buying, Consigning and Selling Queensland�s Best Used Boats Since � Folder Farr Documents. pdf Farr Brochure Popular. Published on 05 February downloads. Download (pdf, MB) farr_ - Brochure myboat160 boatplans Farr Brochure.

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