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Last week Boatworks Today marine repair wizard, Andy Miller, started a great conversation about which resin system is preferred for fiberglass boat repairs: epoxy resin or polyester resin. His preferred choice is a laminating polyester resin that gives him the option to coat fiberglass panels for boat building no side of the fiberglass panel with gelcoat.

Andy takes us further into the issue as he lays up a fiberglass panel using our TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin. Why did you choose to alternate chopped strand mat andespecially for a smooth surface like this? The reason one uses is usually because it HAS a layer of chopped strand in it to fill between the roving layers. Why does one need to add an additional layer of mat? That fiberglass panels for boat building no, I can see adding a layer of chopped strand mat on top of the last layer to prevent the roving print through you were mentioning.

Anyway, just wondering´┐Ż. I brought my Festool Rotex in I purchased the sander to help wit refinishing oak flooring in a circa home. About square feet in all. Like you said no uncomfortable vibration and fiberglass panels for boat building no going numb. Made finishing the epoxy lay-ups so easy!

Thumbs up on the lay up. The plastic product you used is called carpet mask. The plastic roll you are used is Carpet Tack or Carpet Mask, it is used to keep paint and dirty footprints off carpet. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Search for:. Related Products Polyester Laminating Resin. Two-part polyester laminating resin keeps fiberglass in place on surfaces. Makes the final gelcoat layer cure to a hard sandable finish, with no wax paper. I also enjoyed your video on how to lay-up a fiberglass panel! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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Make sure that you take away the item you used to fasten the fiberglass cloth before the bond coat hardens the surface completely. The third resin coating is called the fill coat. After sanding, apply a third coat of resin. The final resin coating must be evenly applied and smooth, and it needs to be thick enough that you can sand without creating damage to the fiberglass cloth.

Remember that the final coating is what people can see clearly, and it defines the beauty of your boat. Wait for a considerable amount of time for the final coating of resin to completely dry, and that can take overnight to accomplish.

And when the final coating is hard and strong enough, sand the hull using a lower grit paper in the beginning, and complete the sanding process with a higher grit paper. Do this sanding process meticulously and with utter precision. Choose a protective agent that is high quality.

Avoid purchasing a cheap version, since the protective agent contributes to the durability and elegance of your boat. Do your research, or ask recommendation for renowned boat builders if you are unsure what brand to purchase. Fiberglass is the best material to use for smaller boats, and the fiberglass cloth can be used to add allure, durability, and strength to your boat.

Using fiberglass allows you to curve and form this material easily compared to wood or metal. It certainly gives you the freedom to use your imagination for the betterment of your boat. With a fiberglass boat, you have a lighter boat that can sail through water efficiently. Coosa produces panels in 4x8 ft up to 5x12 ft in most configurations and can pre-cut and kit parts for OEMs preferring an extra level of customized service.

Based near Birmingham, Alabama, we ship composite panels throughout North America and worldwide from our facility or through distributors in Australia, the Caribbean, South Africa and Europe. Marine Industry. Building Industry. Gloves 3. Head Sock 3. Safety Glasses 3. Safety Mask 7. Safety Suits 2. Empty Paint Cans 2. Graduated Mixing Pot 2. Measuring Devices 6. Natural Mixing Pots 2. Paper Cups 2. Plastic Bottles 2.

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Expandable Pour Foam 4lb. Plascore Board for Boat Building. Printable Version. Plascore Board for Boat Fiberglass Sheets For Boat Building List Bui Expandable Polyurethane Pou Continue Close.

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