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A year-old man has been charged with manslaughter, aggravated dangerous driving, level four drink driving and driving with a prescribed drug What's On 0 Nine things to do in Canberra this week 2 - 8 April. The Easter break offers plenty of things to choose from this week, with music and chocolate galore. There are three The end of term one is approaching, which heralds the start of two weeks of school holidays, so Region Media A damning report has slammed ACT Health's decision to remove a homeless, mentally ill patient from hospital care several times Property 2 Insatiable demand for houses drives Canberra prices to record highs.

Canberra's runaway housing market shows no sign of slowing down with home prices rising 2. A man has been charged with drug trafficking after allegedly selling cannabis to a year-old child in a Canberra mall Suddenly, Troy arrives and pursues them. Pi refuses to leave Cordelia, but Troy starts abusing him worse than ever, until Cordelia makes a deal with him: if he leaves Pi alone, she will marry Troy which, in this case, is done when someone "accepts someone else's pearl" , Pi is knocked unconscious by Troy and is carried to Nerissa's shipwreck by a current.

When Nerissa tells Pi the following day, he decides he has had enough of Troy's abuse towards him, and asks Nerissa to teach him the ways of the ocean to combat Troy. Nerissa initially refuses, Pi asks other residents to help him, but the marlins think because of their age, they won't be useful, also revealing they were once friends of Nerissa's.

Thornton states Pi must be crazy before he reminds Thornton of his tale. Nerissa arrives and is impressed with Pi's skills, agreeing to train him the next morning. On Pi's first day of training, Pearl is worried, telling Pi that she could not live with herself if he were killed. Pi reminds Pearl how he couldn't do anything to save them, but he can still save Cordelia.

Nerissa leads Pi down a valley with obstacles, including razor-sharp elkhorn coral , burning fire coral , a long, narrow tunnel known as Bottleneck Alley, and finally the West Indies current, full of deadly Portuguese man o' war. Nerissa reveals the story of his blue pearl to Pi and he gave it to his wife, but she got hooked in the open sea and taken away to a wildlife sanctuary. Nerissa desperately begged for help, but no one was brave enough.

Pi understands, but is unsure how to stop Troy for good; Nerissa tells Pi that Troy has never learned about anything larger than himself, stating the ocean itself is bigger than Troy and if Pi can use the ocean against him, his size wouldn't matter.

Cordelia finds Pi and tries to convince him to reconsider, willing to sacrifice herself for his life. That night Pearl's pearl has been stolen by Troy's henchmen. She is heartbroken, being as Dylan's father gave her the pearl. Pi realizes that he cannot back down now no matter how much everyone else doubts him. When Troy returns to the reef, Pi initiates a chase with Troy through the valley Nerissa instructed him to take.

Troy is hit by all of the obstacles until they get to the open sea. Nerissa tries to help by disabling Bart and Eddie and Dylan shoves them down a lobster hole, retrieving his mother's pearl in the process. Pi is then swatted by Troy's tail into a cliff, burying him in rocks. Nerissa attempts to help him, but is hit by Troy; just as all seems lost Thornton and the marlins arrive to fight Troy and the marlins apologize to Nerissa for not helping him when he needed them.

Percy and Meg return and free Pi. Troy then sets Percy as a target. Pi sees a net and plans to trick Troy into it. Troy believes Pi is doomed since they are now in his domain. Troy chases Pi up to the surface, where he manages to lead Troy into a fishing net and narrowly escapes the shark's jaws as he leaps through the top of the net. Troy, trapped in the net, is lifted from the sea. Pi is proclaimed a hero by the population of the reef who all mock Troy believing that he will be made into seafood.

Nerissa admits he sees Pi as his son and gives him his pearl. Pi is honored and does not know what to say. Nerissa states that Pi knows exactly what to say, but he is just not the one to whom he needs to be saying it.

Pi presents Cordelia with the pearl and she accepts it, they share a kiss as the reef celebrates, including a redeemed Bart and Eddie, which rejoice that they are all free from Troy. Eh, wasn't that something Ask Caius first about Urshilaku. He'll give you an idea of how to get there, by taking silt strider from Balmora to Ald'ruhn, Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan, and then talk to Nuleno Tedas at the Maar Gan outpost for further instructions. But first, to Fort Moonmoth for supplies, just south-east of Balmora.

Find the two traders, and ask them about 'essential supplies' to pick up a ream of good stuff for your trip. Then, to Maar Gan the method listed above. In the outpost, just left of the silt strider, speak with Nuleno. She'll give you directions to follow - head east out of town past the silt strider, then take the trail north to Foyada Bani-Dad. At the shipwreck at the sea-mouth, swim east around the headland, sneak through the ruins of Assurnabitashpi Shrine, and Urhilaku will be just on your east, inland in a low hollow.

Got it? Pass Shishi, the small ruins, and continue north-west, and you'll also pass a set of ruins and a doorway to Sha-Adnius.

Instead of going all the way to the ocean, take the path when it appears on your right, and make your way across the hills towards the camp. Relatively flat area ie. Bypass the shrine ruins daedra sounded sacry anyways and make your way straight to Urshilaku.

Remember the things we've learnt so far. Now, Nibani Maesa is the wise woman in town. Enter her yurt, and ask her about a thoughtful gift. Lol, she likes cold hard cash. So bribe her, and keep asking her about the Nerevarine prophecies. Eventually she'll crack, and ask you why you want to know. Tell her the truth - that you fulfill the prophecies.

This will confuse her - you don't look like the Nerevarine, but you don't look like a madman either. So she tells you to go speak with Zabamund, in his yurt.

Zabamund is Sul-Matuul's champion, and lives near the campfire. Ask him about the Nerevarine prophecies, and he'll ask you who you are. Stay simple, tell the truth, and he'll tell you that you indeed know more than he expected, so go and talk to Sul-Matuul in the yurt next door. Sul-Matuul is intrigued by you. You can't possibly join the Nerevarine cult, as you're an outlander, but if you pass the initiation rite he has in mind, he may adopt you as a Clanfriend in the Ashlanders.

Initiation rite? Ah, the spirits will judge you. And he'll even give you directions, what a nice Ashlander. Go north to the water, turn and go east, and at the rock cairn on the beach, turn and head directly south until you find the door. Let me say that, without a doubt, this has to be the most pain-in-the-ass thing I've had to find so far, and that includes traversing all of Vivec. Me, I'm blind and didn't see any cairn of rocks, so I traversed the entire area even venturing into Sheogorad looking for it.

And wouldn't you know it, it's like five steps away from the camp. From the camp, head directly southwest towards the Dunmer base of Falasmaryon check on your paper map. About halfway there, you'll spot the doorway on the side of the mountain, marked "Urshilaku, Astral Burial". Save and enter. Creepy looking place, this is. Note the weird-ass ash-slave-lookalike statues on top of the pillars. Kill the rat and the skeleton champion, then ruuun and jump across the small lake to get to the next door.

Levitate if you're not sure. In the Karma Burial room, kill some more skeletons. If you don't have a shield, equip one of the cheap ones dropped by the skeletons, even if you don't specialize in heavy armour. Again, it's running and jumping. You'll spot the body of a dead adventurer to the right, jump across and loot the body if you like. You'll have to enter the water here for a short time at least, because the path tapers off to the left south on the map , so jump and swim across, ignoring the rat in the water, to enter Laterus' Burial.

This room is something else. Feel free to peruse it at will, cuz there's nothing around to hurt you. There's a long spirally path leading around the outside of the room, a large pillar in the middle, and platforms on the walls.

The main one of interest you'll spot holding a bright green glass blade, as you proceed up the tower-like structure. If you can get it, it's called the Magebane. Awesome long blade with Resist Magicka enchanted on it. You can explore all of the Burial rooms for goodies, but the longbow is in Juno burial, the top room. At the end of the path, behind the daedric-like tower, you'll find an almost invisible opponent - the wraith of Sul-Senipul.

Hack at it, and it should go down quickly. Use the Resist Magicka of the Magebane if you like, because it'll hit you with some nasty stuff. Grab the Bonebiter Bow from the ghost's corpse when you're done, then return to Urshilaku camp. If you don't, it will disappear. And there is no second chance to get it, other than cheating. You are a friend of the clan, and may sleep in any Urshilaku bed, but don't harm the tribe members or steal their belongings.

And now you may go and talk to the wise woman. Enter her yurt and talk with her. Ask her about the Nerevarine prophecies, and seeing as you're patient, ask her about them each individually. Aspect and uncertain parents. The moon-and-star. Seven curses. The Stranger. The Seven Visions. The Lost Prophecies.

All rather interesting reading. Now ask her if you pass the test. Well, apparently you are NOT the Nerevarine. But you may become the Nerevarine. If you choose to be the Nerevarine, you'll have to seek out the lost prophecies among the Dissident priests of the Temple.

But she's told you all she can. She'll give you the Seven Visions and the Stranger, and bid you farewell. Return to Caius, and tell him the good news.

You really could be the Nerevarine! He'll try to get word to Mehra Milo about the lost prophecies, but in the meantime, he has a quest for you. Sixth House being House Dagoth, ie. Dagoth Ur. Well, they found a base, a shrine, and a priest named Dagoth Gares. You can get more info from Champion Raesa Pullia at Buckmoth, but the gist of your orders is this - find the base, kill Dagoth Gares, and write up a report afterwards.

Me, I'm a big tough girl, right. I've met one Dagoth before and barely lived to tell the tale. I'm scared. Raesa is just inside the interior of Buckmoth Legion Fort. Talk to her about the Sixth House base, and she'll tell you about it. Only one person returned from their patrol, and he was terribly infected with corprus disease. A cavern on the coast, named 'Ilunibi' - you'll have to ask Gnaar Mok locals about that. Dagoth Gares spared the one trooper, and sent him back with the message that the sleeper awakes, that the sixth house has risen.

Charming stuff. So we'll need to head to Gnaar Mok. You can walk from Ald'ruhn, or take the long but quick way by travel - walk back to Ald'ruhn, silt strider to Khuul, boat to Gnaar Mok. In Gnaar Mok, start asking the locals about Ilunibi, and they'll tell you that that's the name of the old sea cave on the north end of the island, near Khartag Point. Khartag Point is the giant boulder on the western coast, just north.

It'll even get marked on your map. So head north, crossing on the bridges. Save your game. Enter the doorway, set into the side of a rock.

Inside you'll find Water, which you can try vainly to jump around, or just run through. A dreamer or two, maybe an ash slave to keep you company. Nothing too scary. At the four-way intersection, take a left towards Tainted Marrow. Some creepy names, here. In Tainted Marrow, take the first right to get to a door named Marowak's Spine. You'll fight a few more baddies along the way, so heal after each if you find them tough.

Inside Marowak's Spine, you'll find a daedroth with posion spells : He's yucky. Stop and cure during the battle while you hack him to bits. Turn left there, to follow the path around.

You'll find two Ash Slaves and a dead adventurer, so take everything he's got. Keep going and turn left to find a door to Blackened Heart. Almost there. You'll see a door to Soul's Rattle, go through. Now me, I found a four-on-one fight in here, straight away, which was completed only by usurping many of the Quality Restore Potions I had saved for Dagoth Gares. Either way, head straight through Soul's Rattle. When you get to the end of the path, whether you're in a battle or not, Dagoth will approach you and initiate conversation.

He calls you Lord Nerevar, interestingly. He's got a few hot topics of conversation, so talk about them all. The Sixth House wakes from its dream to free Morrowind of foreign rulers and divine pretenders. The path is long, and filled with danger, but you will find wisdom and a firm friend should you reach it. Read all the topics, which will add quite a few journal entries. Gee, you're an enemy of the Sixth House? Who woulda thunk it?

After you press Goodbye, the fight will being in earnest. What the hell is Dagoth Gares, anyways, he looks demented I just stood there and hacked with my Magebane and killed him before he took even a quarter of my health.

But when he dies, he'll curse you with his dying breath Hot-foot it back to Caius in Balmora, with the news. He's happy that the base is no longer a threat, and promotes you to Traveller.

Divayth Fyr, an ancient Telvanni wizard, runs a corprusarium for victims of the disease. Caius will give you a Dwemer coherer, a present for Divayth; drakes; and some rising force potions seeing as these wizards don't use stairs. Ask him for directions to Tel Fyr, Divayth's home, and he'll mark it on your map and give you directions.

Follow them, and make your way to Sadrith Mora via Mages Guild. Wolverine Hall is an absolute pain in the ass to navigate around, but just make your way outside and head out of the area. If you end up at the dock, like I did, either start swimming or water-walking to the south-west, towards Tel Fyr.

Water walking is a cheap and easy Alteration spell, and even if you're not a mage, you should build up an array of good spells like Water Walking simply because they make life a lot easier.

Island-hop towards Tel Fyr. Even though you'll spot a boat outside the huge Telvanni tower if you've never seen one before, these are a sight to behold , it isn't operative. On the north side of the tower is a door to Onyx Hall, so enter. Inside, Beyte Fyr will tell you that Divayth is above, in his study, so lets make our way up there. Take the right path from the entry way towards the Hall of Fyr.

Feel free to loot the rooms on the floor, before going back to the entryway intersection and gazing up. Yup, that's where we gotta go. Use a Levitation potion on yourself and aim upwards.

At the top, go through to meet Divayth Fyr. Talk to him, and he'll like your Dwemer coherer, so give it to him. So, why are we here again? Do we have the disease, do we want his loot, or do we want his daughters? I'll take the first two, but ask him about the corprus disease.

He'll go on about the Nerevarine prophecies, so tell him that you may fulfill them. Ah, he's got a potion that will probably kill you but just may cure the corprus.

But first, he wants you to see what you may turn into - so he wants you to visit the Corprusarium, and pick up a pair of boots from Yagrum Bagarn, his oldest patient. So make your way back down to Onyx Hall, and follow the stairs down to the Corprusarium. God, every time I type 'corprus', I have to go back and correct typos. Unlock the Ornate Dwemer Chest in the small room past Divayth's daughter, if you can, for five Dwemer coins and Divayth's th Key, heh.

Then enter the Corprusarium. Talk to the Warden, and ask him about Yagram Bagarn, and he'll tell you where in the Corprusarium he is. Go straight through to the next door, and he should be riding in a four-legged cart. So enter, go straight through, then through and turn left to make your way to the end of the path, avoiding the grotesque corprus victims. Talk to Yagram, the spider-lookalike, and ask him about the boots.

He'll give you the Dwemer boots of flying, so take them and bolt out the way you came, back to Divayth Fyr. You were given two levitate potions for a reason ; Give the boots to Divayth Fyr, and he'll give you the potion on one condition - you drink it here, so he can observe its effects. Sure, why not? We'll probably keel over and die, should be fascinating to watch. Click the links Now we have immunity against blight disease, common disease, and corprus disease Go back to Balmora and tell Caius the good news.

You'll get a promotion to Operative for your work : Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies Faction Reputation Gain: none Unfortunately, now its time for Caius to go. He's been evicted from the Vvardenfell Big Brother house, obviously.

He's been recalled to the Imperial City, so he's leaving you here in charge of the Blades here in Vvardenfell. Ask him about the promotion, and he'll give you some clothing and stuff : But he has some final orders for you - to continue pursuing the Nerevarine prophecies. You are to return to Vivec and talk with Mehra Milo, to get the lost prophecies. If something's gone wrong she was being watched by Ordinators, after all she'll leave you a message under the code word 'amaya', in her private quarters.

Then, you are to take the prophecies to Nibani Maesa, in Urshilaku. Leave and re-enter Caius' house first of all. Once you left, he disabled himself, so you're free to loot his place. I always wanted to do that. Then go back to Vivec, to where you found Mehra Milo in the library, in Temple canton.

But she not there If she's not here, she'll be in her private quarters opposite the Canon offices, in the Hall of Wisdom. Off we go! You'll have to pick a 20 lock to get into "Milo's Quarters", and there's a note for 'Amaya' on the drawers. She had to run some documents over to the Ministry of Truth, and she'll be there a while.

She wants you to meet her there, and bring the two Divine Intervention scrolls you borrowed. She also left you some levitate potions, in case you need them. Divine Intervention scrolls? Now head outside.

See that giant globe hanging over the Temple? That's the Ministry of Truth. Use the potions to levitate up there; right up to the very top, to see Alvela Saram at the edge. You're here to see someone, so he'll give you his key and tell you that the best door is the upper back one. Mehra is in the Prison Keep, inside.

Take the back door inside, now you must avoid all the guards by sneakin around. One patrols the path to your left, so when he's out of sight, turn right and head around.

At the top, another patrols, so turn to find the door to the Prison Keep. Don't fight, RUN. As soon as you enter, you'll be ambushed by guards. The trick here is to use your other levitation potion to run straight over the top of them, straight to the southern-most of the three doors, the one on the right. Pick the lock, and enter before the Ordinators even get a shot off at you. Talk to Mehra about the scrolls, and she'll explain her plan of escape. She'll take one of your scrolls, and meet you at the secret Dissident Priests monastery, at Holamayan.

You'll be travelling separately, so she'll give you directions. Use the other scroll on yourself, and go to Ebonheart. Meet Blatta Hateria on the East Docks, and ask her about going fishing. She'll take you to Holamayan by boat, then speak to Vevrana Aryon about the hidden entrance. There, you'll get the lost prophecies and go from there. Use the second Divine Intervention spell to warp yourself to Ebonheart, outside the Imperial Chapels, then head to the docks. Meet Blatta at the boat on the left, give her the key word, which opens up the Travel option.

Select "Azura's Coast Region". Talk to Vevrana, when you arrive. She'll tell you, you need to take the stone pathway uphill, and wait at the top for either dawn or dusk, as thats when the door opens. You'll find Mehra in the library with Barelo, the dissident priest. Ask him about the lost prophecies, and he'll tell you what he's found in the library, as well as giving you something called Kagrenac's Tools. Supposedly this is what the Temple persecutes the Nerevarine to protect. Ask him about all this other topics of conversation to get some interesting ideas from him, and thus endeth the quest to get the Lost Prophecies.

Where to now? Taking the prophecies to Nibani Maesa, the wise woman of Urshilaku Camp. You know how to get there still, right? Return there, just south of Sheogorad. Ah, she will learn them by heart, while you leave, and she'll do all this mystical mumbo-jumbo until she gets an answer from the gods. Leave her yurt, re-enter, and ask her for her judgement. She has decided that you are the one to lift the seven curses of Dagoth Ur, so she will read 14 Ft Flat Bottom Boat Motor Unit you the signs and show you the way.

You will walk the path of the Seven Visions, and pass the Seven Trials. You have already passed the first, being born to uncertain parents on a certain day. Tell her how you passed the second, being cured of corprus. The third is the next one. Speak to Sul-Matuul, and he will tell you of the third trial. Go to Ashkhan Sul-Matuul's yurt, and ask him about the third trial. He will give you the test of the warrior, something many people have tried and all have failed.

Nearby lies Kogoruhn, the ancient halls of the sixth house. You must visit, and bring him the three tokens from Kogoruhn. First is some corprus weepings, to prove that you are immune to the disease, second is a cup with the mark of Dagoth, and the third is the Shadow Shield, on the tomb of Dagoth Morin.

If you ask him about Kogoruhn, he will mark it on your map. It's to your south-east, about twice as far as Falasmaryon. There's no clear path, so just bush-bash your way there over the hills. Note: I love the Green Morrowind mod, the Ashlands are all green and look like normal hills. Be prepared with either anti-poison protection or a few Restore Health potions. I'll take these in ascending order of size - the Dome of Pollock's Eve contains Dagoth Girer, a House Dagoth cup first token , and not much else.

The Dome of Urso contains Dagoth Reler, and nothing interesting. And now for the big one. The Hall of Phisto. Inside, you'll find at least one corprus stalker - kill it and take the weepings from its body the second token. If you turn right then head up the stairs to the Hall of the Watchful Touch, you can get an ebony spear from the desk of a dagoth.

Otherwise, turn left then right and head down towards the Hall of Maki. Head straight through, and take the door on the left downstairs to get to the Vault of Aerode. Take the door on the right, and kill the dagoth for the Lower Kogoruhn key. Then clear out the other room - a bonelord has made a sixth house symbol of gold for you to take. Head back to Hall of Maki. Take the door opposite you, and follow the path to find the Nabith Waterway doorway.

You should have the Lower Kogoruhn Key to open it with. Take the left path around the canal, and enter the tunnel on the left.

Pass the corpse, then swim through to the next canal area. Both paths lead to one place - the door to Charma's Breath. If you head straight through, past the lava, you'll meet Dagoth Uthol - kill him he uses drain strength, drain magicka, and he has a kickass Belt of Heartfire. Don't take the door to Red Mountain, however, go back and turn left at the intersection. The only other exit from the cave leads to Bleeding Heart.

These names are almost as good as Ilunibi. Souls Rattle kicked ass. Follw either path around the outside of Bleeding Heart to get to the main chamber. The Shadow Shield is the yellow Dwemer-like shield on the rocks straight ahead if coming from the right, or to the right if coming from the left.

Pick it up from it's altar. That's all three tokens. Make your way out and back to Urshilaku Camp. Speak with Sul-Matuul, in his yurt. He'll allow you to keep the three tokens, and now he will give you the secret of the Third Trial of the Nerevarine. Clue: the eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind the mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl the dream is the door and the star is the key And with that, you're sent off to the Cavern of the Incarnate.

You are to fetch the moon and star, and take it to Nibani Maesa. And for good luck, you'll get Malipu-Ataman's Belt. So where the hell is the Cavern? Ask Nibani, she may be able to help. She'll tell you that you can seek the wisdom of the tribes, so you can ask around for advice, and she'll tell you the meaning of a few of the lines of the clue. And 'the dream is the door' must mean that the door is only seen at dawn and dusk, and the star is the key that opens it. Kinda like Holamayan, only opens at certain hours.

Start asking around the camp for more clues. The 'eye of the needle', you'll be told, might refer to the Needle, a tall rock column in the Valley of the Wind. The Valley is on the north-eastern slopes of Red Mountain, and the entrance is marked by Airan's Teeth, two tall rock spires.

Ask about Valley of the Wind, and you'll be told that the mouths of the valleys are to the east of camp. Pass Bthuand, a Dwemer ruin, and Zergonipal, a Daedric ruin, then turn south to get there. Keep asking for the rest of the clues.

At the top of the tall spire of the Needle mentioned is a patch of light-ish rock, and it has a good safe campground underneath. Maybe this is the pearl referred to? So put it all together, following the clue. The entrance to the valley lies between the two of Airan's Teeth.

The entrance to the cave lies under the patch of rock underneath the Needle. And the entrance only opens at dusk and dawn, when Azura's Star is visible in the sky. Head east out of the camp. If you've got all the journal entreis, Zergonipal will be marked on your map - yes, it is a long way east. Head towards there. Follow the coast, as closely as you can. If you've got a paper map, look on it and you'll see a vertical valley just near the Grazelands, that's where you're going.

Follow the coast, and keep checking your in game map. When you see two large rocks, maybe 20m or so apart they're fairly large, but I missed them the first time running past turn and head directly south in between them. You'll pass Dareleth Ancestral Tomb, and the path will eventually curve around to the south-west before turning northerley again.

When it turns north, you'll see some large stones at the entrance. Large Stone door leading to Cavern of the Incarnate. If you try to open it outside the time, you'll be told quite sternly. The door is locked, and will not open. The star is the key. The Moon and Star is the ring in the hands of the statue. Take it, and a scene will occur. You are the Nerevarine, Azura declares, and the first three trials are complete.

But two more await you - four tribes must name you Nerevarine, and three houses must name you Hortator. Nibani Maesa will be your guide. Also in the room are a lot of ghosts - the spirits of past false Nerevarines.

They tried, but were simply not The One. Matrix, anyone? They will tell you their stories, if you wish. Hort Ledd died four hundred years ago, in the last days before the Empire came to Morrowind. He was a thinker, not a doer, and was not a hero. He'll give you the book Sithis, and his robe. Conoon Cholada was an ashkhan. He quested deep into Red Mountain while the Cyrodiil dogs fled like kagouti, but did not heed the counsel of the wise women.

He craved glory, but did not see his real enemies. His axe and boots are yours. Idrenie Nerothan lived in the late years of the Tribunate, and repelled the Akaviri invaders. But she died a fool, looting the ruined Kogoruhn. As a tribute to thievery, she'll give you a Master's Lockpick and Probe. Erur-Dan saw Morrowind fall to the Empire, lived through the surrender, and swore hatred to the Tribunal and the Imperials. He grew old and died fighting the blight and Red Mountain monsters.

And he'll give you his spear and cuirass. Ane Teria was a holy crusader in the Temple in the golden era of the Tribunate. She contributed to the writings that were later suppressed. She followed unquestioningly, and it led to her downfall. But she'll give you one of her books, and her mace. Peakstar is more interesting. She'll tell you more things, rather than just her story. Now that you have the Moon-and-Star, none can deny that you are the Nerevarine.

The Temple is now your enemy, Ordinators will mark you for death, and the Tribunal Faithful will hate and fear you. The doubters will test you and doubt you. The councillors of the houses are the only ones that can name you Hortator.

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