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These lights are designed to be used underwater from the front of a boat. They are completely % waterproof. The LED is encapsulated in clear silicone, protecting the LED and making Flounder Gigging Lights For Boats Update the electrical connections % waterproof. Two sizes of heat sink available depending on use. Larger heat sink is used when lights are to be used above the water. Jun 24, �� Flounder gigging with Ultimate Gig Lights 80 watt LED flounder gig light system for boats. Our gig light units are a complete solution to adding lights on yo. watt (24 inch) | watt (52 inch) Marine Driving Light; Gradually adjust a 1, Yard beam from 0% to % intensity and safely light up the water ahead and adjust intensity as needed for penetrating fog. Engineered for optimal fog myboat183 boatplansr it's a clear day or foggy day, our warm white LEDs will cut through the fog better than other light bars.

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