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17 Best Books For 13 and Year-Olds Children

At 13 years old, young teenagers rarely want their parents to pick out their books for. But beware! But what books should you look for on your secret mission? This book boooks for 13 year olds includes a variety of genres: fantasy, realism, historical fiction and. If your teen loves to get recommendations from you, by all means, hand this list to them and send them off to the library. If more good books series for 13 year olds suggestions are required, work your magic by leaving these diverse books scattered around as I suggested above!

Note: book covers and titles are affiliate links. The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani. I could not put this book down! Nisha and her twin brother are half-Muslim, half-Hindu siblings living with their father in India just before the time of Partition. When good books series for 13 year olds word comes that their town is to become part of the new Pakistan state, Nisha, her brother, her Hindu father and grandmother must make the harrowing and dangerous journey to the Indian border.

Highly recommended! Slider by Pete Hautman. In between prepping his stomach for the contest and taking care of his plds brother, Mal, David must serues figure out where he stands when his two best friends find themselves in a relationship.

The Outsiders by S. A friend of mine said her 13 year old called it his favorite book! Ponyboy lives with and relies on his two fro, Sodapop and Darry in a world divided by social class.

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge by M. Anderson and Eugene Yelchin. I loved this delightfully weird novel which is told in both textual chapters and illustrated chapters.

Spurge is an elf historian who is sent on secret spy mission to the land of the goblins where he stays with the scholar, Werfel, who is determined to show him great hospitality. What Brangwain Spurge does not know is that he is being used by the Elfland spymaster who intends to assassinate the goblin leader.

As events unfold, Spurge and Werfel must collaborate to ensure their own survival bkoks readers must contemplate the themes of political ideology, misunderstanding, government propaganda and blind allegiance. But not to worry, slapstick comedy and quirky humor are also high on the agenda.

The Crystal Ribbon by Celeste Lim. This is an example of a book which has recommended reading age that is too low for the subject matter. I listened to the audiobook and fell in love with the main character. Te publisher recommends it for ages 8 and up, but after listening to it, I suggest ages 10 and up and it is perfect for ageseven though the protagonist is good books series for 13 year olds. In medieval China, Li Jing has a hard life.

Her poor family sells her off to a gokd who intends to marry her to their toddler-son and she goes off to live with her new in-laws who turn out to be cruel and treat her as a slave. Good books series for 13 year olds she refuses to submit to them, they sell her off to a house for courtesans but she escapes and goes on a journey to find refuge.

Li Jing is a fiercely strong girl character who good books series for 13 year olds gains confidence in herself and takes control of her own destiny. Refugee by Alan Gratz. This moving book tells three stories. The alternating narration draws parallels between all three journeys with an ending that brings the three stories.

I found this book to be gripping and it is a good books series for 13 year olds book to give your 13 year old to read. Mayday by Karen Harrington is a great book for 13 year olds. Both survive, but Wayne sustains an injury that leaves him unable to speak boosk several months. During that time his former drill-sergeant grandfather moves into with. But Wayne meets a new friend who helps him through it all and he comes to understand his own rather sorry excuse for a father a bit better.

Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson. Six diverse kids are put together in a room at school as a place where they can talk about the issues they are facing in their lives. Their burdens are as diverse as their backgrounds; incarceration, racial profiling, possible deportation are just a few of the subject the middle schoolers need and want to talk about with each.

Train I Ride by Paul Mosier. This is not a long book, but it addresses a hard subject for kids to talk. She is being sent to live with an elderly uncle she has never met because her grandmother has recently passed away.

Several years earlier, Rydr lost her mother to drug addiction. On the train, Rydr is being supervised by Dorothy, an Amtrak escort. Although the subject of the book is tough, it is still a positive story and a good books series for 13 year olds book to put in the hands of your teenager who may not want a hefty tome to read. Max is resentful that he has to repeat a grade and go to a French-speaking school.

Ahmed, a 14 good books series for 13 year olds old Syrian refugee is separated from his father on the water crossing to Greece. When Max discovers him, the two become friends and hatch a plan to help Ahmed get out seies the world. No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen. Felix, who is bi-racial, has a knack for facts and makes it on to a popular quiz. In the end, Felix and his mother find the swries they need from friends and a refugee couple who understand their plight.

Shadow on the Mountain by Margi Preus. If your 13 year old enjoys historical fiction, give them any book by Margi Preus! In this tale, based on the real life experiences of a Norwegian teen, 14 year old Espen 31 a valuable member of the Norwegian resistance during the Nazi occupation. Over the course of a few years he must navigate ywar day to day life of a teen in Norway with the stress of figuring out who to trust, as well as the stirrings of first love.

Very suspenseful! Malcolm Polstead lives in Oxford and is suspicious of the new order around. This book is just as good as the original trilogy! But then a sketchy land developer, Pipo, wants to buy the lot next door and convince the city to let him develop a huge project with no room for the restaurant.

Marinka is coming up on her 13th birthday and although she know she is destined to become the next Yaga, she is resentful and wants the freedom to chose her own destiny. I adored this inventive new and uplifting interpretation of the Slavic Baba Yaga folktale in which breaks the mold of Yaga as villain. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to our newsletter and as a thank you, receive 10 waiting games kids can play anytime.

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Add a reference: Book Author. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 4. Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Series. And even though i am 13 and i have read all the Gone books Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, and fear multiple times i still would not recommend them for 13 year old. By Scott Westerfeld. Exceptional biography series teaches history, culture, too.


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