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Apr 27, �� I have an HP Stream Very happy with it. The problem is that it has a very weak wifi connection. At home I have one more laptop (Windows 7), and two mobile phones (Android and Windows). All of them connect very well with the network in any place of the house; but the Stream 11, that needs to be close to the modem. Stream 11 touchpad problems ? AM - edited ? AM. Product: hp stream 11 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (bit) Hello, I am investigating here and all internet about the problem i have with the touchpad. I can't do any gestures, no displacement, is very unconfortable. HP Stream rwm Troubleshooting Overheating. The laptop becomes very hot, causing performance issues or a restart. Put the laptop on a flat, hard Poor Wi-Fi Connection. The device does not hold a strong wireless connection. Move closer Boat And Stream Problems With Solutions Nz to the wireless router. Bad Boot. The laptop does not.

Problem is, my touchpad doesn't work at all. Then, press the ESC key on your the keyboard, press F They are receiving the happened? I like Lubuntu personally. Contents [show] 1.


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