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The product of more than two years of painstaking design and build work, undertaken by more than naval architects, designers, engineers and builders, the IMOCA 60 race boat was officially launched hugo boss sailing boat 4d the summer hugo boss sailing boat 4d The boat is made entirely of carbon hugo boss sailing boat 4d, an incredibly lightweight yet durable material, capable of withstanding the brutal conditions of round-the-world yacht racing.

The honeycomb patterned deck, meanwhile - devised by world-renowned industrial designer Konstantin Grcic - is built from light, strong Nomex, while clean carbon surfaces optimize strength and weight. The yacht features a one-design mast and keel, as specified by the latest rules of the IMOCA class, and was first raced in October in the 5,nm Transat Jacques-Vabre race.

Custom-made for skipper Thomson, this was the second boat ever to be built by the Alex Thomson Racing team. The sixth boat owned by the ocean racing team, HUGO BOSS was the first entirely black sailing yacht in the world, a feature made possible by functional pigments with heat-reflecting properties within the paint. After leading the fleet and breaking two race records, the pair were forced to retire from the race after dismasting in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Thomson and co-skipper Guillermo Altadill finished the race in 2 nd place. InThomson raced the boat to a third-place finish in the Rolex Fastnet Race. InThomson broke the world hugo boss sailing boat 4d distance record, sailing miles in 24 hours.

This was also the boat on which Thomson performed his legendary Keelwalk, the first in a trilogy of stunts, which have now been watched by millions around the world. Registered company name: 5 West Limited. Registration Number: Sign up for updates Name Email. The Doyle brand stands for global leadership in high performance sails as well as having a reputation for being proven innovators in sail technology.

Everything we do starts with our clients and our mission to provide sailors around the world with quality sails and unparalleled personal service. No other sailmaker works as hard to satisfy the The Small Sailing Boats For 2020 Us unique needs of every client and project. Doyle Hugo boss sailing boat 4d is extremely proud of their longstanding collaboration with Alex Thomson Racing as the official sail supplier since Powered by Convert Plus.

Founded in as a supplier for the vast north German shipping industry, the Gleistein group today provides premium solutions across a broad range of sectors. In addition to servicing the top class yacht racing market and meeting the needs of the hugo boss sailing boat 4d yacht industry, Gleistein also services hugo boss sailing boat 4d the commercial and recreational marine markets, as well as catering to diverse industrial applications.

With a strong focus on performance, reliability and durability, the company is recognised across the globe for its advanced textile rope production capabilities and innovative finishing technologies.

As well as manufacturing a diverse spectrum of synthetic fibre ropes types, Gleistein also provides tailor made solutions for any specific application.

Founded inOceanvolt is a leading manufacturer of clean electric power and propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers clean, safe, reliable and state-of-the-art electric motors, which promote sustainability.

Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Oceanvolt has received numerous awards for its innovative systems, including a DAME Award machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittingsand Pittman Innovation Awards and a Clean Design Award.

Rich Energy is a premium British energy drink. Both a stand-alone energy drink - fuelling extreme athletes - and a peerless mixer, Rich Energy boasts a clean, crisp and refreshing taste. Made with pure Alpine mineral water and luxury ingredients, Rich Energy takes the energy drink sector to a new level of excellence. Rich Energy is Official Energy Drink Supplier to Alex Thomson Racing, a partnership perfectly aligned in its commitment to innovation, high performance and endurance.

Founded inDream Yacht Charter is a world leader in yacht chartering. Operating more than 1, boats, in more than 50 locations internationally, Dream Yacht Charter offers hugo boss sailing boat 4d largest and most hugo boss sailing boat 4d fleet - in terms of model and manufacturer - in the world.

Offering bareboat, crewed and by-the-cabin charters, Dream Yacht Charter also offers the widest range of destinations, from the pink sands of the Caribbean and the tranquil waters of the Maldives, through to the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. Real Turmat believe good hugo boss sailing boat 4d is made with patience.

Every supplier is handpicked and the origin of every ingredient is known. Perfect cooking, combined with advanced freeze drying processes mean taste, energy and nutrition are locked inside each and every meal.

UBI aims to design and hugo boss sailing boat 4d highly functional elements, which ensure the easy management and optimal performance of the boat, thanks to the reliability and long lasting quality of products. Created in by Marin Clausin, Karver Systems specialise in deck hardware.

Headquartered in Honfleur, France but with a network worldwide, the business has developed a reputation for its commitment to technological performance and use of robust, ultra-resistant materials. Through its products - including a high quality furler range, recognised for its advanced performance capabilities � Karver Systems combines simple and efficient technology with sleek design. Karver works alongside a variety of clients across the cruising, super yacht and racing industries.

Founded inFLIR Systems is a world-leading industrial technology company focused on intelligent sensing solutions for defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

Raymarine products are engineered to deliver the very best in visual navigation information and with a legacy of marine navigation technology spanning over 80 years, Raymarine products are renowned today for their ease-of-use, rugged design, and reliability. We are constantly innovating to deliver best-in-class sensors and intelligent navigation systems - making your time on the water safer and fun.

Gochermann Solar Technology is a manufacturer of custom solar arrays with very special features required in solar race events such as the Australian World Solar Challenge and other events around the globe, powering cars, boats and airplanes. Established inHighfield Boats has developed into worldwide boat builder with a complete line of rigid-inflatable hull boats RIBs. Highfield now offers small tenders from 2. With dealers and distributors in 38 countries, Highfield Boats has become the top choice worldwide for families, yacht clubs, even international mariners.

Highfield rigid hull inflatable boats RIBsfeaturing exclusive powder-coated aluminium hulls, can trace their design heritage to the Australian hugo boss sailing boat 4d of Swift Boats.

Developed to handle the tough conditions found along the Great Barrier Reef, Swift rigid-hull inflatable boats are renowned for their durability and performance.

Highfield is committed to hugo boss sailing boat 4d you with well designed, professionally built boats distributed via a network of professionals at very affordable prices.

Survitec is a global leader in survival and safety hugo boss sailing boat 4d to the marine, defence, aviation and Energy markets. Across its year history, Survitec has remained at the forefront of innovation, design and application engineering and is the trusted name when it comes to critical safety and survival solutions.

Whether pushing the boundaries on the forefront of innovation, defying expectations in design and technology in water sport apparel or kicking back after the race and watching the sunset, Zhik is never far from the water. Zhik challenges the status quo, identifies problems, and finds breakthrough solutions to continually set the benchmark.

Tested and proven, Zhik gear is the choice of Olympic and world champions around the globe. Zhik started through the need for innovation in the dinghy sailing market post Athens Olympics After building a reputation as the industry leader in the dinghy classes, Zhik set about revolutionising yachting gear for racing sports boats and offshore yachting, which culminated in winning its first entry into the Volvo Ocean Race with Dongfeng Race Team. Zhik has always innovated and is expanding on its research and development with new projects in material science likely to change many facets of performance apparel including eco-friendly alternatives for a more sustainable future.

Zhik is now growing to include new technical products that will appeal in a larger set of outdoor and Sailing Zingaro New Boat Co. Ltd marine applications. Leyton is an international consulting firm with over 1, employees, based in 32 offices across 12 countries internationally. Leyton shares the values of team spirit, innovation and sustainable development with Alex Thomson Racing and the firm remains dedicated to the economic, ecological and social development of organisations around the world.

Leyton was also one of the first companies to have helped shipping companies switch hugo boss sailing boat 4d sustainable energies. An example of this is cargo shipping, where the team helped a company to finance the construction of wind powered boats. We use cookies and other technologies to allow us to remember you, improve hugo boss sailing boat 4d service and display relevant ads to you.

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All Rights Reserved. Subscribe - In popup. Your Name Daily Weekly. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I don't think there's a sponsor in the offshore big enough for AT after Hugo Boss.

Maybe banque populaire but I don't ever see him going to Brittany. Ineos could expand its sailing operations, but the America's Cup is very much all or nothing. I was thinking the same at the start, less so at arrival. His skills are not at doubt, maybe decision making in some conditions as his make or break attitude is sometimes questionable like his choice very early in the race to go in strongest winds.

Seeing the wind profile of this VG, it's hard to defend HB or Charal being much faster than lead group. Both were likely to run out of food well before the end and those boats were designed around typical predominant winds which represent a low percentage of the race this time around.

I rooted for Alex at the start as he would have been a great winner for the man and for the whole class. He fought admirably to repair his boat and continue. We will not know what would have happened but it was long from given he would have won this incredible race. Let's hope he comes back for the next VG. As I understand he has quite good relationship with Boris. If Alex is not coming back himself, that would be great to see him work with Boris for the next one aiming at the win.

Boris has been really good at content making and could become the next international representative after Alex. Yep, although I have a thing for the british sailor smart. Alex manages to be a modern sailor, respectful of a certain standing.

Smiling, enthusiastic, ever polite, ever considerate. While I think it lacks a bit in that department, on the french side. Alex abort video was extremely gutting because this was a rare occasion where you'd see him demolished and utterly unable to hide it anymore. I guess although I'm french, I appreciate the british restraint more, dunno. Boris was great, but not the same level of great. He did finish, though, agreed. It will still be competitive for the next years although next VG is a looong stretch, especially looking at foiling technology.

It possibly would have won, if there hadn't been the bad luck shortly after the start. As far as Alex goes. I'm not sure if that would be that much of a loss. Sorry to say. I think that the stories that this edition has brought us were most compelling, deeply human and touching when they reminded us of true adventures, the kind of which this technologized world has lost. It was, especially in these times, the moments where you could NOT rely on bits, bytes and gear, that were the most touching.

Kevin Escoffiers rescue, Pip Hare's rudder change, Boris' collision, so close. Clac clac clac. In comparison: a grinding man in what looked basically like an odd carbon home office. I know I'm being unfair. Still: thanks, but I have that here.

Sponsors will have a very close look at the 'storytelling' potential of those they want to set sail with in the next edition. A keel walk won't do, a deeper purpose is what they will look for. Fully agree but Armel seems to be thinking the same thing and has already said that he will do the next VG on the same boat.

Hah hah that did make me laugh. Not entirely sure I agree though. The SCOW is for Beyou, I think the other two include the 11th Hour boat and the half built switchback which does apparently have a new owner.

I presume the sale would be with new fore and aft bulkhead replaced plus other strengthening as necessary. Occitane indeed for sale, per this report German , maybe going to Sorel. Also notable that the US branch of the sponsor has filed for CH 11, though that does not necessarily imply my lawyers tell me to write that this relates in any way to the possible liquidation of assets of the parent company, other affiliates or its main shareholders.

L Occitane is just getting out of storefront leases. The bankruptcy is just strategic restructuring- their online business is thru the roof as white middle upper class women realize the mall was never part of the exp.

Did your lawyers also tell you to write that? Latest update from Alex - nearly back to Gosport. Just not for me. I doubt it. I doubt any of these boats ever fetch the asking price.

Having said that HB is probably the second lowest mileage Imoca in the world and the lowest mileage on the open market! I see why you'd say that, but objectively, before shit hit the fan for Alex, he was the leader, even in conditions that were tough for foilers.

ATR's latest video is interesting in that they have been doing a lot of speed settings and conditions analysis on the journey back to Blighty then sending the numbers back home to be crunched on the pooters. Why would they do this if the boat is up for sale? Guess they want it for a possible RDR etc, or something else?

Perhaps there is an ATR 'to be continued' coming up? Quick servicing, then back in the water, and for what's next. And, "looking forward to looking back", a bit like speeding the wrong way, to later go back to the turn off you just missed. Yeah, I'm not sure what to make of Alex's signals, even if he knows how it all shakes out. Boris would look great in a Hugo Boss tux with the Prince in Monaco's socials.

The financials and deals must be complicated. Trade off some all, more of the foil lawsuit with an 8k nm charter and experiment to develop AI for foils and autopilots?

Share the data trade for exclusive on a new foil and boat? More than I want or need to figure out. Bottom line is whether Alex is willing to give up another four years for another shot, or whether the attraction of going on the motivational speaker circuit and kite surfing with the family wherever he damn well pleases. Whatever he chooses, following his projects has been worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing how he routes the future.

Not sure what you're asking? Can't do much, but hope you get a laugh over the bump in your rep. No one has ever listened to what I think but not only the boat but Tuke and Live Ocean?

I would swap sides What's not to like? The skipper: Alex Thomson Alex Thomson is one of the world's most talented offshore sailors. His relentless ambition secured him a third place finish in the race in and second place in In , he unfortunately had to pull out of the race due to damage to the starboard rudder of his boat.

Made of lightweight, composite materials, the boat is designed to be as lightweight as possible, achieving top speeds of 38 knots.

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