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Blue Cave Excursion. Private Speedboat Tours. Transfers & Taxi Service. About Us. �Kabina Boats � Hvar Boat Tours� is a local business from Hvar town, providing various boat tours and transfers. Our main service is our daily island hopping speedboat tour of Blue Cave, island Vis and Pakleni Islands. We also organize private tours, which are perfect for families or groups of friends, as well as speedboat . Group boat excursions are easy and affordable way to experience the most beautiful beaches, caves & cliffs in Hvar area and magical Blue & Green Cave on Vis. On a boat excursion you can swim, snorkel, cliff jump and relax in best beach bars and restaurants. Our boats offer great comfort, music and cold drinks for your best experience on the sea. See all myboat298 boatplanson: Put Kriza 17, Hvar, , Splitsko-Dalmatinska. Luxury boat tour. The best way to discover stunning coast of Adriatic from Hvar is on-board one of our luxury yacht boats! When on vacation you deserve a high-quality experience and exceptional service. Enjoy perfect views while sipping on a glass of wine in comfy lounger and indulge all your senses. Our pro captain will provide first hand information and extensive local knowledge to ensure you see the .
Boat excursion from town Hvar to the most beautiful beaches on the south side of island Hvar and Boat Excursions In San Diego Wine Pakleni islands. This speed boat tour includes Green lagoon, Dubovica beach, Red rocks, Palmizana sandy beach, Zdrilca & Mlini lagoon and Mekicevica bright beach bay. This is very relaxing boat tour with lot of swimming, cliff jumping, diving and sunbathing. The highlight Jet Boat Excursions Gold Beach Oregon Game of the tour are Red Rocks natural attraction. Rent a boat or speed boat, enjoy on Hvar excursions or private tours, book a sea transfer. Visit Pakleni Islands, Blue & Green Cave & much more.� Welcome Jet Boat Excursions Portland 2021 to HvarBoats. #1 boat rental agency with longest tradition in Hvar. Rent a speed boat or boat. and have a private trip with or without a skipper. Enjoy excursions. group excursions or private trips with a pro skipper. The Hvar Experience. Island of Hvar is well known for its gentle Mediterranean climate. hours of sunny weather a year makes it No.1 sunny island in Europe! According to Traveller Magazine, Hvar is one of the world's top-ten most beautiful islands.� Hvar is Better on a Boat! Beach Hopping. Join us on Tours & Excursions. Come aboard with your family and friends and cast off for a smooth, relaxing ride with a classic and elegant boat by your choice.

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