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Above from left to right: Laser lower mast, Radial lower mast, and Laser lower mast. From left to right: Laser sail, Radial sail, Laser Sail. New Race and XD models come with a rolled sail Your boat rigged will resemble one of the lasers shown above. From left to right: Laser, Radial, and Laser Congratulations on the purchase of your. Sail trim and boat handling 81 Rudder 81 Centreboard 81 The advantages of sailing-by-the-lee 81 Weight distribution when running 82 Techniques for heavy weather runs 84 standard of Laser Sailing in Laser Sailing Boat Buy 65 Canberra to the benefit of all the Laser fleet. A simple boat to rig and own, the Laser rewards practice and good sailing technique, keeping even the most seasoned racer engaged. Current Lasers are built to the highest specifications with updated foils and sail controls. A three rig system allows the Laser to be enjoyed by sailors of any size and skill.

LaserPerformance Laser Radial. LaserPerformance Pico. Year - Make - Model. I include a virtually new Neil Pryde sail. Doing my usual thing and looking at the usual for sale boards I have noticed quite a few 'special addition' Lasers .

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