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Lund Boats � ������ ������ � ���� The Lund Pro-V Bass Series The new aluminum Pro V Bass boat is redesigned with all the latest bass fishing innovations. Choose between two models, either the standard bench seat or the four seat Pro V Bass XS edition. The aluminum Pro V Bass boat rivals all fiberglass bass boats and even has the four seat . When Lund quality is demanded in the perfect small fishing boat, the WC rises to the top. Be it camping, hunting, or fishing, the Lund WC boats provide a smooth ride and a perfect fishing experience. Many of our best memories were built in smaller fishing boats, and Lund . Apr 13, �� A Lund Boat is An Expensive Boat Lund boats tend to run 20% to 30% more than their competitors. For example, a 19� Pro-V will start out at $43, A 19� Tracker Targa will start out at a price of only $36,
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Designed for freshwater pickup, your catch receives a fresh intake of oxygenated water from underneath the boat. Our Prolong livewell is a Cheap Fishing Boats Nz Ltd two-pump system designed to allow maximum oxygenation, creating a healthy and calm environment for your catch.

Our aerated livewell circulates fresh Used Lund Fishing Boats For Sale On Ebay France air throughout the livewell to keep your catch healthy while out on the big water. You can always use more storage on the water. The Lund Difference. Engineered to be the Best. Close Center Keel. Quality Construction. High End Materials. Fishing First. Advanced Livewell Systems Prolong Plus. Lund Value. A Lund boat is your best boating investment. Warranties include: Lifetime warranty on double-riveted seams.

Lifetime warranty on all plywood panels, related materials and labor. Some exclusions apply. We've been building innovative, top quality boats for nearly 70 years Our Heritage. All rights reserved.

Sign up for our Newsletter. All fields below are required except where marked. First Name. Last Name. This is especially true around the hull, where a thicker structure is often needed. The area of the hull below the waterline is at. They do this using an aluminum construction of H Other boat manufacturers tend to use H34 for their aluminum as well. However, many competitors go with an aluminum thickness that is twice that of Lund. For example, G3 boats use a thickness of.

As you Used Grady White Fishing Boats For Sale Ltd can imagine, the thickness of the aluminum matters a great deal. On top of this, your insurance premiums will be higher on the more expensive boat, and the taxes will be higher as well. I spent a lot of my summers on an aluminum Crestliner boat with Used Fishing Boats For Sale Cleveland Ohio Ltd a wooden floor. The wooden floor on the Crestliner was carpeted, and it was comfortable. That is until the wooden floor started to rot. It eventually became soft, and we had to carefully tear it out so that we could use the pieces as a template for a new wood floor.

Lund boats were first built out in the Midwest, and the dealer networks are strong there. The transoms ended up rotting out, and while most people spotted them before they could cause any real trouble, some people suffered catastrophic consequences. You may have never considered this, but a rotten transom could lead to your engine literally falling off the back of your boat.

To be fair to Lund, many used boats will suffer from rotten transoms. This could be the result of a manufacturing defect, or it could be a simple example of poor maintenance by one of the previous owners.

My boat ended up leaking over time, and I never was able to fix it properly. The resale value of a Lund boat is generally higher than the resale value of other boats in the same category. However, one should note that Lund boats start out at a higher price, so the rate of depreciation may be just as high with a Lund as it is with many other boats.

Here is a quick look at some Lund boats and their resale values versus their original prices:. As you can see, the depreciation during the first three years is higher than that of the following two years.

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