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Marine varnish is a finish coating that protects your wood against sun, rain, wind, sea spray, UV rays, and chemicals. The products packaged and sold as marine or spar varnishs actually typically contain a mix of oil, solvent, resin, ultra-violet additives, and drying agents. As to the varnish application for a mirror finish, you say no higher than grit for the last coat. I�ve experimented rubbing out (not on a boat though) using grit followed by four ought steel wool and baby lotion as a lubricant � came out very smooth indeed. But was this overkill? TIA. John. Epifanes Classic Mahogany stain is a high quality mahogany tinted stain provifding an in-depth warm mahogany colour on wood. It bonds well to bare wood and exisiting intact varnish systems and may be used to camouflage discoloured wood prior to applying Epifanes varnishes.
In this episode we take a look at the materials, tips and techniques used by classic boat builders for getting that incredible mahogany finish that makes. Currently refinishing the mahogany and teak on my Thistle sailboat using epoxy base with varnish instead of just varnish. Part 1 - Sanded Mahogany with Watch as we refinish my classic Honduras mahogany wooden yacht, The Renaissance. As you can see, the varnish on this boat had deteriorated, so we sanded it.

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