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Wooden Ship Model Fittings Cannon Balls come in a range of sizes. Cannon Balls were made of iron which was aimed at the hull of the enemy ship. Chain and bar shot was used against the rigging, while grapeshot was often used against deck crew - grapeshot was lb iron balls tied to awood mount with ropes, which broke after firing and producing a wide. Cast Your Anchor stocks a comprehensive range of Model Ship Accessories including: Wood Strips and Dowels, Metal Rods & Tubes, Rigging Thread, Display Pedestals and Bases, Flags of the finest cotton, and Display Cases. Glues and Finishes. Here at Modelers Central we are passionate about the world of wooden model ship kits and model boat kits. The Modelers Central team are continuously researching new model ship kits & model boat kits, stocking high quality brands and sharing tips and techniques on model ship building. We are suppliers of historic wooden model ship kits, model boat kits, modeling tools, ship model plans, model boat plans, ship model fittings & accessories.

Top Categories Chandlery. The ru About Support. Specialises in: Chandlery and Supply Vessels. Hulls are double planked, with pre cut keels and frames. All Categories.

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