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Mar 10, �� Modelshipyard: Building Your Model This Category includes all aspects of building your model ship Building Materials: Lumber, Fittings, Sailcloth This forum is all about sharing resources of Building Materials such as Lumber, Fittings, Plans, Sailcloth, ringbolts and the list goes on the parts and components necessary for your build. Apr 02, �� Computers and Ship Modeling: Virtual Ship Modeling. For discussion of Computer Modeling. Virtual Ship building. Computer Aided Design and Drafting, CAD/CAM, CGI, and the techniques behind them. Moderator: ArizonaBB Mon Mar 29, am. CC Clarke General Gaming. All games and general discussion. Hi Nerys, Noswaith dda ?? "We are drifting too far from the subject of this thread. My fault, I expect." No fault at all Nerys ???? That's the way it goes when like minded folks start chatting ?? As an (involuntary??) Moderator (and Deputy, Assistant, Advisory Admin 2nd Class??) I take the view that a Thread in the open Forum is more or less Fair Game (within the usual unwritten.

Model Tips and Tricks and Making Whip. Mon Apr 05, pm Keith T. Drake tail. Threads 27 Lorem lpsum 331 boatplans/boat-near/used-runabout-boat-for-sale-near-me-ok Link Canoe Group Build Threads 36 Messages How do you do it?

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