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Now for the obligatory. Below is the kit box and contents. I will state that in addition to what came with the kit, I purchased a few more items:. Not sure yet how or if it will be used.

The supplement package was derived by HobbyMills where Mr. Hunt made his substitutions in the practicum. It was not identified as a package that could be purchased in the practicum.

I have the original price list which describes what the wood is being substituted for and where in the practicum it is being described.

If anyone wants a boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 of the boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 wood list, boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 send me a PM. Model ship building practicum have since tried to get a larger size for the keel or nameplate but accordioning to popeye2sea who as I understand it volunteers on the shipthe US Navy is withholding any more wood from the public for now for reasons unknown.

The museum told me, maybe in the Spring. This will be my third attempt at constructing this model. My second attempt was as a young teenager and when the wounds of that failed build had waned, went a bit better. This time I got the model ship building practicum plastic model. I did follow instructions and even painted the parts but had absolutely no idea how a rigged ship worked let alone how the lines were attached or what they were.

It looked decent to my young ignorant eyes at the time. Both models met their demise at my hand with firecrackers; usual method of disposing such items. After seeing how well the Rattlesnake came out I am looking forward to this one. My Constitution is on semi-permanent hold as I get back into modeling and boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 up the Halifax. Interested in seeing your progress with the Hunt practicum as. Thank you all! I did not realize I had created a "following" who looked forward to my next endeavor.

I hope I won't disappoint. Right off the bat I've deviated from the practicum and jumped into building the ship's boats. I will post my comments and pictures soon; but if you've followed my Rattlesnake build, "soon" is a relative term. These boats are designed to be built as a layer cake, a method I have never done. Using the tabs of each layer, the boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 are aligned for gluing.

Having read numerous other logs, I knew not to glue the bottom layer so as to allow better access to the interior for carving, something the practicum did not. Using a no-name Dremel like rotary tool with a drum sander for the wholesale removal of wood, various cutting bits for the more finer cuts, and finally hand files and sand paper for still finer detail shaping, I arrived at the basic shell shape of the boats. The bottoms were then glued on, the model ship building practicum cut off, and the final shaping of the boats commenced.

The final shaping was done using just files and sand paper. Jon, looks like you are off to a good start. I am getting back to mine after a hiatus and building the Dirty Dozen. What a difference a scale makes!

Once the shells were sanded, 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic were applied with fine sanding in. The next step was to add the frame ribs. Bob Hunt in his practicum chose not to use wood, but substitute Evergreen " x.

I did not have any styrene strips in stock however; I had to order. Therefore, I could move ahead and install those or at least make the parts while waiting for the styrene´┐Żor so went the theory. I cut out the knee and apron templates and rubber cemented them onto the stock boxwood left over from my Rattlesnake.

Looking at the pieces to be cut, I began to wonder if they especially the knee would even fit on my boat shell. Using a contour gage, I took the profile of the transom. My boat transom contour better matched the outer surface of the knee than.

I needed to remove more material in the bottom corner where the knee was supposed to fit. That is paper thin if you carving it, which I. Due to the confined space in the bottom corner of the transom, as best I could, I removed as much material as I dared using my rotary drill.

I used a ball cutter for the wholesale removal and various shaped diamond tipped metal grinding heads for finer removal. The grinding heads removed material slowly for better control. Putting the shell up to the light, I could almost look right through the wall. Bob Hunt in his model ship building practicum actually wore right through his boat and had to make repairs. I checked the contour again and it was very close to what boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 plans required, so I cut out the knee and apron with my year-old Dremel scroll saw.

With a few minor adjustments with a file, they fit!!! I felt a whole lot better now that it was done right. Moving on, I thought I would make the stem and keel parts while still waiting for the styrene strips. It was at this point that my good feeling sank a bit. Looking at the practicum, my pinnace shell looked very similar to what was shown. However, when I looked at the plans to make the templates for the keel and stem I found another problem. The aft end of the boat angled up. See the pictures model ship building practicum. I checked other build logs and those with images of the pinnace that showed the bottom of the boat, all agreed with the plans, not the practicum.

So, I have a bit more carving to. I got out the rotary tool and put the sanding drum on it and sanded down the stern to match the plans, added more filler to smooth out the minor imperfections, and then applied the three coats of Minwax Polycrylic to the newly exposed wood. OK, back on course, if pardon the nautical reference. My styrene arrived and I proceeded to start the ribs. I started by drawing a center line down the middle of the inside of the boat shell to ensure that when I glued the apron, keelson, and the stern knee, it would be properly positioned.

Then I marked the position of the center rib. Using CA glue, I cemented the rib in place a bit at a time. When I was done, I saw that the rib had shifted a bit so it was not perpendicular to the center line. This was important because all the other ribs would be position off this rib using model ship building practicum spacer block; so it had to be right. When I tried to lift the rib from the shell with very little pressure with an X-acto blade, it snapped. The CA glue had made the flexible styrene brittle.

So when gluing these ribs, they have got to right the first time. I can understand when boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 actual ship and or plans no longer exists boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 the builder has a lot of room for interpertation. Well, I guess I will find out why as I progress through the construction of this beautiful boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 craft.

The practicum showed that Mr. Hunt had glued all the ribs in place and then glued the apron and knee on top of. Both the MS plans and the US Navy plans show Plastic Model Ship Building Kits the apron and the knee glued directly to the shell with the ribs butting up. This is what I did. Both plans show the keelson notched for the ribs and footings which have yet to be installed so it can be glued on top of the ribs and footings.

No, I hadn't noticed. I haven't read the whole practicum, and as you have noticed, I jumped right to the last chapter to make the boats.

I did notice that he made a lot of the parts out of styrene for example, the boat's apron. I used boxwood. I'm going to try to stick to wood if I. In the case of the boats ribs, it didn't make sense to struggle trying to bend the wood when it was going to be painted, so I used the styrene.

I'll take it one step at a time to make those types of determinations. Thanks for the tip anyways. The use of a heat gun or hair dryer can really help in getting the styrene to bend. I found it really helpful with the styrene chaffing pieces on the masts.

On my boats, a couple of passes with the heat gun helped my ribs fit snug to the boat. Looks like I might have to invest in one since I don't have. My hair drys very quickly on it own so I don't use a dryer. Also, I'm a lifelong bachelor so I don't have any woman's paraphernalia lying around for my use Model Ship Building Workbench Tablet or abuse. I've heard that hair curlers can be used to bend wood for example.

If you glue styrene to styrene, I have better results with the glue made for the styrene. It seems to weld the pieces. For the styrene to wood the CA seems to work best.

Boat slips for sale vancouver bc 00 my last post, I had forgotten that Model Ship Building Plank Bending 901 I had taken some shots of the notched keelson they were still in the camera so here they are. BTY, you can see where the styrene broke.

Media New media New comments Search media. RodneyB said:. Feel better, bro! It is time to start planking the hull of the Model Shipways Bluenose. The research report for this project appeared in the Nautical Research Journal in the Summer, issue; Vol. The waterways are visible on the completed model, so I want the joint here to look good. I won't need them for a while.

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