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Discover Montreal from the river and weigh anchor for a fascinating guided cruise on the St. Lawrence River! Cruise from the Crukse Port of Montreal Lorem lpsum 337 boatplans/sailboat/classic-sailboat-for-sale-40 sailboat for sale 40 the Boucherville Islands and enjoy breathtaking views on the York Sightseeing Cruise Queen city center. With our guide, learn more on the Metropolis or relax on our outdoor montreal guided sightseeing cruise lyrics. Craving for a light snack?

Let yourself be tempted by our bistro sightsseing, available at all times. No food or Sunshine Sightseeing Cruise 4k drinks may be montreal guided sightseeing cruise lyrics aboard our boats. Reduced mobility : It is important to check the conditions of accessibility on this page and when making your reservation. A 90 minutes cruise, with commentary by our guide who will help you discover the City guiedd Montreal from the Saint-Lawrence Mlntreal.

Print Return to motreal and destinations Plan your cruise Plan your cruise Montreal Guided sightseeing cruise. Guided sightseeing cruise Pier: Grand Quay Duration: 1. Description Description Discover Montreal from Delray Sightseeing Cruise Quiz the river and weigh anchor for a fascinating guided cruise on the St.

Cruise relating the maritime history of the Metropolis; 20 kilometers of history and attractions along the St. Lawrence River montreal guided sightseeing cruise lyrics Montreal; The best view on the city, the river and its shores; Indoor bistro service as well as on the terraces; Audio guide in 8 languages!

French, english, italian, spanish, german, mandarin, japanese and Korean. Member of. The schedule may change during the season. Schedule and rates subject to change without notice. Experience aboard A 90 minutes cruise, with commentary by our guide who will help you discover the City of Montreal from the Saint-Lawrence River.

Buy my tickets or. Brunch cruise.

Cheryl Gittins My Account Icon. Passwords do not match. All porterage and local charges included. This is my third Trafalgar tour, and I like the service. Discounts are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.


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